Give me one reason why I shouldn't splatter my brains all over my computer monitor

Give me one reason why I shouldn't splatter my brains all over my computer monitor.

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it might ruin the monitor?

cause ur QT3.14, if you do do it stream it though

Valid point.

Thanks, I'll keep that in mind.

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What he said. Liquids have a propensity to leak and create dead pixels. Put a plastic bag over the screen before you do it, at least.

this. it would reduce the resale value. your family would be pissed. do you have any idea how much it costs to clean up a shotgun suicide?
other than that, godspeed and good riddance. please be careful not to hurt ur mom. it'd make a whole lot of niggers angry

Why would I hurt anyone else? I not the type to take my aggressions out on others/society. I personally think they are the worst type of people.

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Igor, how many times do I have to tell you not to touch the brains unless I tell you to?

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You haven't shown us your tits yet.
And wipe that shit off your face, you look like a fucking racoon.

are you gonna show your shaved boipucci or what? at least make your life valuable to internet creeps before you off yourself,

why would you even kill yourself? what has possibly gone so wrong?


demands your auto-sacrificium say Poppy three times and do it faggot

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I see a bra strap there

My life is just shite. It's not a forsure yet, I'm getting there tho. I just finally realized that this is all just a charade, and what happens here really has no bearing on anything. I want to move on. I have no friends anymore, I am not near as active as I used to be, I suck at games the one thing that used to bring me joy, am certified firefighter that has 2 DUIs, also CIS bachelors, and can't find job because of criminal history. It's bad.

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Delete your brain.

end it

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Also, my best friend in the world and really the only person who really understood me, died last year, and life is incredibly difficult without him.

Because you are going to contribute to the gun grabber narrative. Neck yoursslf instead or jump off a tall building

I'm banned, I don't post there any longer, just lurk for the occasional quality post.

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An hero, join OP

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Actually, I stand for the complete opposite. I own two guns. A M1 Garand, and a .45 ACP Derringer. Don't judge a book by it's cover.

kys and leave a note saying Hotwheels raped you.

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What about if I said David Hogg touched my feminine penis, and the trauma from it forced me to kms?

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Now that's the part that hit. It's shitty that your history prevents you from even being able to attempt to get back on your feet. If possible, try going to another country. America is fucked, and affirmative action and other bullshit prevents actual qualified people like you from getting work cuz niggers. Either way, best of luck user.

Thank you, life is pretty tough rn tbh, but I am pushing through the best I can. I have an interview for Cisco in two weeks, but I know what is going to happen. I'll get the "Thanks for applying here, but we don't think you are what we are looking for."

Even though I can code Python in my fucking sleep…..

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Drown yourself in the tub, shotguns are too messy

That sounds exceedingly uncomfortable, and unnecessary. Also it would be a .45 or 30-06.

must be hard. but dont make impulsive decision with ending yourself. as time passes the things will always change even though it certainly doesnt feel like it in a situation like that.
also even though anons are usually against anti depressants (and i find it quite odd), you should talk to psychiatrist about your situation and try to find a working medication. it will make daily life SO MUCH easier.

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It's time…

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I actually just started seeing one again for the first time in almost a year. It definitely helps, but I also don't really care for anti depressants. Lat time I was on them, I became even more suicidal. There is one I like that they don't actually prescribe tho. It's called tianeptine.

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mods can you

pls remove

the spiderman fuccboi.

you ban people so easily nowadays

so at least use it for good once.

and help keep an actually decent thread


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You care a lot because you're spamming my thread with spiderman memes. You couldn't even be original enough to flood something creative.

Thanks for the support. Spidey posters are the lowest form of channer.

i want your monitor

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It's nothing special. AOC 60 hz…Okay for what I use this PC for tho, also very lite and thin. Great for taking to LAN parties.

Also, you do realize your just bumping this every time you post right?

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KEK, not at all desu. Flattered actually.

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mods can you

pls remove

the spiderman fuccboi.

you ban people so easily nowadays

so at least use it for good once.

and help keep an actually decent thread


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whats the plug? 3rd monitor for free definitely is a good idea for me

Not OP, but I agree. Idk if my thread is "decent" but it is an honest one.

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I won't. That's not my decision, think of them by yourself.

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I'm not going to be getting rid of it, unless I truly become an hero; but it has DVI, VGA, and HDMI. It would be a great 2nd or 3rd monitor, and it's also inexpressive.

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It's great for my video editing, coding, and photoshop. It's paired with a Quadro 4000. That's really all I use this workstation for tho, besides CS:GO now and then.

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I am your daddy tho spideyboi. Show me that spideypussy.

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deep in that spidey ass

kama sutra


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fuck off

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I never said this was a forsure thing user. It is a possibility. It will probably depend on whether I get this dev job at Cisco.

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Attached: (500x368, 277.63K)

Spidey is getting a little ridiculous mods. Please just remove him from thread?

At least do it live for our amusement. Here have a flashdrive bump. Enjoy some more technological jewish garbage.

Btw, in some cultures suicide is considered honorable.

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Thanks for helping me feel a little better about this kek. It is all hinging on this interview.


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Allah Akbar!!!!!!

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Attached: dba.jpg (269x187, 10.08K)

Attached: The-Shining-Spider-Man-Meme.jpg (592x428, 83.48K)

I've accepted you spiderfaggot. You're here to stay it looks like.

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wat is this?

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spiderman is beta cuck

Attached: roids.jpg (1920x1080, 293.01K)

Nice trips. It's just an Atari 2600 game I'm working on coded in BASIC.

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Attached: did somebody say spiderman thread sorry op i had to _bd407d99ab148e5032f556c986cd3b22.jpg (500x375, 40.32K)

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one reason is not wasting your life because you are a fat little lazy twat that doesn't know shit about life.try to get special help if you are too retarded for normal life.It's not always rainbow fucking happy land, faggot

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Attached: you just started a spiderman thread _51cd049432252ba81f78eb031c5668d7.png (267x200, 264.33K)

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Do it live on youtube atleast.

Really? It isn't? I mean I didn't know that with my best friend dying at 24, getting addicted to heroin, and dealing with a mental illness or anything…

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spiderman is beta cuck.

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I just can't believe his life is so miserable, he's shitposting spiderman memes on a thread that has absolutely no bearing on his life, kek

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just do it already you attention whoring coward

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Ok I'm going to do it live. I'll do it in 15 minutes. Are you ready? I'll post link in a few minutes, just gotta clean up all the blood.

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Attached: 585.jpg (600x427, 32.36K)

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Not OP

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spiderman is beta cuck..

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Attached: c7ed4e7b44ba1a1cbeaaeaf78113709aff9e1be38905d74cf535caf2ff5033d7.jpg (458x322, 42.8K)

the jews are angry they are losing control over this board lol

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Attached: 1l75sf.jpg (444x290, 29.87K)

Attached: J1wEjvn.jpg (500x368, 34.58K)

Spidey is actually keeping this thread permabumped so it really doesn't harm anything

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Attached: engrish.jpg (480x360, 16.84K)

Attached: 9eNzwOK.jpg (484x357, 22.16K)

Yes! My favorite.

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Attached: Fuck-Your-Hockey-Game-Funny-Caption.jpg (500x375, 32.89K)

what is this thread about?

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Attached: spider-man29.jpg (242x202, 13.97K)

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Attached: lAFSJ8H.jpg (640x480, 38.51K)

Attached: h2V5wyt.png (492x345, 340.48K)

It was originally about reasons why I should't put a bullet through my brain, but now it appears to be about shitty spiderman memes

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Attached: 930.jpg (526x540, 349.34K)

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Attached: RqFehpk.jpg (490x370, 25.64K)

Attached: gallery_27232_349_12925.jpg (500x358, 44.7K)

when will you do it

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If I don't get this job at Cisco after my interview.

Attached: BAprUt7.jpg (782x513, 49.42K)

Sounds pretty jewy to me..

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No matter what happens there is no reason to kill yourself.I had a shit time too and almost was homeless or dealing with a dead parent for example."Just" Move on what is even the point of living if you aren't even trying to fix anything?

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In some cultures suicide is honorable.

Attached: You will now start a spiderman thread _30b22992caeba62f753a4105461431c6.jpg (300x200, 10.57K)

I am trying, but this job really is like my last true opportunity to make something with my life, that I'll atleast enjoy.

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Rather not live miserably for my remaining 50 years…if I'd be lucky enough to live that long

Attached: aCgadD1.png (396x350, 148.01K)

Should I bring the popcorn or what? Is it happening yet Holla Forums ?

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Attached: 24c.jpg (680x421, 55.18K)

Attached: b78.jpg (291x378, 25.43K)

Attached: 5kwIyG7.png (792x528, 945.29K)

Nothing is happening yet. I wouldn't do the deed until two weeks from now, when I am denied this job because of my criminal record.

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That is rly sad

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imagine the smell..

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She is QT

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is this a bait or what

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I made a machine learning script that automatically detects spiderman images and filters them directly in the DOM.

lol at the niggerkikefaggot wasting his time


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Pathetic losers amirite?

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Attached: 60s-spider-man-meme-ask-her-if-she-likes-me-but-dont-say-it-was-me.jpg (622x491, 119.07K)

so whats your point?Live isn't always easy

either a underage weeb trap fag that means that unironically or bait

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Are you a guy or a girl….?

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Attached: images.jpg (225x225, 5.45K)

Also def not underage. 26 years old. I was banned from halfchan for posting this picture unedited with a guess your age (it said 14) because the mods are faggots.

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I kind of want this figurine…

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Attached: thatll-teach-those-orphans.jpg (400x298, 48.4K)

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What program is that??

Attached: 60s-spiderman-meme-pay-the-spiderman.jpg (500x338, 42.07K)

Attached: 240_F_79262695_Q4V9o9w0WiOfLmBZXord9YC2fXll0FHG.jpg (360x240, 20.55K)

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Cash, gas, or ass?


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Attached: 6853090857.jpeg (500x375, 57.34K)

Unreal engin, its my own custom build of their source

Attached: abe.png (482x357, 152.6K)

I've been wanting to work with that. I've been doing my modern work through Source, and have been needing something more up to date. What does it cost? Where to buy?

Attached: spidey5-640x447.jpg (640x429, 83.58K)

is free

I rly wouldn't mind having one more mod in my portfolio before this interview.

Rly????? I'm going to have to download it now.
only pay 15% royalty on games you make cash on

No shit. I probably won't even release what I make. It will be strictly for my portfolio. How difficult would you say it is to transition from Source to UE4???

get the source code from github
and build with VS, because note pad ++ is nice but will not have custom support

so its all the same, unity ue4 cry
what lang is source, a custom lang?

Yeah, I use VS normally so I have that atleast.

spider man?

He'd ded. I killed him.


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Attached: fresh-60s-spiderman-meme-the-floor-is-lava-60s-spider-man-know-your-meme-60s-spiderman-meme.png (479x349, 265.38K)

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Attached: 60s-spider-man-meme-hurry-up-shit.jpg (500x400, 131.84K)

Attached: S6oF94u.jpg.png (492x372, 260K)

NOOOOO he's been resurrected by the dragon balls

Attached: jugglingballs.gif (320x240, 284.96K)

Attached: The-Floor-Is-Lava.jpg (800x586, 54.01K)

Attached: 64db99f4b1c1374966767f3711194ac227aa2186f2594c6a41fc26c529142724.jpg (625x466, 49.1K)

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Attached: new-spiderman-60s-meme-60s-spiderman-meme-collection-spiderman-60s-meme.jpg (400x274, 25.12K)

Attached: tumblr_m719kaASAn1rwniqvo1_250.png (250x170, 62.34K)

never thaught id kek to this shit

Attached: images2.jpg (262x192, 7.79K)

Attached: 141tfur.jpg (477x357, 14.91K)

This thread was actually starting to return to normal…You had to briingg him up eh?

Attached: 133590-memes-60s-spider-man-meme-6.jpg (480x359, 17.08K)

Attached: ideal-60s-spiderman-memes-60-s-spider-man-meme-29-memes-picture-60s-spiderman-memes.jpg (360x270, 22.61K)

Attached: ef06a99c536b81d38a2714b308a9ec3e--spider-meme-funny-spider.jpg (564x310, 21.24K)

Attached: spider-man-meme-chair.jpg (500x446, 35.38K)

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Attached: yqaUt.jpg (500x340, 33.76K)

Attached: __asatsuki_and_konpaku_youmu_cookie_touhou_and_touhou_drawn_by_sorry_carl__e5b2cb08222dc8373a09ed06f74e8057.gif (1244x700, 8.09M)

Attached: spider-man-meme-vag_zps8117bade.jpg (483x331, 34.76K)

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Attached: Spiderman meme 1.jpg (471x341, 37.53K)

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Attached: 60s-spiderman_o_750262.jpg (360x276, 23.26K)

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Attached: (415x361, 33.03K)

Attached: 4Tqji.png (536x400, 218.34K)

Thanks, kek, atleast one good thing came out of spidey

Attached: best-1960-spiderman-meme-60s-spider-man-meme-geek-pinterest-1960-spiderman-meme.jpg (400x341, 24.97K)

Attached: 60s_spiderman_memes_14_by_karma45-dba9qro.jpg (502x350, 22.8K)

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Attached: 1-16.jpeg (544x400, 38.99K)

Attached: 60s_spiderman_memes_6_by_karma45-dba5s79.jpg (836x956, 126.52K)

Attached: 60s-Spider-Man-Meme-Walks-Into-A-Hipster-Bar.jpg (500x283, 34.8K)

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Attached: 60s-spiderman-meme-kart-th.jpg~c200.jpg (200x200, 10.46K)

Attached: 60s_spider_man__chicken_spongebob_by_vinceonastick-dbaqxwv.jpg (400x295, 29.3K)

Attached: 60s_spiderman_memes_9_by_karma45-dba5sj7.jpg (462x350, 24.39K)

Attached: five90.tumblr.png (400x300, 81.91K)

Attached: 60s-spiderman-kill.jpg (500x375, 37.73K)

I approve of this meme

Attached: 60s-spiderman-stop-crying-billy.jpg (405x296, 38.66K)

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Attached: 60s_spiderman_memes_5_by_karma45-dba5s69.jpg (1024x568, 78.32K)

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Attached: images.jpg (262x192, 8.06K)

Attached: tumblr_lu017fACAz1qg3a0n.jpg (442x330, 28K)

Attached: 60s-spider-man-meme-lizard-stop-it-that-tickles.jpg (483x369, 75.04K)

Attached: spider-meme-8.jpg (500x380, 74.94K)

Either do it or don't,you creating a thread 2 weeks before the deed suposedly,makes me suspect you don't reeeaaaallly wanna do it,but life and future prospects are so shit atm you feel like it'd be better to just get it over it,but fuck i'm no shrink i could be projecting for all i know.
Either way,if you don't end up doing it,and wanna get out of that mindset,personal tips are NO PILLS,none of that BS,if you really have to,no more then low doses for a couple of weeks at best,but it'd be better with none at all,you don't want to become a slave to a box of overpriced candy,now that's a good reason to off yourself indeed.
Working out helps a bunch,aswell as doing shit you've put off doing ,be selfish,do shit you want to because you can,mileage may vary.
Just keep in mind that nothing is nothing,it's not better or worse,because for it to be,you'd need some sort of state of existance and death is non existance for all intent and purposes.
Anyway good luck with your interview OP
You faggots have more of a reason to an hero then OP.

Attached: 785ec5cde1442a70f5373d96604bdcb2dce85bb8a0d7ec346f4dcc7a8887e9a9.jpg (500x356, 55.23K)

Epic thread

Thanks user. I appreciate the true thoughtful response. I mean deep down I really don't want to do this, because of my family. I have already put them through enough, but I really don't have much to live for anymore. Like I said my absolute best friend in the world died last January and life has "changed" in a way since he left. I remember spending countless days at his house since I was a kid, gaming, raiding, ddosing, and even going to local pools irl and posting the "Pool's Closed" meme. I'll never meet another soul like his. He was my twin flame, in a totally not gay way. I just always find myself yearning for the past, and not looking towards the future. I feel like if I left there would be a "relief" of all this worldly bullshit…but then again what if it is nothing?

Attached: model1.jpg (275x183, 5.75K)

I also played hockey with him since we were 4 (from great lakes region), I was the starting goalie, and he was my backup, so we always shared that special bond as well…Whenever I think about him I really just want to curl into a ball, and just lay there emotionless. I will never see him again…

Attached: justdiealready.png (500x325, 83.37K)

Go to china and become a factory worker.

As far as I know usually a US citizen isn't allowed to move to China under most circumstances. Also, no, just no. I want my suffering to be relieved, not worsened.

Attached: SpikeWithACiggy.jpg (1920x1080, 59.14K)

Just being sincere,don't get me wrong if you're gonna do it at least livestream it for us b4hand,but like i said you don't seem to be at the deep end yet,you're just staring at it and don't want to end up there so you'd rather make damn sure you don't,i can relate.
But user you're waddling through the sludge that is getting a fucking job,and on top you basically just lost a brother you were really close to,life is shit for ya atm i can believe that,but the pain will lessen,and who knows you might find a job you like or you'll have to settle like most of us,what i'm trying to say is,yeah i can believe you want out right now,but you might not in a couple of months or even next week,if you don't get the job,fuck it,try to take care of yourself and get your shit together before you make any permanent decisions.
I spy with my little eye,you blaming yourself,common theme in depression,you talked to someone after your friend bit the dust?I think that might be hitting you harder then you imagine,again,you reaching out and everything else gives off the impression that you need/want to talk to someone/not feel like you do right now,try to fix that first,or don't.
I'd rather you not tbh,why?
Misery loves company.

I don't know anyone from before I was 17.
The ones I do know I haven't seen in years.
As you move through life you realise that moving forwards is the best thing you can do.
Find new things and people in life, change your life completely.
Those are your extra-lives, the ability to do what you want to do. Move to a new city, retrain, volunteer for some months, volunteer abroad for six months.
Work on farms, learn skills.
Train as a carpenter, become self employed, be one of the few honest tradesmen.
Help people out.
Build a house in the woods.
Find a beach in south America and build a shack there, live there.
You can really do anything, just try it and stop thinking and stop worrying.
If your life seems miserable, it is usually because you are thinking too much, especially about the past, or comparing how you thought your life would be to how it is currently.
In that case, surprise yourself, so some thing positive that you never expected to do, or never thought of.
If it sucks after a year, do something else.
Move around, talk to people you would never have met otherwise.
Don't kill yourself, just kill your old life, and make a new one.

Attached: doit.jpg (1200x1200, 112.34K)

Actions, habits, routines and behaviour is what will lift you up. Through hard work and positive action you will over time climb your way out of this.
Someone on halfchan said some years ago, "fight against depression like you would fight against someone trying to take your life".
It really does require that.
Once you start, every day becomes easier, you become stronger.
If you slip a little and lose some ground, then you double your efforts and think of ways around each and every obstacle, ploughing forwards no matter whether it is slow or fast, hard or easy. Always forwards.

As for your friend, who knows him better than you.
You can carry all those stories of him with you for your whole life, share them with new friends, with your children or grandchildren in the future, or maybe his family and their descendents.

Thanks to all you guys. I really do appreciate it. The user that said, "I'm not quite in the deep end yet, but I'm staring at it," is completely right. I'm not quite there, but I've been beaten down so much in my life, I pretty much just expect failure from myself. I really don't expect to get this job, I'm a right wing, gender fluid guy, with two DUIs…Not exactly everyone's cup of tea. Even though I really know what I'm doing, I'm sure they'll take some young kid fresh out of Michigan, Wisconsin, or Michigan State with no fuck ups in his past. This whole thing is really hinging on whether I get this job or not. I've already been turned down by 3 major fortune 500 companies…and Cisco will probably be the fourth…I went to college for 7 years total, with the Fire Fighting / HAZMAT certification, and I still work for 13 dollars an hour as a fucking sous chef while living in my studio apartment with zero friends…

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Follow my advice and go somewhere new where you'll be appreciated.
If you have no friends there, you'll probably find it easier to meet people in a new place.
Same with the work.
Don't think about negatives or downsides, force yourself to consider the positives.
Make contingency plans, like "if I don't have this job, then I'll try for one at this other place"
or "I'll move to a new state/country and try it there for at least six months if not a year. longer if I like it".
Then in a new place, or where you are now, then join a new activity/hobby/sport group that is social.
Hiking, fire prevention team for the forests, more summer work but good in that region.
Dance class/club, start learning a language and join a language club to practise it at least once a week.
Anything like that, choose something and stick with it. You'll enjoy it more over time and you'll feel more comfortable, be able to show new people the ropes and make friends.
Keep life simple dude, don't see everything as a failure, see it as an opportunity.

Also, if major companies are turning you down, aim lower but in a similar or the same field.
Gain experience and do your job well. Then in a few years you will be sought after by bigger companies and you can be the one choosing.

I've never tried it myself, but I always say that I would sooner become homeless and walk from coast to coast before I off myself. Nothing left to lose, right? Just get your affairs slightly in order and then grab some supplies and head out. Probably a good idea to have a route at least partially planned, though - you need places to eat, wash yourself, and to hop on public library computers to update your route and check the weather, etc.

Live through your own little homeric epic and then you can off yourself knowing that you did something grand.

Don't off yourself, cool cat.

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do a flip fagget

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Can't really say a reason you shouldn't, but I'll tell you why I don't. I wake up, take several painkillers, meet people at university, and bury all the unwanted thoughts behind drugs and terrorist jokes. After a while you begin to push down all thoughts and life becomes easier. Doesn't make sense to give up when things seem hard now. You and I both know life hasn't always been hard. There will be both good and bad times. But, do whatever. I'm too high to care whether some internet user pretends to kill themselves.

Been there, done that. It will catch up to you user. I hope you're ready for when it does.

Also, thanks to everyone else trying to keep me on earth. It's appreciated. I need a big change in some way shape or form. Whether that's this job, offing myself, or moving somewhere no one has any idea of who I am.

Just keep trying. It took me almost 4 years to find a decent developer job. They're out there.

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I didn't see this with all the spider memes everywhere. I am a guy.

Don't do it OP. Ur cute and seem cool. I'd love to have you in our IT department. An opportunity will come your way eventually. Just keep working towards your goal.