Lawfags needed

i'm a nudist, lets assume i have a pool in my house and one of my neighbor and her friend, respectively 16 and 15 joined me for a nudist swim.

What do i risk?

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But whose? Fuck now I'm getting it too.

I mean legally speaking

OP, I am very jealous; you currently risk my wrath if you don't make sum sweet sweet oc tbh fum

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LARP thread, do NOT take this seriously

im sure ur just larping but theres nothing illiegal in swimming naked with underaged girls. it isnt considered as a "sexual act".

posession of cp in your brain

Better have some other adults with you, OP.
Btw I love nudism and it is a wholesome lifestyle.

if you truly believ'd this, why wouldn't you downvote sage? Why do you let your dreams be dreams?

>some lady feminist lawyer won't find a way to convince a jury of 'peers' that touching water containing pussy is rape

OP post pool and pool cleaning merchandise

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pool with timestamp or ur larping

I'm sure that would be illegal in that case.

I said theoretically


Its just an idea

What's so goddamn funny?

I'm the only man allowed to be naked in my house.

Going to jail you pedofuck

That's the beauty of nudism, user. You realize it's no big deal and you can chill naked with anybody. Nobody cares that you are naked and you won't care that their naked.

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To have some fun with new friends!

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Don't touch them and don't photograph them, and you should be fine.
t. not a lawyer

I'm not gonna take pics, but i don't know touching.

For what?

Haven't you heard, OP? It is against the law to even look in the direction of a girl who hasn't reached her 18th birthday.

Pretty sure that if you touch them while naked then it's sexual contact, which is where you'll get in trouble from the law

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If you get in the water with them nude, you're already risking them crying rape just to fuck with you. So, you may as well give them something to cry about. Ram a fist up both of them and shout "I am PUBEFIST" until the cops show up.

this, also post full name and address

Thats retarded

if you can reasonably expect to be seen by neighbors in your pool, you could be charged with a public decency offence. depends on who sees you doing what. unless you engage in sexual activity or live in a bible town, it's pretty unlikely to go beyond a warning.

Its an interior pool

Genius plan!

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well in that case the legal peril depends mainly on what you do with the little darlings' remains, but also on your opsec when you post the vids on 8ch.

You know, as awesome as skinnydipping is, being inside kind of takes some of the joy out of it. Part of what's great about nudism is feeling the sun and the breeze all over your skin. But can't do much about your current setup. Probably safer anyway.

Lawfag here, can't answer your question because I don't know what country you live in and even if I did, I don't work for free.

i'm not a lawfag either, but i'd be willing to stuff my dick down your throat pro bono

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Thanks for the tip

i fucking dare you to touch a naked underaged girl while her parents or a cop is watching. $20 says you go to jail. go directly to jail. do not pass go. do not collect $200

I am a criminal defense lawyer in the state of Texas and I can tell you this:

DO NOT get into a situation where you are naked with anyone under the age of 18. No excuses, no loopholes, no pondering. DO NOT DO IT. I've seen a lot of people go to prison for supposing "it would be harmless" or "I won't get caught". Always assume you will get caught and never assume it will be harmless. It is not worth throwing your life away - and I do mean LIFE because you'll be on a sex offender registry for the rest of your life assuming you survive prison.

Don't argue facts and logic with redditors, they can't comprehend it

it's not so bad if you marry the girl once you get out of prison. then people will know that you wanted her, and not just any piece of jailbait you can get your hands on

What is AoC, right OP? As long as you dont force them to do anytthing, you should be fine. Now, do go around assaulting teens, beause that will get you to meet Bubba.

OP is talking about 2 girls. Can't marry 2 girls.

Nt if you're a mormon

pick the uglier one and marry her

it entierely depends where you are OP
In my country everything would be fine because it's a civilized place and the age of consent is 15, so unless they claim you raped them you're clear whatever happens

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Look up Warren Jeffs. Being Mormon doesn't save you. He is serving life + 20.

like user said , have a witness

ruined tbh

But he raed underaged girls.Thats illegal.

Those girls were his wives in accordance with FLDS religious rules. Still got Life + 20.

No problem friendo. Any advice here is pretty meaningless since nobody here knows which country's laws apply to you.

You can't charge someone for being naked in their own home nor prove that my nakedness is sexual.
There is no case here. Even if it magically goes to a judge he can't do shit.

First of all, being arrested and going to trial alone is enough to fuck up your life. It becomes a matter of public record that you were arrested and charged.

Second, yes you can charge someone for being naked in their own home if you knowingly expose your nakedness to minors. It falls under "lewd conduct".

Third, never assume that a judge can't do shit.

If you're not American, you risk getting hot sex with cute girl fug :DDDD

If you're American you go to fuck-my-ass federal prison FOR LIFE MOTHERFUCKER.

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You might the cooties, OP!

No. It wouldn't be a federal case. Also, every country in the world has laws concerning conduct with minors. The US is actually one of the least draconian.

Luckily i don't live in fucking Pakistan, nudism is legal here and people don't go to jail for being naked with teens.

There is a distinct difference. You seriously need to check your state/local laws before you do another fucking thingl.

Average AoC in Europe is 15.

AoC is not a zero sum game. AoC is only the primary determining factor. The laws concerning sex run a lot deeper than just the AoC.

Also, it varies from state to state.

Oh please do explain. Whats the difference?

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The difference being deliberation. If you are deliberately exposing your genitals to minors, then you will be arrested for lewd or lascivious behavior toward a minor. Even if you're in your own home and the girls are looking in through the window. If you know they're there and deliberately expose yourself, you will go to jail.

An Argument Status: NOT

Do you not understand how the law works in America? It's purposely vague enough to allow the judicial system to target anyone for any reason regardless of actual wrongdoing. If a judge decides you are sex offender he says you are and then you become a smack addict sucking dicks for blow.

You realize there are children at nudist resorts, right? Just because OP is going to be in this situation doesn't mean he's specifically exhibiting his genitals.

If a judge wanted to put you in prison he could say you're a sex offender because your children saw you naked when you went to your room from the shower because you forgot ta towel, prison for life bitch.


That's why you order the judge's entire family killed.

You can't prove that and nobody can.

Luckily i live in a place where people are innocent until proven within reasonable doubt guilty.
This case is definitely not within the reasonable doubt.

With their parents. Why can you not understand the difference? Maybe you deserve prison.

You do realize that your internet history - including this thread - will be subpoenaed, right?

How many people who are old enough to drive need parental supervision?

All nudist resorts are 18+ unless with parents. If you were a nudist, you'd know that.

having sex with anyone younger than 21 should be the death penalty



only applicable in several coutries namely the third world shitstain of america

Gay anal sex in the ass is acceptable at any age.

Um, no sweetie. The only ones that are adults-only are the ones that are for exhibitionists.

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