Women Hate Thread

Women are naturally savages, they're most basic state is sex-crazed animal, devoid of morals and ambitions. But the natural state of man is a barbarian, but one with honor. Civilization paradoxically makes women cleaner, but men crueler, less caring. We're living in the worst of both worlds right now, the interregnum of the absolutely worst of humanity. The only option is total destruction of civilization, then make our way back up.

Women are a lost cause.

I don't even feel hate anymore, just a loss of hope and a sheer sense of disconnect from everything around me. I stare at the total state of depravity, of being force fed these notions of equality and feminism and I feel nothing, just a cold desire to escape into the wilderness.

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Why do women hate thread? What did thread do to women?

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He should have dropped her. Too much soy in him.

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If there was too much soy in him, he wouldn't have been strong enough to hold her.

Fucking whore.


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*blocks your weights*
Hey look at me, I can bounce ball like a 2-year old!

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The skin looks old, so i dont assume it is a newly engaged titanimal.

Based dog.

Fucking adrenaline junkies

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WOW the amount of d&c shilling itt thread really is off the charts famalam. Most women are nothing liked the cherrypicked examples in this thread. I mean, are you "men" going to be childless virgins the rest of your lives or what? You are being exactly what you accuse the other side of being. Ignorant, stupid, childish, and hatred over the other sex for simply being born.

You know how I can tell your from Holla Forums?

A Mare is better than anything a woman can offer you, it's ironic that the best girlfriend isn't even human.
Why even bother with human womyn tbh.

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It's a shame you cant get them pregnant, really. Genetically modified horse wives will be the future.

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Because you’re a faggot nazi eunuch?

You are from Colombia?


God is a cruel man.

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I figured

the perfect life is being out in a field with your horse with no neighbors for miles.

why don't you go back to posting your mutt threads, you mongrelized tranny faggot

average mgtowfag

my horse will stomp you.




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You are the most stupid tards ever, women can do things because they receive free gibs, free gibs came from state, state came from taxes and you are the one paying taxes, the problem is that not paying taxes is a crime and not supporting dollar, the official money of feminism, is the same as doing war, you are fucked, you already paid for women companion but others use it, Aristophanes already talked about this killing mediterranean civilizations, eventually the white men will be replaced by muslims and there is nothing that you can do because you dont do a shit.

I'm doing my part. I haven't paid taxes in 8 months.

But your mom do and every time you buy a piece of bread you are paying taxes.

You are right. The only way to become tax neutral is to steal everything. Thank you, sensei.

The guy niggered is forced to buy something with taxes again, you are just forcing others to pay more taxes, move to a country free of feminism like Filipinas.

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Hating women that much is for faggots

fucking no fuck that

What do you want to achieve with this thread? butthurt? In places like these it is unlikely

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only beta males hate on female.

I hate on females to piss em off


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2nd webm name?

mgtow tears.mp4

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beta males love 3DPD
I am indifferent to them at this point, the problem is they are destroying civilization and other things I care about with the power given to them by cucks, like yourself, because you value their hole too much.
it is fixable, but cucks are the majority, and nature can't fix it because of technology
so we just have to let it fester

giving women equal rights was a huge mistake

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red lips have a filthy price; a murder in her paradise.

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never understood the point of that narrative. in the Western world women can get away with literal murder. anybody else think that's total BS?

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This shit make me angry all the times.

Damn, where do I find such women? They seem like a ton of fun.

muh neighgers

t. no idea what xe's missing

Hating women means you hate your mother. Figure out what your issue is with her and sort yourself out.

I don't hate women, they just need to check their privelege.

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t. triggered roastie

No, basically even my mother agrees that modern women are garbage that must be avoided at all cost and Aristophanes works are based on history that is censored, not in his feelings.

It would have been much faster to write "I'm a virgin".

that's your whore mother trying to elevate her own status with a generational bias.
gen x womyn are whores
boomer womyn are whores
i'm guessing your mom fits into one of those catagories
ask your mom some honest questions about her political and social views. if she's not a total lying cunt who's trying to tell you what she thinks you want to hear, she'll reveal herself as a feminist

sorry, quoting wrong post, meant this guy

Who hurt you? How did you come to hate women? I'm all ears

I existed as part of the human race for more than 5 minutes.

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this antipathy for mgtow is a feminist narrative. it's them attempting to treat men the way they are treated for being feminists. they can't stand the knowledge that everyone hates them for what they are, so they find the only men really doing something to kill feminism.

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daily reminder that Holla Forums are the feminists' greatest ally

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Holla Forums are basically anti male gender traitors.

makes sense because they are also a pack of brown south americans wishing on a star that they were really white.

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I'm getting confused, / pol / does not support MGTOW?

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did they ever even suggest such a thing? not in my lifetime.

try posting pro-mgtow material anywhere in Holla Forums and you will be banned and screamed at for not bowing down before holy white vagina.

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i also do half finished paintings

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and worse, they think that even the sluttiest thots with giga miles of black dick in their history are still redeemable and wife material if only they are "corrected" by an red pilled alpha male.
imagine being that deluded and desperate for pussy

You can never scrub that off.


Those are babby's first microscopes anyways. Let the girls chew on them and stay away from the important stuff.

I don't even want to imagine.