This is enough to get you banned for 2 weeks

Not even on 4chan I would get banned for something like that.
You people have gone mad.

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so now you CAN get banned for words even

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Anything can be technically dost or bannable nowadays, because as dysnomia said:
"I think it's (Holla Forums) quite balanced right now. Anons do what they want whatever they feel like it, and mods do as well" (03/11/18).
So, if mod feels like something is dost or bannable, it just is.
Because there are no rules for mods, what the rules are for anons varies from mod to mod and from moment to moment. They aren't written down because to do so would imply that there are rules for mods, and there aren't. There are only rules for anons, and they are arbitrary and ever-changing… In other words… there are rules, but there aren't rules, but sometimes there are, but they aren't written.


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Yes, make a joke post advertising sex for 1 dollar. You will be permanently and globally banned.

that's nothing compared to this

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Brilliant thread OP, good job. Engaging, interesting, lots of OC, very thought-provoking too.



OP IS BAN EVADING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's nothing.

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you got banned for that? wow, mods here have gotten as cancerous as 4chan if that's true

hex is based, blessed, and best mod

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off by 1. what a shame tbh


you took my get hex, i am disappoint

yesterday part 2?

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hey hex :) How was work today?

im not real hex. is

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I once joked I was a CP producer and got banned for 4 weeks. Mods are cucks who can't take a joke tbh

Sunday and Monday are my days off tbh. Today all I've done is read, and buy some more garments i'm gonna be broke forever if i don't stop spending money. Tomorrow I get to pick up my shotgun after work hopefully, and I'll pay the ffl fee and tax.

It is clearly you who cannot take a mod joke.




Try not to spend it all on this place tbh

I don't know about where you are, but getting a shotgun or rifle is actually easier here than getting a handgun, which requires extra paperwork and fees

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no i am the real hex

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I ordered it online so there's an ffl transfer fee. Then there's one form I have to fill out too. Nothing major though.

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No this is the real Hex!

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except 4chan mods are cancerous jews and should be into the oven

mentions a jew and gets permaban.

fuck this gay earth

Implying bans mean jack shit here.

Check up, bitches.
I got b& so that a mod could ask me what game my pic was capped from. Couldn't ask me in the thread, had to ask me via the ban page. (pic related)

This is not 4chan. This is 8ch. You will get b& for nothing here, because that is how retarded it is. But bans don't mean a fucking thing, so it isn't a big deal beyond the mods demonstrating for everyone just how pathetic even they think this board is.

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Shut the fuck up sudocuck.

So you got banned for being a faggot, and then nailed it home by bitching about it?
a stack of keks

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Holy shit this is gold

jews are nuisance

He's not kidding, Trump will likely sign that law in. It passed Congress 97-2