Im going to commit a murder...

im going to commit a murder. what im thinking is to just go behind him and slit his throat with a really sharp knife or garrote then run back home. gonna have an extra change of clothing, even clothing i will wear will be new. ive been tracking this person for a while now and know their schedule. i also know they like to get drunk at specific times. dont care about people finding the body. if i am caught i will deal with consequences but i will make sure to kill.

any tips?

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Very interesting user, do you have any more details like what bar, time, the clothes you like to wear and what is the schedule of the drunk?

Eat your peas and stay hydrated.

every time i tracked them i turned off my phone and took out the sim. this is very personal so i cannot give out much of any details. if a gun weren't so loud I'd use that instead. ive found the easiest place to do this in their schedule.

op here again, i cant really find anything on the deep web. just things about hiring hitmen

True drunks don't go to a bar. Too expensive. True drunks drink at home.

whew. for a minute there i thought you were talking about me. what a relief! i don't have a schedule

You should probably take his wallet to throw the police off your scent. Theyll be looking for a nigger if they think it was a robbery. Also, use the knife, with the garrote if he's smart he has time to elbow you.

Will keep this in mind. He's just a scrawny dude in his 20s with no formal training. on the other hand I can easily break his neck with enough force, but i risk him screaming. at least with the knife nobody will hear him is what im thinking.

Throw glitter on him. They'll think a stripper killed him.

but why?

alternatively, sprinkly crack cocaine on the body afterwards. they'll think the cops killed him

A scrawny dude with no training can totally hulk out when fighting for his life.

That's very odd behavior. Someone who didn't want to be tracked would simply leave the phone at home.

definitely. If I garrote instead of just knifing to begin with I risk that. I could also just hit him in the back of the head with something large….. but i would have to take that with me.

the knife i have is very very sharp.


Murder is fine, just don't post any pictures of children here or the whole site will be shut down by Jews.

Murderers are actually more agreeable to talk to than pedos.

lol I have other things to do too. once im out of the general area I usually have to use my phone.

anyone else have any tips?

Slitting a throat doesn't work like the movies they won't die quickly and will probably fight back

Always have an escape plan and don't be one of those dumbasses who forgets that literally everything is a camera.

am i complicit now?

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Nah. You have to actually believe OP and know who he/she is before you can be complicit.

you better fucking livestream it faggot

that's good. a dull knife is a dangerous knife! also, tape your cell phone, on, to the bottom of a chair at a bar across town. it gives you an alibi and the constant GPS updates as the chair moves will give the impression you are moving within the bar as GPS will show the position all over the place but still in the immediate vicinity of the bar. Make sure you retrieve it that night though. plus, knife him in the back of the neck slightly to the right of the spine but angled towards the spine, edge towards the spine obv. it will silence and paralyze him so you can then slice the large vein in the armpit. This minimizes blood splatter. good luck!

see shit like this is what I look for.

also, the place has cameras only in the front, i will be coming in through the side wearing black at night. i will not be seen.

do you have any medical links or anything like that so I can kind of be precise? if anything i can at least scar him for life.

I don't care if he fights back, I can overpowered him. What I don't want is noise.

What did he do to you OP?

If that's the case you should taser the fuck. Of course then the murder will definitely be ruled premeditated instead of robbery.

If your knife is sharp enough, he won't even feel it. It'll take a good 25-30 seconds before he even notices his throat's been cut.

go to a bookstore and look for anatomy books. the cervical spinal area is what you want to target for the initial strike and the axillary artery for the bleed out. Make sure to leave your phone at home and wear a baseball hat pulled lower and keep your head down as if reading to keep your face off the camera at the bookstore. I carry a small notepad and pen and "take notes" as I walk. imitate a slight limp as if you recently stubbed your toe, nothing dramatic just different from your normal walk

record nothing, take no souvenirs. Buy everything used in the matter with cash from different second hand stores. shave all hair, scrub as much dead skin off, clean and cut your nails. Get rid of any jewelry, watch etc. and cover any tats or distinguishing marks with makeup

Also if he gets blood on his murder outfit he should burn it.

I would bury it a state over. smoke draws attention. surveillance is a very serious impediment to the success or failure of an assignment, just because you don't see a camera in the alley does not mean you aren't on camera. check every building, every window with line of sight in the alley AND leading to the alley. guarantee that you will be filmed at some point. that doesn't mean you don't take the job but you need to go in knowing what they will discover and obfuscate appropriately. one more thing, NO DRUGS OR ALCOHOL for at least 3 days prior. you MUST be completely sober or you will fuck this up

Why do you want to kill them though, user?

best thread on Holla Forums sticky pls

how is this relative to the subject at hand?

You can't just come here and tell us you're gonna murder someone then leave us hanging.

Exactly, did he do anything personal to you or was it just kind of like a "my life is useless ill kill someone instead"

he did mention the guy was a drunk. what more do you need?

Funny, in most EU states giving this guy advice on how not to get caught after committing a crime is a crime in and of itself, in my state there's a max punishment of 4 years in prison. Not that you'd really get prosecuted for it though. Dunno about US law.

the US still has freedom of speech. for now anyway. the EU sucks

90% of the people on this board are struggling with addiction - whether it's alcohol or drugs or video games or porn or whatever. If "being a drunk" is your criteria for "deserving of murder", then you need to suicide yourself post haste.

spoiler. you are the target.

no it's over a girl. go ahead and make fun of me. this dude broke my trust, i dont forgive and i dont forget. im thinking though if i want to do this for the rest of the people that fuck me over in the future.

i really appreciate all the advice, ive never done anything like this before, but i am desensitized to gore. seen it in person plenty of times (guy shot, stabbed etc).

cops will probably show up at my door though. been a good amount of time since ive last seen this guy officially (years)

Thread reported to the FBI!

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how you doing OP? got any questions so far? You are being awfully quiet

the FBI has their hands full right now. thanks for being a little pussy tho

i went out for some errands. I dont think I have any more questions to be honest, you've all provided me some great info to think about.

I don't care about getting caught, but would rather avoid it if possible. currently using vpn paid in bitcoin that doesnt cooperate with my country and doesnt give logs.

Drunk at specific times, but that isnt necessarily a reason

Nah. I don't have a schedule. I come and go as I please. I also live in a downtown area where everything is on camera. I'm also not scrawny or in my 20s. OP has given much information - probably enough to get caught.

But, if I am the target, so be it. There are way worse ways to go than by a sudden throat cut. Bleeding out is like falling asleep.

dude you are on the internet too much. fuck off.

No such thing, knee grow.

actually, yea anyone have any tips with cops and misdirection?

a good practice to get into is to put your detective cap on and try to catch yourself at every step. remember that they will speak to everyone around this individual and if you had voiced threats of violence against him, even years ago, it could be a thread that when pulled unravels the tapestry you are trying to create. Safety first!

k, I see you're a lawyer so I concede

If the cops catch you in the act, cut out the target's tongue and eat it in front of them.

luckily i didnt have much contact with this person and have limited myself going to his area in case there are cameras. where we live tho i've cased it multiple times to figure out where traffic cams are etc.

i will be fine in terms of surveillance.

set the donut shop on fire

OP here, I'll be monitoring the thread while I do other things. I really appreciate the advice, anons

this ain't cuckistan you yurofag

keep doing the phone thing, we can't track you if you turn it off :^)

kidnap him insteaed

This murder will probably cut your life short and you'll be stuck in jail for the rest of your life. (Just saying, I do think its highly unlikely you'll get away scot-free.) I sound like a moralfag, but reconsider OP.

"A criminal charge of aiding and abetting or accessory can usually be brought against anyone who helps in the commission of a crime, though legal distinctions vary by state. A person charged with aiding and abetting or accessory is usually not present when the crime itself is committed, but he or she has knowledge of the crime before or after the fact, and may assist in its commission through advice, actions, or financial support. Depending on the degree of involvement, the offender's participation in the crime may rise to the level of conspiracy."

This isn't technically aiding a criminal. OP hasn't done it yet.

Joke's on you. OP isn't in the US.


this is good advice especially if the target has an accent because than YOU will get the accent and the cops will think you are actually the victim that got killed and you can pin the murder on the actual dead guy and be hailed as a hero

Yeah, I will say it is dumb, but if you have the balls to do what you say you're gonna, shit all power to you. Those types of people (ones who act like your friend but do that kinda shit behind your back) deserve to get stabbed in the back themselves, and in this case, quite literally.

big deal I'm behind 7 proxies, 3 VPNs and TOR. I'm literally invisible!

Plus for all intents and purposes, it being roleplaying, it's all for fun! (Wink wink)

Youre really gonna commit murder and ruin your life over a girl op, come on

(nudge, nudge)

Good thing the FBI doesn't do anything.

it's not about the girl, it's about the disrespect of the dude

Consider it guy.
Pic related.

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If you kill them like this, cops will know something is up. While I don't condone murder, it would be wiser to get a cheap switchblade, stab him in the neck and take his shoes and wallet. Cops will think some nig got him.

Checkin your dubs murder-user. Being sneaky nowadays is so fuckin hard with all the recording tech, goddamn. Good thing most cops are bad at their jobs, so you might get lucky!

Either this is troll/bait thread, or you're just plain stupid. Because that's a great way to leave a trail of bread crumbs that points back to you.

if it's so hard then why for nigs get away with it all the time?

Why not use a hammer fam

Hit him hard at the bsck of his head 2 incapacitate him

This slit his throat to make sure he is dead


dude. how many of these are EVER real

All good stuff I'm putting into consideration. unfortunately at the place im planning there are no niggers. everywhere else he goes is public. I also thought about beating him to an inch of his life, but would rather him just never exist any more cuz the action is easier, faster. i just want to get it over with in a correct manner; i have been preparing for months, paying cash where necessary.

im going to deal with consequences as they happen. tbh im fine with dying by cop or throwing my life away.

i dont take disrespect easily.

If nigs got away with it all the time, there wouldn't be so many of them in prison.

exactly, so I don't think I'll do this again once its done.

You«re a faggot

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did you not read the thread? a hammer will throw blood everywhere and the dude will start screaming and thrashing. I suppose you've never actually seen someone stopped, by hammer time!

All this only counts if we know who OP is and who the faggot he's going after is. Still checking those trips tho.

those poor chaps dindu nuffin

you are a man's man OP. NEVER allow disrespect.

you are right. plus it's something large i might have to take. if im using a hammer to knock him down it will be somewhat large - i can give it enough force to probably shatter his skull. with disorientation in place I'll just slit his throat.

nice try fbi

Thats some fragile masculinity

inject him with an IV needle like dexter so he passes out b4 he can make any noise

what do you mean? He helped ruin my relationship. dont get me wrong, my ex was a whore, but the way he did it i won't let him get away.

Listen, you have bitch-made, punk nugget girl feelings you need to get over. Murder isn't going to solve your emotional problems, soy boy. It's going to make them worse. Man up and better yourself, don't though your life away like some sort of Edward Niggerhands

we prefer the term "toxic masculinity". Get it right cunt

sounds like somebody is skeert!

You could hit him upside the head with a cast iron frying pan, then cut off his balls and cook up some beef strokinoff. Some dudes were posting recipes in here last night.

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What about proof? What tags should we look for if it's real happens?

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nah I'm still going to attempt it. of course it wont solve my problem. but he will know there was a consequence to his action, i will have the last laugh.

you will feel WAAAAY better about the whole situation once he's taken care of

they were posting recipes and your stupid ass STILL misspelt stroganoff. smh…

OP, this is your mother. Please don't hurt that young boy, I love you too much to see you go to jail. I'm sorry I only got you socks for christmas, and I'm sorry I couldn't stop grandpa from playing the "train game" with you.

Thanks. I would also feel really good with him knowing I put him in the hospital, however, I don't want the police knocking at my door with "evidence."

have you ever murdered anyone yourself?

nice try fbi

I was murdered in 2007 by my enemy, and I didn't even give a shit.

It's not my fault. Those shitty spelling games they forced me to play when I was a kid caused severe psychological damage.

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slitting from behind is unmanly

OP is a coward and a pussy. A real man would just deal with his problems like an adult.

Gave it some thought. In my state, what's going on ITT would qualify as participating in the crime, but only if he really carried it out. Even though giving advice on how to do it and trying to convince him to do it are the less serious forms of participation, it can still result in the same punishment that he would get for actually committing the murder (at worst). Luring the victim out, keeping watch while he does it etc. are some of the more serious forms of participating.
You're right though, it's not really aiding a criminal. Another crime in our criminal code is not stopping him from doing it, which might apply in this case, since we don't know if he's serious or not and there isn't a considerable difficulty in doing so (calling the cops) and it wouldn't expose you/people close to you to danger of harm.

duh. This IS dealing like an adult you fuckwit. why do you think we have so many wars?

right, cuz the first thing the pigs are gonna do is scour the various chan archives for a thread that matches the MO and backtrace the IPs for a big roundup of crime aiders

There cops where I live have enough trouble chasing after the mohammeds and abduls that the judges don't prosecute after they catch them. They would tell you off (and not in a nice way) if you wasted their time with stupid shit like Holla Forums threads.

im only lowering myself to this guy's level. i treat people how they treat me.

like shit? because you are shit.

if I were to use a hammer, what's the best spot to hit him specifically? If I can knock him out, great, I mainly want to disorient so i can finish off.

The "nub" at the base of the neck at the shoulder line. He'll go down like a wet sack and probably won't ever get up again.

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If OP isn't in the US, then you can't be prosecuted unless OP is a known terrorist organization.

You are half man, half pussy.

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Challenge him to a duel if you wish to keep your honor.

you mean who can shove a bigger object into ass duel?

i'd watch that

Make sure to buy those new clothes with a credit card.

much appreciated, im going to research a lot more.

blunt trauma weapons are last resort. it's not as easy as games and movies make it seem. that said, if you are using a framing type hammer, due to the striking surface of the hammer head, aim for the temple. side strikes generate more power due to the parabolic angle of the swing and the side of the head is a larger target so even if you miss the temple you can do serious damage. the "claw" of the hammer makes a terrible striker because of the surface area and tendency to get stuck.

no. the slightest movement means you simply hit the shoulder. precision moves are extremely difficult when your body is flooded with adrenaline and cortisol

That pic made me lul.

I'm disappointed, user. You'd probably be better off saying fuck you and hopping box cars than getting worked up over some dumb girl t. someone who almost committed suicide over a dumb girl

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what would you use? if not blunt force, what? I'm planning on either blunt force or a knife to the back of the spine - the cervical

it's not even about the girl dude.

so very honorable of you

I've already told you. fixed blade knife to the cervical spine with bleed out via the axillary artery. it works, easier to execute with a large, sharp chefs knife, "less" blood spray and doesn't require finesse. as this is your first you will find that your heart rate skyrockets and you will get tunnel vision. you won't be able to hear and your movements will be very sloppy. This isn't a game son.

make sure it's a pedophile that you murder


Right, of course they won't really do that (probably), it's just what it could technically be qualified as.

I'm not completely sure on this, but I think if OP commits the murder in a different country than I am in and I participate in his crime according to my local law that applies in my country, I can still be prosecuted for it by my country, because even though the effects of my participation manifested in a different country, I've committed the criminal act over here (the principle of territoriality - criminal according to our law). Even if that's wrong and the court looked at my participating act as a crime committed in a different country (the law does equate the participant with the perpetrator), I could still be prosecuted here based on the principle of personality (crimes committed by our citizens in a different country are still judged according to our law).

you're right. that's what I will do, will practice. I've been in fights before, been beat up bad when I was younger against a group of people, but it probably isn't anything compared.

thanks again.

a few more tips if you are serious. eat a couple of those Hawaiian dinner biscuits about 30 min prior to the job. your brain needs the glucose and it will help with the second tip. bring a plastic vomit bag, doggie poop bags work well as they are small and inconspicuous. you WILL vomit the first time because of the adrenaline and cortisol dump and you don't want that at or near the scene and the biscuits will make it less acidic

lol. yeah, it is nothing like you have ever experienced. also, prepare for seeing the victim(s) in your dreams for the rest of your life. once you take theirs, they are bound to your subconscious. no exceptions lil killa.

not saying don't do it, but go in with full knowledge of the price we pay.

bumping for the larp

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I don't care. They deserve punishment and unfortunate for them death is the easiest way for me to bring it down.

I have been thinking about it more and more, can't rationalize my way out of killing the dude so I posted here for ideas.

I am dead fucking serious. I was thinking of adderal or something to numb the edge.

jenkem is what you need fam

When I stab, does it matter which way I hold the knife? Is it better to stab the bone area or just anywhere in the cervical?

yes. again, chef style knife with the edge angled to the left if coming from the right. since you are using a large blade you can simply aim for the "right side" of the back of the neck. since you are coming at an arc you will sever the cord.

useless post #7856791

I see what you're saying. I'll probably post back when I do the deed, it'll still take a while for me to do it. First I need to figure out a few more logistics.

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Should I leave the knife there and just flee? Bring with? I will wear leather gloves, will have everything ready to be bagged; once I'm safe I'll take my clothing and hide them somewhere it won't be found guaranteed.

Do it in one of those plastic painting/hvac outfits that you can take off so you don't leave a blood trail. Also buy all the shit you need > 1 year in advance, and not within two months of each other. Make sure you have a sure fire way to destroy any evidence you can not clean. The suit for example, have on standby a way to destroy it and a reason to have had so much of the destroyed material. Also leave any connected devices at home, preferebly doing something. Have one play spotify or w/e it is and then look back at the play list from when you were gone to recount what music you were totally listening to in your apartment.
Also, don't tell anyone.
t. I've done this multiple times. The knife/garrote thing is a terrible idea, too easy to get caught, too much to clean up, and you may get overpowered.

Additionally for everything you buy and use in the crime, have a reason to have used it AND ACTUALLY USE IT. Put some wear into it, break it out of it's case and seal.

You wouldn't believe how often people do my first post, then get caught because they never opened the shit until the day of and still had the case and packaged in the trash.

What weapon would you expect one to use then? I'm just going to stick to the knife idea for now until I can think of anything better. I won't deviate from the plan once set. Already got my escapes covered.

Also, unless there are black suits, that's out of the question. Black hoodie, black shoes, and black pants. My knife will have a place I can conceal in to safely run with.

I don't have the ability to procure a gun with a silencer or any gun in general.

twas but a joke

never leave the tool. that is disposed far away in a recycle bin

test the goodwill shoes beforehand for fit and noise. no squeakers! also, use cable ties for shoestrings, 3 will do on each shoe

Definitely, I didn't think about that. This knife is really really sharp, I'm wondering if there is ever too much force I'm using?

Buy a set of clothes from Goodwill or Salvation Army. Do not wash them. Practice with your weapon, you're first kill is going to be messy if you're prone to adrenaline rushes. Knowing his schedule is one thing, know the area you do it in (cameras, autistic kid staring out of window, etc.). Wear make up/fake facial hair/wig. Have an area you can run off to where there are no wandering eyes so you can slip into a different outfit/appearance. Ditch the murder weapon after cleaning it thoroughly, remember investigators will still sift through the victim's past. You may still be approached by police regardless, you can tell them to fuck off or give them a polite "Oh he was kinda of a good guy idk who would do this to him" bullshit.
Good Hunting user

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Strangle him to death with a cable for a computer or something. If you splatter blood everywhere it's going to increase the likelyhood that you can be linked to the crime. Less gore. Less Notoriety.
You could also take a 1x4 and nail another piece off wood to it, then hit him with one clean stike on the neck or clavical area. Break his neck, but don't actually physically touch him with your hands and try not to spill any blood.

You can burn the makeshift club to ash later.

in the moment you will use maximal force. it is what it is but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. there is no such thing as too sharp ofc, it needs to be as close to scalpel as possible.

go to sleep kid. This discussion is for adults

*teleports behind you*
*slits ur throat*

This is great advice so far. I am definitely going to buy a wig - should it be the same color as my own? I keep myself clean and my haircut is short. I was going to bring one of those hats to keep my hair in tho.

They will definitely talk to me; I won't have anything to say, definitely not something positive cause of the past. There was no fall out between him and I, in fact he doesn't know I exist. He probably knows I'm crazy, but for some reason still hasn't moved out.

What I already plan on doing is having some clothing sealed and another bag I can just toss everything in. All clothing will be easy put on and off. Have been preparing some things for about 6 months now and my plan will start one of these days.

I am going to get one last update on his schedule then start it.

hide the fucking body

Too much work, cameras will catch me.


If you break his clavical with a bit of wood he will go down, then you need to crush his throat and neck and leave quickly. Have a bonfire at a later date and dispose of your club

If you are using a knife don't slice it along the neck.
instead stab it in the jugular and punch out(if you are behind or to the side) or directly in the windpipe just above the clavicle.
This will kill them quickly and quietly while making sure that they can't be saved once you pull the knife.
It is also what old military manuals and really old vets recommend.
I would practice before hand with a training partner, just don't tell them the details of the crime, make up some excuse or something.

Be sure to get rid of the murder weapon and have a alibi. Yeah duh but you would be surprised how many people get convicted because of this.

Lastly scout the location before hand if possible.

Best of luck, hope it is worth it.

You have never heard of saps have you?

You should just become a faggot… actually you already are a faggot so that's good. Now go find some other faggot and lure them home. Kill them with the same "rope trick" that homo retard John Wayne Gacy did. After they are dead and you have masturbated your 2in dick you bury them in your crawl space. Gacy got away with that for about 20 years and managed to cram about 30 people or so into his crawl space.


Don't say anything to them without a lawyer.
Keep your fucking mouth shut.

OP make sure you use a highgrade sharpening stone so that you can easily slice through the skin, muscle, and fat so that you aren't sitting there trying to cut through his throat with a dull blade meant for cutting up a soft piece of meat. What I mean is in this video, , even with a machete it takes a long time to cut the throat since it's dull, since you want to make a quick escape make sure the knife is sharp and you go for the arteries. Given he probably won't die of bloodloss unless you are in bumfuck no where or manage to get in an empty urban area where people won't come by for a couple hours, probably 3 at most if you make a clean cut on the arteries and don't fuck up. I wish you the best of luck with this, also it might take a bit longer since he is drunk, or it might be faster, I don't know what happens when it comes to that.

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For an alibi, I can trust my brother once the deed is done. He's only going to try and talk me out of it beforehand. What's the best way of having an alibi to begin with? Sneak out at night after your family knows you went to bed?

Impractical, especially on someone moving and fighting back.
Concussing them with blunt force trauma to the head is far more likely to work.

(source, someone who has actually knocked dozens of mother fuckers out both in work and as part of my hobby)

Realistically I'd like to have nobody know about it. That would be best. A very good buddie of mine has gotten me some supplies in various locations since he travels the state, paid in cash.

I'm not going to fight him head-on. Even if I did I would win. My main goal is to stab, ensure kill, then leave quickly.

I know the location like the back of my hand. What's a good chemical to quickly wipe away blood from any parts I touch? Bleach? I might get blood somewhere important, that's where I'll need to wipe it away. But doesn't bleach come out the same as blood in certain light tests?

My mother actually has a heart condition that makes living very painful for her. Dying in her sleep would be doing her a favor, as she wouldn't feel the intense pain.
Which is why I'm replying to this post.

Blunt force trama to the head is still a better bet then what is esenctially a pressure point thechniecq with all the problems that those bring.
You are probably new to stuff like this, it will be hard enough trying to hit dudes head at full force with the element of suprise accretly. Hitting a half inch portion of the back of the neck, often coverver or obscured by clothing of body position, at full force, in one shot is unrealistic and totally impractical.
With the head shot, even if you slightly fuck up the angle or force and don't knock them completely out, they are still stunned and you can (and should) quickly follow up with another hard full force blow (and another and another until they are down and stay down).
You fuck up the spine shot and they will be pissed and fully ready to fight on equal footing.

Then again if you just want to stab him and be done with it then why the fuck are you trying to knock him out or use blunt force. Just stab him directly in the neck and be done with it.
Don't slice, don't stab in the body or head, or spine, or whatever, stab right in the side or front of the neck with a 4+ inch blade or spike.
If you want to make really sure then twist the thing before you pull it out or stab a second time once he is down directly to the big arteries.

I can agree with this; ran a bunch of situations in my head based on the environment I chose. I do not want noise.

Thought about a blunt object, but noise. Best thing is neck. My handeye coordination isn't bad. If I get lucky I can do two stabs, but it seems I'll only easily be able to get the side neck where the jugular is at best based on the my hiding angle.

I'm also going to have something to draw his attention of course, either through environment or a thing of my own to hide potential audible steps.

shit i've been up all day working, might go to sleep later.

I appreciate the advice, will mull it over. Took screenshots as need so I can recall.
No worries, my drive is encrypted. They will never have any evidence, this post has been generic thus far.

I should probably avoid attacking him in any place I used to frequent back when he and I were acquaintances, right?

OP you are a dumb nigger faggot you are going to get caught you have motive you might as well just kill yourself instead


No, I won't. This kid is hated by a lot of people.

Police have to prove I was in the area and from there they have to tie me in somehow. Sure, they'll have a motive, try to link both, but I don't really expect them to with the lack of evidence there will be.

Depends on the situation and how you plan works out but yeah, probably a better idea if you can manage it.
The less connecting you two and the crime the better.

it ok user. all posts here are useless. yours just took the cake

in an operation like that, you don't have anyhting to do other than not getting caught, dumbass
once you will be out of the general area, you will have to go back to the place without cameras where you will take back the phone that you did not turn off