Why women try to ruin video games and internet?

Why women try to ruin video games and internet?
KyleeAsakura used to do youtube but quit and went back to camgirling when people found her old stuff. she goes be persephoneeee on chaturbate now.


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Why do birds fly south?

to get away from you

Got more of that old stuff?

Stupid whores always wanted to get money on art. Its can be cinema, music or games. Also not only them.

they are narcissist by nature
anything that takes attention away from them is seen as a bad thing to them, so they try to invade that thing, and make it about them.
it isn't really that complicated, the problem is white knights and beta cucks, as they will defend 3DPD invading, and will validate 3DPD by giving them the attention and money they want

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Do nothing about gays.

Porn is not art.



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That why they didn't ruin it.

Oh I see.


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sauce on this slut

Get used to the idea of vidya going extinct, cuz we're going to treat gamers like the rabid dogs they are.

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Just enjoy that ass, do not worry Or are you gay?

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This guy is a retard.


women are dumb and soon as they fails in any aspect of life they don't think twice before offering their body as a bargain for whatever they want.

The solution?