What's wrong with my body ?

Is that gynecomastia ?
I am ashamed to go to pool and never remove my shirt because of this .

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well OP, you do have man tits. dont worry my friend, you can always become a soyboy. those are some nice looking nips, it'd make perfect titties. you just gotta lose weight.

and wide female hips too

your options are become a trap or eat lots of onions and cabbage

low amount of hair above waist and huge amount of hair below waist its a signal of low T

why onions and cabbage?

Yes that's me is it that bad ?
They hurt a lot like when I wake up in the morning all I feel pain is in my chest .
It all started at the end of puberty really

My hips are a little weird too still is it noticeable?

I don't think so ,my shoulders are too big and I am really tall 185 cm don't know how much in american .

Why ?

Get on trt asap. Your body is turning female.

no they're just fine. I'll give you some encouragement by cum tributing your A cup titties

Didn't know that I guess that make sense.

I don't think I can have this in my country
Well I could be wrong but i am too ashamed to talk about it to a doctor or worse my parents .

Hi Dysnomia.

onions and cabbage lower estrogen. lift weights to increase testosterone.

Sorry user but here's the truth:
I'd suck those titties and bully you by pinching the tender sore spots.
This means you've got an issue that needs dealing with by a proper licensed medical professional.

Probably bait, but your prolactin and estrogen levels are very likely to be quite high. Consider examining every dietary and lifestyle choice you've made since early childhood and make sure your house or furniture isn't contaminated with endocrine disruptors. There's a lot of modern hysteria over sources of estrogenic substances such as plastic, and it's often well-founded, but the common dietary recommendations, other than avoiding soy, in order to increase androgen levels and combat estrogen are absurd and detached from reality. An example of a diet built on a house of lies would be any related to keto or low carb eating. All high fat ratio diets will further damage your physique, and only a low total fat/high carb diet with a high relative ratio of saturated fat is going to give you true long term results. You will need lots of protein to fuel the liver in removing your estrogen, so you should probably eat ruminant meat as it's high in stearic acid which will reduce your water retention over time.

lol you can't have it any any country. Go to a gym, and be honest with the big boys. Tell them you're getting gyno and want some T. Thank me later (in about 3 months when you're male again)

Well I still need to lose some weight any idea ?

Huh that's weird user

Oh sorry my connexion sucks these days

Not bait I swear

How do I do that ?

I am the only one with it in my family my father is fine how is that possible ?

Thanks for the advises

In a body which is under stress, a lot of the additional testosterone will be converted to estrogen through aromatization. The fact that he exhibits a body type which normally implies high prolactin and estrogen is a warning sign that he is in poor health and undergoing exactly the kind of stress that would turn testosterone into estrogen.

Anti-estrogenic vitamins would probably be helpful:
vitamin A
vitamin D3
vitamin E (high ratio of gamma-tocopherol is ideal)
vitamin K (K2 MK-4 is the best supplemental form)

B vitamins are important for the liver to be able to eliminate estrogens. High amounts of leafy greens such as spinach or kale solve a lot nutritionally all at once. Alternatively low fat milk and once or twice weekly ruminant liver also provides comparable types of nutrition.

Supplements ? I don't want it to worsen my situation did you have gyno or something similar ?

You have nice tits, become a trap

Does your furniture or carpet have stain guards? Any flame retardants? What are your pipes/plumbing made of? What is the source of water in your home?

Do you use any weird soaps or shampoos? Any lavender/tea tree oil?

You grew up in a different environment from your father. You didn't eat exactly as he did. It's not that strange. You aren't clones.

I recommend you at least give a brief outline of your diet.

Yeah I've dealt with (minor) gyno because of overusing steroids.
What is saying is also very valid. Look into adex/ramadex though. I see diet as more of a prevention than a cure, but you don't wanna be back here in 6 months so take note.

How so? I don't feel sick or anything
I eat vegetables and fruits , drink tea and always eat at home .

So you recommend vitamins supplement should I go to a doctor first or just buy them and hope it work ?

No stain guards no flame retardant
The water is exactly the same that my father and his brothers grow up drinking ,well it smell like bleach but whatever .
No weird soap nor weird shampoo or oils.
Not anything weird in fact.

I'll Do that thanks user

As others have pointed out there's no reason to freak out, since there are various ways to get rid of them.
Most of the methods have already been mentioned, but another easy one is to fast and eliminate sugar, industrial milk and other testosterone-lowering and estrogen-increasing foods from your diet.

1. work out (emphasis on work)
2. watch your diet
3. fast on a regular basis
4. Make permanent, rather than temporary lifestyle changes
Gynecomastia, like cancer, obesity, diabetes, etc. is just a symptom of a poor diet and a bad lifestyle. As soon as you change your lifestyle these problems disappear as quickly as they appeared.

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You're overweight and have gynecomastia, that means you're sick by definition.
Just because you're not on the verge of death doesn't mean that you're not unhealthy.

If we follow the example of other primates and decide that the bulk of the diet should involve leaves (milk can be interpreted as a processed form of leaves/grass) and fruit, I think many problems are truly solved, not just prevented. Ruminants make for a high quality meat source when extra protein is needed. Occasional low fat seafood and liver fills in most of the gaps. 1 egg yolk a day makes for a nice vitamin supplement. Chocolate makes for a good mineral supplement. If you can mange plenty of greens without losing the water soluble vitamins through cooking methods, you'll have a wider variety of nutrition than just milk + fruit, but the milk makes getting protein + calcium much more convenient.

The way this can actually be realized in practice in my personal experience is 0% milk (sometimes with coffee) + dates all day and orange juice for vitamin C. Coffee/milk while eating dried dates stuffed with baking chocolate is a heavenly treat full of calcium, magnesium, potassium, and trace minerals. The caffeine from the coffee is going to help the liver do its many jobs such as eliminating estrogen. Beef and occasional seafood keeps zinc, iodine, and selenium from getting too low. Because I don't have enough choice fruits available in my region, I frequently rely on potatoes and sweet potatoes for additional variety. Sweet potatoes have a very soothing effect on the intestines. Because 0% milk is missing key nutrients such as vitamin K, I supplement it and all fat soluble vitamins, especially when supermarkets don't even have fresh liver.

Can gynecomastia melt or something ?
I understand that it will not worsen if I radically change my lifestyle but I don't think it just gonna disappear .

Sucks to be me

Also something that I didn't really mention is that my brain was altered so I guess my hormonal balance really is fucked .

If you have hard lumps…then they will exist there until you cut them out.

how was it altered?

dubs of truth.
OP do you have the hard lumps?

Well I am lucid enough to know that it's not normal

Oh and guess I like guys now I keep starring at them and I find some men really attractive like their face changed before my brain changed .

Well fuck my life .
I think I am never showing my body in public ever again .

>lie perpetrated by the (((medical industry)))

OP, you have no choice but to get a job, surgery and make lifestyle changes, but if you're saying shit like
then it's time to become a soyboy trap. Eat soy, masturbate into your mouth, etc etc. lose all the weight you can.

PS: start stretching your butthole out. After you poop, wait an hour or two and then get some lotion or lube, put it on a bit of toilet paper and try to wipe as deep as you can to make sure there's no turd immediately in the rectum and wipe it out. if not, you're safe to insert things with very little chance of poop. Start with sharpie and be very careful to not drop it into rectum, its very easy to accidentally. Next, find anything you can with a flared side that isn't spikey or sharp and start inserting. GOOD LUCK OP

Your body will absorb the fat & tissue, just like it would absorb a beer belly, an extra chin, a lump, a scar, a foreign object, etc.
You shouldn't say things like "I don't think it just gonna disappear.", because a negative attitude has an impact on your progress and results.

1. It works, i've seen obesity-induced breasts and love-handles "melt" within months. You are skinny-fat, so it shouldn't take more than a few weeks to get noticeable results.
2. When you're unsure if something works, you need to assume that it works, and give it your best shot, because by convincing yourself that something doesn't work, you are severely undermining yourself.

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You're saying that these lumps in my chest muscle that I have had since I can remember will just go away huh?

no that's not what I said you vapid cunt

I didn't say I wanna become an HIV nest user .

I've got no choice but to try huh?
It's more than obesity my hormonal balance is fucked up but I'll lose weight and try to melt them .

Thanks everyone now I am tired and need to sleep.
I'll be watching this thread since /b is slow AF.

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lose weight you stupid fat faggot. once youre a normal human weight again you useless fat piece of shit start gaining weight that isnt fat you corpulent spic. if this doesnt fix your problem then pursue some esoteric retardation to abolish your tits

Don't say "i'll try to melt them.", say "i will melt them" or better yet "i melt them"
Faith can melt mountains, disbelief & doubt can't melt anything. This is your problem to begin with. If you had high test, you wouldn't be like "aw, chucks, i guess maybe i'll give it a try", you'd be like "okay, let's do this."
You need to be the person you want be instead of trying to be the person you want to be.

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Weirdest cp ever.

You can get gyno removed. It's a mild surgery.

t. Might get it too. Mom fucked around with estrogen-based drugs while pregnant and now my body's fucked up.


Nah, I did that. And then I lost it all. I'm 6'2" and at this height have been everything from 145lbs to 210lbs. The tits are real and independent of fat.

Wheat gluten increases prolactin secretion which contributes to titties.

Huh. I wonder if it's relevant that I'm allergic to grasses, including wheat and rice. And soy.


The glands themselves are developed. Keep going, though.

yes i know they are and i already told you why. keep ignoring concrete points though, soyboy. next youll go histrionic on me

Can i use your pics to borrow bitcoins from pedophiles?


I'd be willing to bet if you did some severe prolonged fasting that it would shrink to a barely noticeable state. You'd probably have to get your body fat % pretty low though.

women kek

No they are not. Why do thin & anorexic girls have small tits? A: Because the body consumes breast tissue before it consumes the last fat reserves, which are more crucial for survival than useless breast tissue. Breasts are among the first things to go when there's a shortage of nutrients.

Yeah I got them about the size of marbles and adex destroyed them with no surgery.


you have to get gyno surgery for that
there is literally no other way

i have it too and ive looked everywhere but you have to understand that your literal mammary glands have grown

it wont go away no matter how much weight you lose, the mammary glands will always pop out

in fact the slimmer you get the more theyll pop out depending how big theyve gotten

but yeah go lift hard af and eat test boosting foods and avoid estrogenic foods and hormone disruptors aka xenoestrogens

go do some research nigger

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Bro you think that's bad, I started getting /fit/ a while back and I actually have a significant chest that's visible through my shirts now. The problem is though that my nipples never stopped being fat, so they're like these perfect little cone shapes sitting on top of my pecks stabbing through every shirt I own. It's not that they're huge or anything, they're just really hard.

actually kill yourself bro

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Soy poisoning.

Go see a Dr, they will do tests and if you T levels are screwed they can fix that for you.

Also work out, jogging is probably the cheapest and easiest sport to get into. Start with an easy goal of maybe up to 1KM 2-3 times a week, and see how you feel after. If you struggle then keep at just that distance for a week then up it to 1.5km, then add .5km every week. Once you get to about 4km there is not much benefit in increasing distance. Instead look at getting your time to do it lower. Don't over do it, long regular runs cause loss of muscle mass and can damage joints. If you notice an increase in energy and want to do more sports, then lift weights, look online or join a gym to get advice on how to lift without hurting yourself.

If you do join a gym do not be put off by the huge monsters that look like hulks, most of them start with crap bodies and self image issues, many of them will be more than happy to give advice.

No shortcuts, if your Dr does tests and you don't need Testosterone or Growth Hormone then don't take it. Many young people that take it have life alerting negative effects later in life.

Growth hormone for men is actually mostly released with leg exercise, so get a kettlebell and start doing some weights after jogging.

Sleep is also vital for growing properly and to many young men stay up half the night looking at porn, playing video games, sexting, looking at 9gag etc. All that light, even when you just look at a text or update or whatever for a few seconds disrupts your natural sleep cycle. Trust me, there is nothing important going on, get rid of all apps that send updates, you don't need that shit.

Get in a routine, stop playing games late and go to bed at a reasonable time (about 10.30pm) do something relaxing like read for 45 mins or so then sleep.

Get up early on your days off, don't sleep in to long.

Eat healthy, if you are drinking soft drinks with sugar in then you are a fucking idiot, one can of soft drink has all the sugar a fully grown needs for a day, yet idiots are drinking that shit when they are 'thirsty' and wondering why they are getting fat and growing bitch tits. Sugar makes you fat, not fat.

So called 'diet' soft drinks are nearly as bad as your body is tricked into releasing insulin and when it does not get it's sugar hit you will start to get starving and eat carbs or sugar later in the day to balance out the fake hit. If you must have a fizzy ding, then have fizzy water with ice and a squeeze of lime.

eat healthy with adequate protein and good carbs and plenty of veg. You don't need much fruit, and fruit juice is no good, it's just sugar.

Don't drink beer or cider, they are just sugar and beer can alter hormones in some men making you more womanly.

Once you are feeling more fit, start doing press-ups, if you've never done them then starting with just 10 a day is ok, increase by a few every week until after a few weeks you are doing multiple sets of 20+ a day.

If you do these cheap and easy things then within 3 months you will notice such a huge difference that you'll wonder what the fuck you were doing with your life before.

If you are incapable of doing these simple things then give up your life being a man, you don't deserve it. Check out kiwifarms 'ratkings' to see what you will eventually become.

In rare cases that is true, but I was on a drug to suppress stomach acid production due to an unhealthy lifestyle for about 2 years. One of the side effects was growing moobs. I too was embarrassed to take my top of in the summer. Thankfully, I changed my lifestyle and started jogging etc. Tits and belly fat gradually faded away and were replaced by muscle.

Honestly only took 3 months to see positive changes and 6 months to look and feel much more like a man that took health seriously. After a year I was going to the gym and have never looked back.

Got it

Is that expensive ?
Why though ? I am tall enough , taller than most men in my family.

Also I am not the fat american (not even american ) cliché I used to do sports , I did swimming and shuai jiao for years
Just didn't run much this year because of studying y'know absolutely no time to do sports but I'll run from now at least .

My body started to change at 16 ( not just my body in fact) while i was still running and "fighting" .
I never had a good stamina that's true but I was good at the two sports I was practicing. even though I have never been really fit I had some muscles ,just lost it all at the end of puberty .

I don't eat that much sugar no cakes, oreos or shit like that .
I drink green tea and coffee still no sugar .
Cola maybe once a week sometimes less.
I eat a lot of pasta and rice though and like beer didn't know it was bad for health ?

Also I skip dinner sometimes and don't really have good sleep habits maybe that's a cause .

Thanks for you consideration

Wtf ? I am 18

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its the body of a sissy faggot

get breast reduction surgery. problem solved.

Too much soy

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admit it. u'd suk thos tiddies

Others suggested this but I am too poor right know and I don't want horrible scars on me

Soy is too expensive where I live so I don't eat a lot of it .

Underrated. Most of the really big guys are just as autistic & fucked in the head as us. Just go and be straight up with them OP.

They'll come back unless op gets his estrogen in check


Take from that what you will, but also bear in mind that I used to drink a fair amount of beer myself a few years ago, on the odd occasion I have a few now 'to socialise' I've noticed that some lagers and beers have started adding fructose and many no longer list ingredients at all, like they are hiding something. I think they are manufacturing fizzy alcoholic drinks that are sold and advertised as beer but are in fact sugar, fructose and other stuff with flavours added.

That round gut you have with slim frame is probably a direct result of to much carbs (pasta, white rice, bread) and beer.

Pasta is made from processed flour, contains gluten, is difficult for many people to digest, creates a sticky "sludge" in your digestive tract which encourages the growth of pathogenic bacteria and yeast (microflora) in your gut and the wheat is grown with extensive use of poison, some of that poison ends up in food and although not deadly I think it causes issues in many people. Here is more info:-


It's ok now and again, and there are some high fiber that may be slightly better for you, but pasta is just processed flour for all intents and purposes you may as well be eating sugar. Your body treats it the same and turns loads of it into fat for storage. You may even have a slight gluten intolerance to it which could cause bloating and swelling.

Like I say those sorts of carbs are ok in small amounts especially after a run etc to replace the energy your muscle just used up (glycogen). But they should not ever be the major part of any meal and they are very easy to overeat due to the sauces etc we add to them tasting good.

(On a side note, that is why soft drink companies always want you to chill their drinks in the fridge or with ice, because your body gets tricked into thinking it's drinking water and you can drink loads, like liters a day. If you sat with the same fizzy drink at room temperature you would have a hard time drinking more than one or two cans)

I'm not going to list healthy meals as there are loads of sites that have loads of info on preparing healthy food for an active lifestyle so you just have to experiment until you find a few that you like. If you ever feel hungry after a sensible sized meal do what I do and eat peanut butter straight from the jar with a spoon. It's an amazing food source and after 2 or 3 spoon you'll feel very full and not want any sort of sugary sweet.

The only time you want loads of carbs is if you intend to do power lifting and want to bulk up but it will put a stain on your body.

Don't skip your evening meal, make sure you eat it early enough and if you are having issues sleeping, sometimes a small warm slightly sugary milky drink an hour before bed can work wonders, but again you should not need it more than a couple of times a week.

Never ever take sleeping tablets or so called 'antidepressants', they are a lie. Most sleeping tablets are actually nonbenzodiazepine hypnotic agents, which fucking shut down your brain! You don't even dream so although you were asleep your brain does not get a chance to dream and sort itself out for the next day.

There is no such thing as an antidepressants, all of them marketed as that are just tranquilizers, that simply dumb you down enough not to care about what was causing the depression in the 1st place and they then put you in a state where it's difficult to address the issues causing problems in your life and they are addictive so fuck all that shit.

You won't be the only person who wants to change their life for betterment, ask around your friends to see if any want to come jogging with you and join a gym. I got one friend who had stopped going to the gym years ago, he started jogging with me, we went to gym 3 times a week, I'm average but toned and he's now one of them huge monsters I was talking about. Then his friend came along, then we made new friends in the gym. It's all good.

never though phyto-estrogens could be so powerful
it explains why a lot of tranny/trap in Thailand takes herbal supplements.

Didn't know about this the beers that i buy only have "malt" written on them same goes with nonalcoholic one .

I understand that eating carbs is not healthy nor good but I still live with my parents I don't have my own money yet and we're not rich so pasta and rice is always guaranteed .
Thanks for the info though

Yup issues sleeping is Sugar fine or is honey is better ?

Yes but not many people have this problem I am not close enough to most of my friends to talk about it and I don't want them to notice either .
I have a bad memories of a friend grabbing my "tits" in a shuai jiao session
I can tell you it really really hurts.

Also I don't want to become a monster just lose weight tits ,belly and build healthy muscle then maybe choose a martial art .
I don't want to be "big".

As I said I like guys so you may call me a degenerate, it wasn't always like this , my preference changed with my body I think .
Do you think it will change again if my hormonal balance become normal for a healthy male or is my brain definitely fucked ?

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Too much estrogen.

get it checked out OP, you might have Klinefelter. But at least you can play with your own tits while jerking off.

It might be true but my balls are normal sized so it's not possible ?
Does it look like Klinefelter ?

Estrogens or phyto-estrogens that's the question.


Just lose weight. You don't have to worry about wrong fat allocation when there is no fat on your body.

Try increasing your DHT levels, DHT is the most powerful natural androgen that is often ignored and neglected. DHT levels indirectly dictate how much testosterone is produced, among many other things.Not only that, but DHT works to purge or atrophy adipose tissue and any other estrogen gene-expressing cells.

If you want a really quick and easy, but expensive solution, buy a tube of topical andractim and apply it to your chest area topically.

A cheaper way to slowly and systemically increase your DHT levels would be to take boron and stimulants like tylenol, caffeine, and creatine. Also, look up articles on "how to prevent hairloss" and "how to reduce DHT", and do the exact fucking opposite of what they tell you to do.

Severe case of bitch tits. Better get 'em hacked off before you get cancer.

gynecomastia is not fat, its breast tissue

It's both actually