Holocaust survivor stabbed to death, set on fire in Paris…

Holocaust survivor stabbed to death, set on fire in Paris…

French authorities say the killing of an elderly Jewish woman in Paris is being investigated as an anti-Semitic murder. The woman, identified in French media as Mireille Knoll, was stabbed at least 11 times and her body was set on fire.

The Paris prosecutor's office said Monday two suspects have been put in custody. It said it is asking investigating judges to charge the pair with premeditated murder of a vulnerable person for anti-Semitic motives.

The office also asked for the suspects to be jailed pending trial.

Leading Jewish group CRIF said the 85-year-old woman was slain last week in Paris' eastern 11th district. The victim had reportedly escaped a round-up of Jews in Paris during World War II. The group says a neighbor who had previously made anti-Semitic statements was one of the people under arrest. They didn't confirm reports that the man was Muslim.



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It's like every jew who's above 80 is holocaust survivor

Sweet sweet karma

"I think I saw Hitler one time"

too bad hiro did not stabbed and burned

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cultural enrichment, kaffir. join us in the destruction of your culture. help us make France the hell muslims wish it were

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Let em clean the Jew rats, then ethnic cleansing with jew genocide as a casus belli

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the only difference between the jew and the muslim is religion. both share the same dna, both have laughable noses and live east of cape cod. the proof of their iniquitous perfidy is that communists and women are fags and that the whole fucking world wants to keep noble whitemen like you and me from getting a girlfriend

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Thats a pretty big difference user
Kike religion is the apotheosis of degeneration
Step one HAS to be their extermination, we can debate step 2 or 3 after

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well if you're a jew that lived in a place conquered by nazi germany and survived then you're a holocaust survivor
inb4 implying

le 56 face is the same jewish crap

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they sure got that gassed out of them by adolf and his cronies
nowadays, they're confined to a tiny spot of oilless desert surrounded by insanely violent muslims. why don't you follow the word of allah, bruder?


A better explanation would be Shiki. Watch it if you haven't already.

Some baguette-head want to finish that was started a many years ago

ok kylo

try to stay on message ivan. it's not les baguettes who kill kikes, it's the muslims. baguettes are homos for welcoming the invasion. it's all nato's fault really.
25 kopecs will be deducted from your mom's pension

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kek, the shitskins finally did something right

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nope. that's the actual definition. basically any european (but especially da juice) that survived german occupation

You do know whats funny about that, right?




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It gave us an easy way for redpilling : simply point out how the media is kvetching about an irrelevant old jewess, while worse is happening every month.
Something to think about too : since antisemitism calls for longer sentences, more investigation, more media coverage, and more compensations, jews have de facto more rights than others.

Because the abuse redtext.

kek so whether the nazis won or not she's still fucked, only in this timeline we're all fucked too

If the nazis had won,Europe wouldn't be getting flooded with shitskins.

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You can thank you boy Hitler for losing the war.

look at ount Dankula trial, for example. H emde a fucking joke about Naziism and gassing the (((JEWS))) and all hell broke loose.

i blame the so called "Allies". Hitler wasn't doing anything wrong

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No one country could win vs the rest of the world but glorious Deutschland almost pulled it off.

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Just for fun, Hitler’s ten dumbest mistakes

As I said, just for fun. And to provide debate ammo if one of my gentle readers is presented with the “If the USA hadn’t stopped Hitler, we’d all be speaking German now” tirades. Sigh. Even without the USA, Hitler’s empire would have come crashing down sooner or later. A combination of strategic over-extension, resistence movements, and Hitler’s folly would have destroyed the Third Reich one way or the other. Not to even mention that it was Russian armies rolling inexorably westward that destroyed Hitler’s armies. In any event though, it is astonishing some of the blunders Hitler made. No wonder the Allied High command sometimes joked that Hitler was their greatest ally:

1. Battle of Britain. When Hitler ordered the Luftwaffe to “take out” the Brits, the Luftwaffe sensibly enough began their campaign by trying to destroy the RAF. By the RAF’s admission, they nearly succeeded, in fact they were about two weeks away from pretty much shutting down the RAF and controlling the skies of Britain. Then Hitler got involved and ordered the Luftwaffe to attack the British cities instead, especially London. Which did nothing but piss the British off and freed to RAF to concentrate on regaining control of the skies over Britain. London burned, but German casualties mounted to the point where they had to call off the campaign, and that was that.

2. Cancellation of weapons programs. After the Fall of France in 1940 Hitler was so confident of victory that he cancelled most weapons research programs, insisting that the war could be won with the weapons they had. Two years later when the Germans were being outclassed on all fronts by next-gen Allied weapons, the programs were all frantically restarted. Two years had been lost though, and worse, key engineers and such had died in Russia. Germany did manage to produce some impressive weapons, but never in any quantity and most of them never had the bugs worked out and thus weren’t terribly reliable in practise.

3. Invasion of Russia. There were multiple mistakes made here, just attacking Russia for one was incredibly optimistic. Compounded by a six week delay in the attack so Hitler could pointlessly bail out Mussolini in the Balkans. And then the Germans made no preparations for a long war because Hitler assumed Russia could be completely defeated the first summer. He ordered Leningrad to be surrounded, not captured! And Hitler fatally delayed the push for Moscow by diverting his panzers to the stalled southern front. Unlike in Napoleon’s time, Moscow was the absolute centre of the Russian railroad network, and if the Germans had captured the city and the rail connections south of the city, it would have crippled the Russian war effort.

4. The “No retreat” order. This is Hitler’s biggest mistake in Russia and one of the biggest military blunders of all time. When the war in Russia started going badly during the first winter, Hitler ordered his troops to never retreat under any circumstances. This is insane in general because there’s no point standing your ground if you are outnumbered and getting the crap beat out of you. Doubly insane because the only real advantage the Germans had over the Russians was that the German troops were far more mobile. So it made far more sense to retreat when attacked and then counterattack after he Russians had advanced beyond their supply lines. The one German general with the stones to defy Hitler, Manstein, did this a number of times with devastating effect.

5. Me-262 as a bomber. The Me-262 was a beautiful plane, in some ways a decade or more before its time. It was the world’s first jet interceptor and could fly rings (literally) around the best Allied planes of the time. The Me-262 was conceived, designed, and developed as a jet interceptor, a plane specifically designed to hunt down and destroy Allied planes. Hitler ordered it into full production … as a bomber. His minions nodded, and quietly continued to develop it as an interceptor. Someone tipped Hitler off though, and he made sure it was developed as a bomber. In trial runs few pilots were even able to get their bombs within a mile of the targets. The Me-262 was a complete (and predictable) failure as a bomber. By the time a few Me-262 interceptors saw action they were too few too late to change anything.

6. No women labourers. Did the Nazis use slave labour in their factories because they were mean people? Well, yes, but they were also motivated by a severe shortage of factory labour … because Hitler had decreed that German women were not to do factory work. Millions of American and British women went to work on assembly lines freeing up millions of men for military duty. The Germans suffered terrible manpower shortages during the war, while millions of German women sat at home.

7. War on USA. Hitler declared war on the USA right after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Why? He thought it would be good for morale. (Most of his dumbf*ck ideas were based on thinking like that.) Maybe the USA would have declared war on him anyhow, but it was crazy to simply give Roosevelt what he wanted.

8. More Russian errors. In i942 Hitler ordered his armies to seize the oil fields in the Caucasus and the city of Stalingrad, spreading his armies far too thin. As a result his forces failed to capture the oil fields, and suffered crippling losses at Stalingrad.

9. The Battle of Kursk. At Kursk in 1943 Hitler ordered a massive attack even though the Russians clearly knew he would attack Kursk. The German armies last great offencive flung themselves against massed Russian defenders dug in with huge numbers of anti-tank weapons and legions of modern Russian tanks. It was the biggest tank battle in history, and a crushing defeat for Germany. The battle of Stalingrad guaranteed that Germany was not going to win its war with Russia, Kursk guaranteed that the Russians would win.

10. Battle of the Bulge. Hitler’s last gasp attempt to win the war. He attempted to repeat his success of 1940 by attacking the Allies the exact same way. Even though his forces were vastly smaller, didn’t have the fuel to do the job, and were facing a vastly superior enemy than the French army of 1940. The attack had zero chance of success, it would have been far more sensible to attack the Russians and try to slow down their advance.

And these are just the big blunders, there were plenty of minor blunders as well. My favourite is one last Luftwaffe story, because it shows just how shallow and demented Hitler’s thought processes were. At one point in the middle of the war the British bomber force was causing big problems for Germany, about a thousand British bombers would fly over Germany and carpet bomb some target almost every night. The Brits bombed at night because they couldn’t replace their losses, so they sacrificed accuracy for safety. The Luftwaffe had a great idea, lone German long range fighters would lurk around British airbases and attack British bombers as they came in to land in the morning light. (The radars of the time couldn’t really track single planes flying at low altitude.) It was very effective and downed a number of irreplaceable British bombers and their crews. If it had continued at the very least the Allies would have been forced to divert significant air power to defend against a small number of Germans, and it might have even severely crippled the British bombing campaign.

So what did Hitler do when he heard about this clever program to defend against the British bomber fleet? Iron crosses all around? Nope, Hitler basically said “Nein, nein nein, the Luftwaffe must shoot down the British bombers over Germany, not England, so that the German people can see the wreckage of the British bombers and be encouraged!” Hitler cancelled the program, and the British high command (not to mention the British bomber crews) breathed a big sigh of relief when German planes stopped appearing out of nowhere to shoot them down as they landed.

Frankly it’s a wonder Hitler’s Third Reich lasted as long as it did.


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yeah thats why I said if the nazis won shed still be dead but we'd all be alright (assuming you lot are european) but since they lost she still got wrecked, but now we're all gonna suffer too

moose lames are the new (((JEWS))) and its our duty to fight them

Hitler also sent Jews to camps in Poland instead of deporting them. Now we have the "Holocaust".

Hitler was a fucking Jew agent.

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the muslim problem was basically created by decades of (((regime changes and invasions, intelligence service subversion, and encouragement by western leaders for mass immigration)))
the real problem is the international financial system and its supporters


bet you also believe the Earth is flat

The tranny is french, of course muds are the ones attacking it.

>the international financial system

aka the kikes

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Simply pathetic. I’m no neonazi, but your gross misrepresentation of the war and senselessly ignoring so many facts is appalling. It was NOT that simple. Not a single one of your items is as you described. It was NOT all Hitler’s fault, though you learned (and I can see that quite well) that in high school. Oh, Hitler was a demented crazy dictator that only slowed his genius generals down. That’s sad. To think that, 65 years after, you small people still have this… Infantile hatred and willing blindness. Go read some history books, will ya? And not just the mainstream ones.

My point was to say France is cuked my Mudslimes

if it were, v1s would have won the war
it was the jews, frankenstein, only the jews, who made the world more or less spherical. it's why so many whitemen are virgin losers. jews and niggers. also sluts. the fact that you are fat and stupid is a detail in the history of jewish complots. nothing more…

No, you didn't make any point to begin with.
But forget it.

This is too incoherent to make a reply to try again.


Muzzie confirmed. Isn't life a bitch when the golem turns on its master?

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That's pretty fucked up.

Thanks for the laugh.