Is slutshaming against the law now? All these shame boards have been delete + more:

Is slutshaming against the law now? All these shame boards have been delete + more:

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Not yet, but those boards generated a lot of copyright DMCA takedowns but women who were shamed.


Yes, any posts that disrespects women or outs closeted gay men will be removed and reported to the FBI.

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the boards will keep a record of all dirty sluts

they will not be pardoned when they become grannies and hit the wall before 30

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Sad. Free speech is done, the SJWs have won

Wow why are these boards being deleted? Wtf?

Which mod deleted them?

Jim/Codemonkey deleted them.

Those boards weren't very nice. It was mostly revenge porn posted by butthurt exboyfriends or stolen photos from iCloud/photobucket hacks.

So? I didn't like them either, but Holla Forums is supposed to be free-speech oriented with minimal moderation

A lot of them were nudes posted publicly. The women just decided to try to scrub them from the internet.

And no one hacks photobucket. It's usually photos that were forgot to be set private.

Codemonkey is overreacting to FOSTA 'it's the end of the internet as we know it' shit.

FOSTA is limited to sex trafficking/prostitution advertisements and meant to target sites like backpage. It only applies if the site knowingly allows prostitution ads to be posted.

Whatever revenge law porns are in the state/country of the OP would only apply to poster. 47 U.S.C. § 230. still protects Holla Forums from responsibility. They only need to respond to DMCA takedowns.

California has a “Revenge Porn” law codified as Penal Code 647(j)(4). This law makes revenge porn a misdemeanor. The punishment is six months in jail and a $1,000 fine

To prove this crime, the criminal prosecutor must show that the defendant:

(1) took pictures or videos of another person’s intimate body parts, with the mutual understanding that such images will be kept confidential;

(2) distributes such images, where the victim is identifiable;

(3) has the intent to cause serious emotional distress to the victim; and,

(4) the victim actually suffers such distress.

Revenge porn and stolden nude photos are both illegal.

Never really understood the appeal of revenge porn, you're essentially watching someone else enjoy someone that you will never get the chance to. Seems pretty fucking stupid to me, I'd rather fuck the girl than watch someone else do it.

No they are not. In some US states, revenge porn is illegal but it's limited to person who posted them in the first place. Websites don't have to verify all porn pictures were 100% revenge free.


How long until the deepfakes and celebrity nude boards are deleted too? I

Yes, illegal, actually.
You should read the law more.
Go to (4)(A) here:

It's not illegal in my state, that california law is very limited and Holla Forums is still protected pursuant to 47 U.S.C. § 230.

No it isn't. Stop posting before you issue your first middle school class of the day.

I just googled this, the first 2 results.

Until there is a federal revenge porn law, Holla Forums isn't liable for hosting it. They just have to take it down when they get DMCA from the victims.

Though some states have passed laws prohibiting either the production or distribution of nonconsensual pornography, there is no federal law regarding this content. The Communications Decency Act, a federal law passed in 1996 regulating pornography on the internet, protects websites and service providers from liability for content posted by users that they are not co-creators of. According to Section 230 of the Act, operators of internet services and websites are not considered publishers of content their users post. As such, websites and service providers have no legal obligation to remove nonconsensual pornography unless it otherwise violates copyright or federal criminal laws.

remind me again how they are supposed to be my equal?

Gay Shame was deleted too.

ITT: people who don't understand how free speech works

It doesn't matter if it's not illegal in your state. To Holla Forums, which is hosted in California, it matters because 1) state law; 2) FOSTA ("and for other purposes" might be construed as covering revenge porn by a court).

If Revenge Porn is covered under FOSTA, the state revenge porn law would apply to Holla Forums (since it's hosted there). Codemonkey probably delted them out of caution. Otherwise only federal law would matter for UCG.

But FOSTA is limited to sex trafficking and prostitution. Section 230 protections are only stripped away for prostitution advertisements if the website operators "promote or facilitate the prostitution of another person"

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1) Even if Holla Forums is hosted in california, Section 230 protects hosts from user generated content. Websites only need to remove content if violates copyright or federal criminal laws. State law doesn't matter, even if it is hosted in the state. It's been a fedeal law since 1996.

2) FOSTA doesn't apply to revenge porn. The revised bill that passed is even more limited than the one talked about for months.

"and for other purposes" is a summary of the bill. "promote or facilitate the prostitution of another person" is the relevant part.

So that's why >>>/sexwork/, >>>/hookers/ and >>>/p4p/ were also deleted.

Those are the only ones that needed to be deleted. But I suspect Jim already knew that and was just tired of dealing with DMCA takedowns.

Trump hasn't even signed the law yet. He might veto it anyway.

Shit, why risk it?
10-25 in jail, plus legal fees and compensation to victims over what? Pedos, revenge porn and hookers?

I'm pretty sure he'll sign it based on Ivanka's reaction. Sure, the father is not the daughter, but…

Revenge Porn will probably be federally illegal in a year or two anyway. A bill has already been introduced to congress (hasn't gone anywhere yet). All the hysteria around non-consensual porn, deepfakes and creepshots will make it even more likely of becoming a federal law. It's inevitable. Might as well delete the boards.

Jim is weird about DMCA. When Josh was making Infinity Next, he was going to allow mp3/ogg uploads but Jim wrote an all caps posts like "UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL WE ALLOW MP3S ON Holla Forums"

I know a guy who is taking this law and abusing parts of it now. Basically hes dating trustfund women and when they try to break up with him he sues them. He has multiple women on the side pitting against each other. I was wondering why he was getting away with this and the courts would do nothing about it. Now I know, this shit law works both ways.

Will this kill dating sites and tinder?

Jim has never let the lack of a law slow him down

A lot of dating sites are done through private messaging, so the site operators wouldn't knowingly allow prostitution to happen.

It hit sites with public advertisements like Craigslist/Backpage the most. The law was made because they tried to prosecute the backpage owners and failed because of 47 U.S.C. § 230.

Pedo Boards, even if 100% legal, causes all kinds of issues.

It's harder to get advertisements, issues with your hosts acceptable use policies, DNS blacklist issues, search engine blacklisting, negative press, etc. Host that don't want to be associated with pedoshit will kick you off and you have to look for a new host, migrate everything and repeat a few months later. And you get A LOT of lurkers, scared pedophiles who are to afraid to post, so they just leech bandwidth.

And user growth, people are afraid to use sites that allow pedophiles to freely post. No one wants to be associated with that.

The DOJ told congress before they passed it that FOSTA would make it more difficult to catch sex traffickers, so he might veto it on DOJ advice.

>>>/waifuist/ must go.


Wait, they were deleted?
Woah, epic.

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And how exactly does this censorship prevent human trafficking?

It doesn't. If you add "in order to protect the children" at the end of any statement and keep a straight face while doing it, normies will let you do anything.

Who said anything about pedo boards? I'm talking about his hamhanded moderation. Highlights include permabanning people for disagreeing with him. Which US law makes it illegal to disagree with a dumb fucking oaf?

He's also too much of a coward to post with his own name, even though he is the site owner making decisions that affect everyone. So he anonymously posts his illogical, asinine arguments in threads like this.

If that were true Holla Forums would have seen a traffic increase after /hebe/ was deleted. Holla Forums would have seen a traffic increase after lowcard quit. In fact nether happened. Holla Forums is circling the drain at this point. Deleting more and more boards – that aren't even pedo-related – isn't going to increase traffic either. Arbitrary mass deletions make Holla Forums less appealing, not more. It makes the front page "free speech" mission statement a pathetic joke.

Are you willing to pay attorney fees and the fines for Holla Forums not respecting DMCA takedowns? There's no absolute free speech anywhere these days, sometimes you have to choose which battles you'll fight

Time to bail cuckchan 2.0: mason boogaloo

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To where? We escaped halfchan barely a half decade ago

I've heard Endchan is inviting everyone from the banned boards to join them, you should check it out.

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Wow why are these boards being deleted? Wtf?

Which mod deleted them?

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