Depleted uranium is a perfectly safe material. prove me wrong

depleted uranium is a perfectly safe material. prove me wrong

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Doesn't it catch fire on impact?

if it impacts a sufficiently hard object at supersonic velocity.

would you ingest it?

would you ingest any heavy metal?


Ok, so depleted uranium is about as unsafe as lead. Should we ban solder unless its pb free?


what would be a perfectly safe material in your eyes?
lead is well within those boundaries to me.

So safe that they use it in ammunition instead of steel. Also so safe that any country that gets bombed by it suddenly gets a mysterious rise in cancer rates

the reason it's used for ammunition and armor is because of its weight and hardness. and war tends to be quite hazardous to the health of anyone involved.

on impact with armor it vaporizes, as it self sharpens and drills through the target. That all is well and good, the problem it that the uranium dust left behind is heavily mutagenic/carcinogenic
and goes everywhere. Basically anywhere you have used a significant amount of DU munition will become a hotbed for cancer and birth defects.

But it is fucking cool to suck an enemy tank crew out of the 4 inch exit hole on the other side of their surplus russian tank.

Depleted Uranium gets a bad rap because it sounds 'nuclear' and scary to idiots, but it's still a toxic heavy metal that requires the same precautions for use as any other heavy metal, including any viable alternative to DU.

That's actually just a myth
t. /k/


It's true that it's not radioactive when coming from enrichment proces but it's not the case when it's from spent fuel reprocessing even if the radioactivity is still low
There are concer about it's combustion product after ammunition impact which could end up being more toxic than with other products due to more absorption

depleted uranium is radioactive in any case regardless of where it's from. but it's very mildly so: about 1/4 as radioactive as enriched uranium. It's also an alpha particle emitter. Alpha particles have near 0 penetration ability. Fucking paper will stop the shit. Eating it is still a bad idea ofc.

nope it's much more toxic than lead, leads to cellular death because ultra-heavy metal fucks up nearly all enzymes in a cell
not even considering the fact that some radioactive uranium is still in it at low concentration, but more than zero is still way too fucking much and it will cause a horde of nasty cancers to spawn in all your organs

Read your own link. DU is significantly less radioactive than natural uranium. Radiation is not nearly as big a safety concern as the fact that it's a toxic heavy metal, like lead and tungsten. There's a whole lot of emotional panic whipped up about DU that just isn't there for other armor and ammunition material, and that's largely because the US uses it and European countries don't.

why not just make iridium coated francium ammunition

Cause iridium is super rare and comes from SPACE

yes it is
low radiation levels in the environment is not very hazardous
low radiation even in tiny amount in matter that enters your body causes widespread cellular destruction and cancers, because each atom that undergoes spontaneous fission causes damage, and if you swallow 1 micromole of DPU with only 0.01% of radioactive isotopes remaining, you still get 2.530*10^17 possible new cancer. Avogadro number is a bitch

Holy shit are you retarded. That would actually be over the lifetime of the sample (halflife for natural Uranium is something like 5e9 years) and each event has the potential to destroy DNA molecules, usually resulting in just the death of that cell, and in some rare instances leading to cancerous growths. If you're so worried about radiation in your body, stop eating bananas. Those are likely a far larger hazard to you than anything you'll get from the use of DU.

Uranium, just by virtue of its heavy metal toxicity (that it shares with other heavy metals like Lead, Mercury, and Tungsten), is several times more likely to cause your cancer than the minute levels of radioactivity it could introduce into your body.

But a $5000 meme bullet would be pretty ebin worth it.

Just imagine the target gets shot on tv and intead of dying E-X-P-L-O-D-E-S. Shock impact is good.

So if we made a planet out of stable isotopes the size of jupiter and then sent it outside of the galaxy to minimize radiation our DNA would survive forever and we would be immortal kangz?

No, your DNA would still be subject to cosmic radiation, and also to random replication errors that occur as a result of cell division.

When you hit someone with it, can they die?

not if we use very cold


it would be very painful


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Water is a perfectly safe material.

Would you breathe it if it displaced the air around you

It actually is an air displacer. Obvious, that doesnt usually matter, but try jacking off in a hot, steamy shower some time. You may find yourself light headed and having amazing orgasms.


I want heavy metal deposits in my bone like Wolverine.

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I don't think these guys would agree, OP.

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Do you think the blast waves from the ammo could make damages in confined spaces or is that only true in incompressible mediums like liquid or body?

Not that user, been years since I was /k/, but IIRC to cause something like hydrostatic shock you need a lot more energy than most weapons could provide.

Is that a truth bomb for ants?

As long as it doesnt get in the body you are essentially correct.UO2 is radioactive, but not at levels that would cause a serious problem, it is already a part of the soil everywhere naturally. once it gets inside the body its a disaster if you cant remove it. It will cause mutations, it is teratogenic but most importantly, it is incredibly toxic.

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If it is on Holla Forums, It has to be true.