what's your estimate of the female percentage of anons on Holla Forums, and how do you explain it

Questions… questions all the time

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0 %, explained by rule # 30

There are no women on the internet you faggot.

Just me and Dysnomia. Don't know where Fug went.

tits or gtfo

Basic bitch comments, come on fags. try harder
Wont accept it
Female 8channers EXIST

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Basic bitch?
Gtfo if you dont know the rules you fag.


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less then 5%


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there have been about 20 girls on Holla Forums total, ever

It used to be much higher when gamergays was at its peak

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yu do not no de jok

I… want… more…
Do something user

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Go back to cuckchan there's plenty of roasties over there

80% of 8channlers are women with dicks

4chan is better site in general

Then go back there if you like it so much

Its not the same….
Holla Forums has the strange combination of individualism and anonymity that is so rare on clearnet nowadays
4chan has become just too damn popular the last 2 years, its like the edgy 9gag or something
Girls rule the world and i wish more girls used Holla Forums, not only autistic asberger virgin wannabe whores and camcumbucketsluts

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We could host bingo parties and invite all the lonely old ladies.

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Do it

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So who do you expect to visit then? Those are the only two types of w*men that will give this place the time of day.

Honestly i believe we can do better than the current abysmal state

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Just judging by the quality of posts, I'd say that women are less than 5% of Holla Forums posters. Then again a lot of the irrationally stupid posts could be shitposts or Holla Forums.

Women generally aren't fans of anonymous discussion, they're used to getting preferable treatment IRL and men rarely calling them on their bullshit in hopes of getting laid. But none of that shit applies here.

Don't speak english
Are on tumblr
You have to be in the know or have dumb luck to find a place where that sort of thing happens

If you're looking for actual grills here the pickings are slim, and the amount that will even chat/ERP/whatever it is you expect them to do with you is even slimmer.

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But a lot of non-english speaking residents use Holla Forums and learn to speak it.

fake news those are bots
t. knower

Not interested personally, i just think it will be a rejuvenation for the old tired bones of Holla Forums
I honestly believe that Holla Forums users are good lads and can sustain and even nurture a healthy female online precence

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Oh yeah? Well I'm a turbo-nerd. I posted on WaReZ BBS and then Usenet when I finally got a SunOS shell account. I even used to follow this guy's posts when he was actually writing them on newsgroup (this is just a web archive):
It was really something else to be sitting in the dark in front of a CRT with Slackware Linux and just a green Minicom terminal illuminating the room while I drank diet coke and at my cheapass microwave burritos. I used to put mustad on them (try it!) but I didn't microwave them and instead baked them in the oven so they end up nice and crispy. Sometimes I didn't eat enough veggies and got a little sick, you know like when your nose won't stop running? Yeah it was dumb but I'm no Einstain. Apart from IRC my only real social activity was chatting on quake servers. Then it finally hit me one day: I too was going to become a monk.

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you are the OG oldfag my friend

Girls do use image boards, as seen in "lolcow.farm" and "crystal.cafe". Despite the rampant larping there has to be some amount of female presences there. Even non-gendered boards like lainchan and sushichan have a substantially female presence. I don't think the last two however have a big enough userbase for those to be the only chans they visit, so I'd expect some to come over here.
I expect that the biggests boards here, like Holla Forums, Holla Forums and Holla Forums hardly have any female users (especially Holla Forums). The only board with a lot of users that I can image having a significant female population is /erp/. By significant I mean over 10-percent. I'd also expect boards and/or cyclicals with a lot of tripfaggorty to have more femanons.
Do you include lurkers? If so, the percentage increases. There definitely many femanons who visit Holla Forums occasionally but mainly post on other boards.
I'd give under 4 percent, and under 8 percent including lurkers as an upper bound. It's definitely lower than that though.

Shit, the first post I see is older than me and I'm over 20.

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If you count pre-op, 100%, if you're a bigot and mean biological females it's 0% (rounded up).

tbh I'm just a lamer. Now he's a true oldfag:

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What are you trying to get yourself v& or somethin?