If you go to Edison high school do not go to class tomorrow

If you go to Edison high school do not go to class tomorrow

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nothing ever happens


you dun goofed, OP

Why did he fun goof? And what even is this thread aboot

Faggot OP wants to shoot up his class/school

Ohhh ok that makes sense

Don't do it you miserable clown. Just off yourself, and save us the hassle of burying our family members, and having to fight this ignorant 2nd amendment battle.

Hope you are reviving Pekkas revolution

Yea wait until the press gets a hold of this.

try to not to kill white people, except if they are leftists cucks.

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No, he is just a faggot trying to get a day off of school.

Says sperg worshiping mongrel who killed white people

Hey fellow 8ch.net/b/ users, do you feel like shooting up a school to get back at all the racial minorities?
Go shoot up a school, but make sure you do it with an automatic (TM) AR-15 (TM) with an attached Bump Stock (TM) and 4x Tactical Scope (TM).
Also make sure to like as many right wing Facebook (TM) groups as possible.

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Yes, this seems like a good idea, other Holla Forumstard /a/non.
Please take this Smug Anime (TM) as it serves as proof that i am an /a/non just like the rest of Us (TM)

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Shoot the stinky niggers/ sandniggers.

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I sure hope OP is using TOR, or atleast a proxy or VPN, if you aren't have fun in juvi faggot

Can I be in the screencap?

Actually, I take that back. I hope he isn't so he does go to jail. There's no vidya or computers there cuck. Just off yourself, or live your miserable life, and try to make things better. Highschool isn't everything faggot.

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Fuck you asshole for sneaking that in there

Is this real? kek btw fuck you now I have to respond

Resemblance is uncanny.

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Use an assault truck so they won't have more ammo to push gun control.

You nigger, don't fucking do it. You'll just make another anti-gun martyr and make the world worse than the rest of them.
Instead just kill some politicians (in self defense, of course)

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Every time you post to Holla Forums you support pedophiles


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Can't tell if b8 or if moron?
Most of these boards were taken down yesterday.

Well, they already waiting you.

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Do you think someone made those two images, so they could keep track of their favorite boards, whilst not keeping them bookmarked and having a "justification" for saving them?

/ss/ is still up thank god



[smug heavy breathing]


Not bad

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what a senseless waste

yeah i know, that pic was in my folder so fuck it

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At least be creative. Take a pair of jeans and cut out the ass and crotch. No underwear, just you dick and ass hanging out. Also wear tassels on your nips. Write “this faggot kills niggas” on your chest with lipstick.

Use a knife faggot, don't erode out gun rights any further.
t. /k/

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Aren't Amerimutts on Spring Break, right now?

Aren’t Eurofags sucking Muslim cock right now?

Yes, jesus day 2 is this sunday

This won't happen because schools are gun-free zones

No spring break is over

checked and kekd

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If you have a manifesto, post it somewhere they can't censor before your tomfoolery and remember - Minorities only!


dia memoravel, anão

See you in space, Cowboy.