My cousin only dates much older men. This is not good, because she'll never raise a family of her own...

My cousin only dates much older men. This is not good, because she'll never raise a family of her own. How do I get her to date men her own age?

I think her current ol' man is perverted and likes too much kinky things, like domination, humiliation, and the like.

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kill yourself and leave in your suicide note that you want her to date men her own age

why, she needs to be young, the mad doesn't

Yeah, that'll work…(sarcasm)

She didn't date college age men in college? What is wrong with her…her attitude, her own sexual perversions being a turnoff, or her past?

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you date her. don't make your fucked up ugly cousin other people's problem

That's her. Some she did, but mostly very old men. She thought they were more gentle. I think she is perverted in some way too.

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I wonder why do you care so much just about a cousin. I'd understand if she were your sister, but not your cousin.

Obviously you need to fuck her better than the old men do.

I have no sister, and we grew up together. She is like a sister to me. Its easy to understand.

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Or maybe she is quite frigid sexually and older men don't bother her as much as younger guys because of their declining stamina?

Well, that was never said of her. She was wild when younger, but more reserved starting in her junior year of college.

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Did she have a proper father figure while growing up?

she's the one who fucked the dog

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Sure, he was a nice guy. She was close to him.

I heard that rumor, but there is no proof.

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In fact her dad treated her like a queen, and spoiled her.

When strangers call him asking about the rumors they hear about his daughter, he listens, but always denies them. He says he treated her well and never hurt her.

She was always a sociable and well liked girl. Even adults liked her and she was able to intelligently talk to them.

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Do those older men she picks also humor her by spoiling her like her dad does? If true, why would she want a younger guy that would rather care about himself first and her second?

Good point…

Is this our Marie??????

I'd love to talk to her dad about her. I got so many questions.

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Oh my. I know her. I wanna talk to Daddy too

Marie Hornack (Whore-nack)

Thanks…now to call Daddy

I think she really liked her father. Is she a good cook?

I'd marry her.

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I'm sorry user but your cosuin is becoming a sugar daddy.

wait no i mean mommy

or girl

shit i messed up

I always like her Glad to know her name Tell me moar about her

and her dad

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Google is your friend, pic reverse search, startpage search engine, all of her stuff is on motherless.

Not all

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I like Cloe Palmer better -aka- Pavlovswhore.

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Le 56%

Le idiot's sister

I like Marie better.

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Why, what's the difference.

Marie is much cuter and has a perverted history, which I like.

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All women are the same, environment is the only modifier.

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What did he say?

…doing what she love's best.

who even is she?

another exposed slut?

how long do you guys last during a blowjob?

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