LMAO Did endchan get shoahd?

LMAO Did endchan get shoahd?

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Leftypol btfo.

good riddance

It never did faggot. It's endchan.net not .xyz anymore and it's been that way for about a year (or possibly longer now)?

How new?

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Some Holla Forumsacks posted CP on endchan because they wanted to destroy it, then reported endchan to the FBI.

IP logger do not click

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well wtf do i do i accidentally clicked it? wtf man

someone report this fucking faggot

Whatever happened to nntpchan? 2hu-ch.org/ isn't working anymore. I get blank page.

potential datamining site do not click

Oh boy. The FBI will bust your door down within 12 hours. You're absolutely fucked. You'll get registered as a sex offender for life..

this is a fucking joke, right? i just wanted to go check out another chan wtf man

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datamine this

Too cringy….
Really dude just go back to cuckchan and fuckoff

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It's no joke. Make your peace and do whatever you have to do to prepare for prison.

Whatever happened to masterchan? There were a lot of nice girls on there.

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it's funny when autistic people don't realize they're being autistic

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beta pleb spotted

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fight me faggot

i would engage with you in a battle of wits but it appears you are unarmed

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tips fedora

*flips menorah*


a quite respectable move there, however you've made one fatal mistake in calculation that will reveal itself in due time

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I hope your day is ruined; Don't tell me how you feel about it either because I hope it ruined your day. Is your day ruined? Don't tell me, I don't want to hear it.

didn't read lol

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Just what I like, illiterate Anons; This is canon and your shit is fannin' I hope your day is ruined and don't reply; my mind is stewin'. A shitstorm's a brewin'.

didn't read again

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tbpchan still works

lmao you're typing just fine.

I hope it ruins your day

Why is pepe sweating cum

It's soy

it was a special made pepe for me, the artist knew about my white nationalist background and my aryan bf. i sucked her benis the night before so he commemorated the experience for me

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Literally went there last week with .xyz extension. Try again.

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it's a joke. relax, dumbass.

endchan is where i became a man