What would be the most efficient way to kill all of the pedophiles on the earth?

What would be the most efficient way to kill all of the pedophiles on the earth?

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testosterone in the water supply

gas tbh

castration with a rusty knife

make antipedo threads on Holla Forums



Seeing how the definition of "pedophile" is so broad, sweeping, and non specific depending on what country you're in, your culture, etc, there's millions, if not billions of "pedos" out there, the same way you wipe out all human life.

Alternatively, rope:

smh inb4 another pedo posts his collection

Mandatory Penile Plethysmography Testing for all citizens. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Penile_plethysmograph

Show pictures of little girls and boys. Anyone who fails gets a lethal injection of barbiturates.

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if he doesnt you get banned. if he does im banned.

deep inside you all know you are pedos, but hypocrite pedos.



im not saying i do, just saying some anti pedos are pedos themselves

You don't need to get a full boner. A Penile plethysmograph will detect the slightest amount of arousal.

let's fucking lynch them

I don't know, but the only thing that would be left are most women and a few beta cucks.

I've always wanted to submit the vocal campaigning antis to this. They. Would. Lose.

Shitty test. The stimulation of having something wrapped around my dick could cause me to become aroused, or I might start thinking about my hot grandma while taking the test.

The soybos and furries shall inherit the earth.

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Why do you want to murder millions of children for their thoughts?

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smh tbh fam

yep i'm in the 49.8% but was more into 10-11 year olds because my sister's friends were cute af. call a pedophile for liking 10 year olds if you want, idm.

Whatever young female that available to take advantage of is what you mean. The younger, the more inexperienced and naïve, and that would suite you just fine right.

Option 1:

Well if your goal is simply to kill all pedophiles on the Earth then the most efficient way to kill them all is promise them all a loli and they get to fuck the loli but eventually they have to be euthanized for this privilege. Then, before accident or disease or old age or whatever can claim their lives, they have to be executed.

Seems like a good deal and would get all pedophiles killed.

Option 2:

Simply crash a large meteor into the Earth. You kill everyone and thus destroy all the pedophiles while you're at it. Since being a pedophile is the natural state of man also, you pretty much have to do something like this. Non-pedos are actually the weird minority. If you don't realize you're a pedo yet, you just have to see some sexy little girls. Of course if you're gay or asexual then it won't work but once you see those little girls you'll inevitably get a boner. That's how I learned I was a pedophile, because of CP spam. I used to be an anti but then the little girls converted me.

Variations of this can be done it just has to be some event that basically wipes out the world's populations.

Option 3:

Some kind of virus that makes everyone prefer roasties. It doesn't really kill pedophiles but it inserts into everybody's genomes changes that fuck with our normal sexuality. Not sure if this really counts.

Option 4:
Begin an eugenics program that sterilizes and culls all non-whites and defectives. Keep only the best of whites around. Then brainwash them all to not know any better about how sexy little girls (and I guess boys) can be. Kill all the allahu ackbars and others and steal their organs, death vans like the Chinese have. This makes sure the whole operation funds itself. Oh and seize their assets, their bank accounts, etc. and use that to further fund the anti revolution.

Option 5:
Make some kind of subliminal lolita brainwashing programs designed specifically to fuck with the subconscious of pedophiles and make them commit suicide. All the pedos who then watch this material which will be widely distributed by CIA niggers will be programmed to kill themselves. Pretty efficient eh?

The world record company called. They wanna know how one man can collect so many projectors.

Pedo here who hanged himself.

It wasn't painful.

Felt actually euphoric.

A little bit of distress and terror quickly subsides as my vision cuts out and I fall out of my body.

Something happened though and I ended up on the ground spasming so I'm still alive.

…but once you're past the psychological hurdles getting choked out isn't actually a painful way to die. It's very peaceful. Ever been choked out before?

Apparently burning to death is the most painful way to die.

Go look at some sexy little girls masturbating and you'll change your mind. Until then, you're just a pedo in denial. There's studies to prove that normal men have a response to cp. Also, most of you ancestors were anyone from 9 to 15 when they had their first child.

tbh if you starrted putting that thing on me I'd be stimulated into a boner before you can even show me CP not to mention how sexy it would be to be bounded up and held against my will in a room to have that done to me, do you even BDSM?


Good luck with your jaded and used up roasties. It's perfectly normal for both men and women to desire a virgin partner who they can truly bond with. If the first love fails, there can never another like it. You only get one chance to do things right.

We would create some kind of online platform that purported allow their deviancy. Slowly, but surely, we'd collect ips, personal information. We'd convince them they were anonymous, but really, we were monitoring their every click.
Once we had everything we needed (a comprehensive list for arrest/summary execution by global RWDS) we'd close the trap. We could operate this dragnet internationally from some obscure country where laws are vague, hidden behind a front of some kind. I've always liked the idea of being a pig farmer.

Go read The Pedophile's Handbook and the wiki we have on Tor that teaches us how to argue all the points you'll find citation there.

pedo aids

>Das Kapital The Pedophiles Handbook explains everything

Fully-Automated Communist Utopia tbqh fam


Death by snuu snuu

this kills the anti-pedo

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A pedo citing pedos, to defind pedphilia.
That's rich.

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a screeching pedophobe making an ad hominem. that's rich.

Fair enough. So, a pedo citing books, that make claims with no evidence whatsoever to support the theories, just to deefend pedohilia

Infect all children with a lethal STD that fades in severity as they age.

I thought about that but then
a) the children might die
b) if age gives you resistance, pedos will resist it

ahhh point b is a good one. All pedos were once children. nice catch

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Those published papers present findings which are based on research.

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a missile that seeks trimmed dicks

then first jews

pedo logic

naked little girls rigged with IEDs.

send them down the street, watch all the pedos flock to her and then detonate.

SNU SNU. It's really the only way to be a 100% sure you get them all.

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Daddy said to never talk about that stuff

the problem is you can never kill off all the pedos. More and more are born every day. Resistance is futile!

kill off all the children & outlaw pregnancy

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Lightning bolt from God. And if God won't do it, it means He approves. Amen.

Amos 3:7
Ezekiel 23:20-21
Ephesians 2:8-9

Yeah, mass production of mobile lolita landmines from GitS: Arise would be a good idea. With a detonator in their crotches.

I do regularly argue on here and write at length on these matters. Many of those threads have 404'd though.

I told you what to look up on Tor… it's up to you. I am busy ranting about other stuff right now to spend too much time on this.