ITT we discuss race in the USA

ITT we discuss race in the USA

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The population of both blacks and European whites are stagnating in the same exact way. So its not like niggers are taking over. Just Mexicans and Chinks

and in reality niggy jamal is getting the job because of affirmative action

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Race is not the issue, it is class

blacks are substitutes for the lower classes, whites, the middle, jews and Asians, higher.

look at how blacks are described, lazy, dangerous…. this is how the lower classes are described in my country, but there is not many blacks so it is said about poor people, not about race. You can see it when people talk about stuff as well, they'll say that insurance and financing are white people jobs, but it is not race, it is social standing.

race has been substituted for class because it makes America uncomfortable to talk about real issues, they would rather pretend like neoliberalism will solve all their problems, or they will just ignore them. think about it.

Nobody cares about your opinions Holla Forums. Identity is not a spook. And nobody is willing to throw away their identity in the name of socialism. So stop trying

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u clearly never read or understood what I was trying to say, racism is a symptom of capitalism, not some justifiable cause, and America needs to get its shit together one way or another.

Racism is a symptom of identity. We had racism before we had capitalism

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Socialism will protect my country from the US Empire. The communist party is our only hope. The only party which has in their political program clearly stated to abandon both EU and NATO…and it's not since now, it's been there for decades.

racism is cause by people being part of different genetic populations, and the racism itself is cause immune sensitivity
it is kind of like the human immune system, sometimes it goes ape shit in the presence of something harmless causing annoying allergies, other times it keeps you safe from shit that can hurt you, or make you worse
racism is immunity response of genetic populations

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im guessing you're American

you are a dipshit racist, sort yourself out.

ok..i accept, but you have to understand that i don't want to share my city ith 6 fucking mcdonald's, i don't want to listen to the latest Taylow Swift music everywhere i go and i dont want to to listen to tmy fellow country men using expressions such as "oh my god" in the middle of setences like they're fucking americans.
The commuist party will save my country from americanism, which is a desease that promotes faggotry and severe retardation

Americanisation has another name
personally, im fine with the cultural influences, since I watch American shows, but their political philosophy will destroy Europe if implemented, and unfortunately, it seems to be heading that way. Too many alt-right youtubers.

define alt-right please

white nationalism
crypto-fascist libertarian sophistry

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compelling arguments, with well thought out line of logic
while there are clear differences between the races, a $500 bottle of wine is going to be better then a $20 one, no matter where the wine came from
I do hate niggers, but again I hate everyone, so…
this kind of thinking "we are all just humans, man" is stupid and dangerous, because it either leads to stagnation or dysgenics after a population gets technologically sophisticated enough to alleviate environmental pressure
we need to be getting better (more intelligent) on the genetic level if we want to progress to level of civilization greater then 1

it's human. it may be a shill, but it's not a bot
can you actually counter what he is saying?

we already have the solution to economic, social and technological problems, its called the illuminati, if we harvested their wealth and used it for good of society then we could evolve, racism is the definition of creating a problem where there is none, it is just what happens when society is designed to stagnate, this is what capitalism is, consuming junk until we die. Fight it.

not him, but…

the fact that this is a concern among people demonstrates the fact that niggers have an inherent advantage. there literally are people who only get into college because they're black.

how the fuck does someone growing up in the projects get connections? if it's through family, why did he grow up in the projects? otherwise, jamal had the same opportunity to acquire said connections.

not even once

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blacks are also a minority, so it works out. if u are a good white student, its not like they're gonna reject u for some uneducated black guy, they fill in the lower half of the table.

8ch is awash with dull minded shills. they put me off my popcorn. actively challenging their output is more effective than turning your back. it's also more fun.

literally what is your argument here? the bottom line is niggers are put in college in place of better qualified white people. whether they're a minority or not doesn't change anything.
are you this guy?

im sure that there is a certain amount of space reserved for minorities. and that everyone else operates on a meritocracy, my point is that it is not discriminating against whites directly, it is just privileging a small number of blacks, which indirectly hurts whites.

yes, we do have a solution. It is called engenics, and gene editing.
socialism coming about from stealing isn't sustainable, and leads dysgenics because you incentivize the worst of your population to breed that is big part of why niggers are terrible now in the US anyway and eventual death of your society due to 3DPD's hypergamous nature
I am not against socialism, but it needs to be built on a foundation of technology, not sand that gets more washed away over time.

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yeah exactly, im pro-technocracy as well.
but racism is something which only exists in the status quo, you will be tainting the future with your contemporary ideals.

so we're in agreement then. niggers have an unearned advantage at the expense of those who have the capacity to contribute more to society.

racism exists because it was an evolutionary benefit to be able identify with your group, so you could compete as a group for limited resources
this lines can be drawn along many things, but race is a big one

college isn't the Olympics, its not really the biggest determination for success in your life. But yeah, blacks have an advantage in this field, u wanna keep crying about it, or see things from the perspective i'm layin out, the system is fucked, so the rules are gonna be fucked up too.

racism is the crazy belief that humans are not immune to genetic drift.
If we get to the point of full genetic engineering of human embryos, maybe race won't be a thing. but until then genetics corresponds to geography.

this is the biggest fucking lie ive ever heard
im not a racist, yet I identify with a race which is distinct from others', and I recognise differences, yet I still respect peoples' civil equality and humanity, it is socially constructed, your bias, not genetic, get that bullshit out of your head, man, its ruining your ideas.

racism is discrimination, not how you described it, people have seriously been affected by racism, you don't get to just dismiss it like that, you're acting like a douche.

i bet you buy the "27 percent of college grads have a job that was closely related to their major" meme too.
Listen, kiddo. if you factor out the retarded majors that the niggers and dykes flock towards, you will find that college is a great investment in one's life.

sure, and since you say that blacks do not take that opportunity, then the whites who are blocked from entering are just outcompeted by other whites aren't they? Huh?

let me ask you this:
do you think believing niggers tend to be less intelligent than whites by virtue of them being niggers is racist?

for every nigger in engineering there's a more qualified white who was rejected to allow said nigger to be there.

it is the fact that you can cite that
and then retards will say that we need to deport blacks and send them to a place they have never been and pretend like it's their home.

I can concede to facts, idiotic and immoral politics aren't facts or extensions of them, they are just human stupidity.

you literally just said that there were no blacks picking engineering

im going by what you said, idiot.

work on your reading comprehension.

so your point is that one white kid gets rejected from a college so that is the black persons fault and they are contributing the degradation of society? look, I think that any white kid who wants to engineer should be able to, im not your enemy, you're just creating scapegoats out of things that are fundamentally broken, they're an inaccurate target for your rage.

Racism is the the result of niggers. Always remember boys and girls, if it wasn't for jews you wouldn't have a nigger problem.

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I didn't say anything about taking away "peoples' civil equality,"
just acknowledging the genetic component of racism, and the fact the races aren't equal in ability
everything that an organism is capable of has some genetic component.
and you know, you might be right the elites pouring gas on the fire to manipulate, but the fire was already there for them to be able to do that
it is kind of like feminism is blame for making 3DPD more PD, but feminism is just enzyme, 3DPD's inborn nature is what makes them PD

could you rephrase that?
personally, i think niggers should take pride in their primitive monkey race. I support cooperation between the races in that africa should be made a place africans want to be. what I can't vouch for is conglomeration. niggers and whites need not and should not live amongst one another. the preservation and sovereignty of every race should be a priority of all races.

no. the system is fucked and i know it's not entirely niggers' fault. but don't pretend niggers are at a disadvantage when they do, in fact, have the advantage.

this is what I mean
if I give you an inch, you will take a mile

that's why people aren't going along with the race realism narrative, it follows in destructive ideas like yours. Do you understand?
really look at what I'm saying and try and understand it.

I already said they have an advantage, what else do you want?
and there are issues were blacks have a disadvantage, do you care about that? Do you want to solve these issues, or do you just care when white people are slighted by the system?
I think we can all work together to help eachother, it isn't about teams.

if what you said is in any way a counter to what i said, it wasn't clear enough.
How is the segregation of races destructive?

Did I leave out the sand niggers? Why do you think they attacked us, because we let women wear pants and go to school? Couldn't be because the U.S. has been supporting the little criminal state of Isreal for the past 60 plus years.

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Because it is artificial
I live in Europe, the races are integrated and get along.
causing segregation would go against people's personal freedoms and would be unnatural

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for us to continue arguing past one another when we're largely in agreement in the grand scheme of things.
really i was just nitpicking on your brushing off nigs' advantage in academia as insignificant when the opportunity to obtain a good degree can literally turn someone's life around in the right hands

The thing is, the placement in college can change the black person's life too, I am just opposed to the attitude of degrading the black person and implying some superiority in the white person, i think that anyone should get an education and qualifications, you seemed to be hysterical about race and i don't like that.

that mass integration is not only the result of shitskin countries being such shit but also the fact that they appear to get along so well is due to mass indoctrination campaigns from the late 40's. both of which can be attributed to "artificial" means.
Segregation is natural. integration has only ever come as a result of authoritarian power structures forcing it upon the populace.

So what does that leave out? Asians are no threat to our homogeneity, and the fact that mexicans should be eradicated should be self evident to any sane person.

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it can change any person's life. that's why it should be reserved for those most likely to benefit from it. giving blacks an unfair advantage puts whites at a disadvantage.

You're not getting it, there shouldn't be limited options for people, and like you said, it can change anyone who is accepted life, so I like to focus on that aspect, the positive effects of the disadvantage, as opposed to the negative, because we know it's unfair, and taking away that opportunity for the black person would also be unfair, so I think what is most fair is if the white and black person both had the opportunity instead of these racial battles, because it really doesn't have to be about that.

so my black friend in high school was forced upon me and I couldn't refuse them?
and you oppose authoritarianism while promoting an authority to separate people based on the colour of their skin? Can you sink any lower?

so we're in agreement that blacks should not have as much representation in academia as they do.

i think that anyone who wants to go to college should be able to, however you see that is your own perspective.

I haven't seen a nonwhite person for several months now, living in Eastern Europe would be pretty great if we didn't had all these russians here, they disproportionately fill out prisons just like niggers. Having niggers instead of russians would probably be slightly worse though.

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Pardon me but why don't niggers want to go tot college in Africa?

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no. it is simply a small reflection of the decades of indoctrination your people went through. it is also a reflection of the geographic displacement of his people.
It's normal to find people of another race tolerable and even likable. i never said that no black person should ever be around any white person. Hell, id even support visitation rights for people of any race to any country (with conditions of course), but blacks would be better off living in a society made by and for blacks just as whites would be better off in a white land.
lolnope. not even a little bit. "authoritarian power structures," as i put it, was more or less a redundancy. what i was saying is those with authority over their people enforced the integration we see today. I was using "authoritarian" as the adjective form of "authority" with little connection to "authoritarianism" in the political context.

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A society which appeals to the white man and the black man? I got it, how about a society which appeals to all races and all peoples, if you could imagine, that would solve all the issues, and guess what, it's not so unbelievable that it would exist either.

Segregation is not coming back, sorry.

Every anti-communist post in this thread got dubs.
Kek confirms

If that naive comis is any indication of your point of view I don't see the point. You're clearly an idiot.
Now days the opposite is true and nigtards are promoted like crazy while capable Whites are held back not only by quotas and affirmative action, but delusional liberals who think TV and movies are real.

my favorite thing about being white is that people who looked like me conquered the entire world. every good thing that non-whites have - in many cases, including their very lives - were given to them by white people.

the lack of gratitude that the lesser races harbour towards their superiors, whites, shall inevitably catch up to them.

Your head is way up your ass.
Your delusional dream is doomed to failure you jewpuppet dipshit.

It's a waste of money sending niggers with an IQ of 85 to college. They're not even fit for janitorial jobs.

blacks are non-figuratively agitating for segregation as we speak. worldwide.

south africa, the nation of apartheid, is the site of a mass movement to have whites ejected. look no further than zimbabwe Rhodesia to see how that is going to end. blacks in america have been waging violent war against whites. black nationalism, the movement that was rendered obsolete by the founding of the nation of liberia, is steadily increasing as time goes on. apparently they don't want to live on their own continent, they want to take over white nations, also known as functional nations.

Jews did 9/11 you obfuscating dumbfuck.

id love to continue this chat and will do so if this thread is still active tomorrow, but it's getting late and I have work tomorrow.
I'll leave you with this for now. Not sure what I think about a european superstate but it's pretty solid otherwise sans keeping south africa for whites.

if you're going to deport the non-indigenous population of the us, white folk are going to need travel bags. your argument about land and race is bullshit too. brown folk from africa colonized europe before white skin was a thing. is it the neanderthal homeland?

BLM activists fight for forced segregation rather than forced assimilation, let them have it

black nationalism isn't about segregation, its about self-determination, blacks feel discriminated against and so want to govern themselves, to prevent this. They will not be ruled by white people, they do not hate white people or want to e separated from them, they just want justice for themselves, and they find identity in ther race because they've been persecuted for how they look, they are perfectly justified for what they're attempting, white nationalists hate black people and want to segregate from them, this is a fundamental difference in the movements and attitudes concerning the identity in the movement, whites do not feel victimised, they want to be the victimisers, this is why white nationalism is not something I can support, it is built on hate, black nationalism is built on defence from racial oppression anons in this thread would happily afflict on blacks.

No, BLM are anarcho-communists, they want self-rule, not isolation from further society, they want to control their own lives, not to separate from whites.

Self rule means segregation. And its no wonder nigger-commies don't want to be separated from white people who pay taxes for niggers to leach on.

All this energy spent on race issues could have been used productively to create a better world, niggers don't care about this, they think success just happens to white people. Niggers would rather die than get separated from whites.

i want to deport the people who don't want to live under white people. if they want to be 'free' of 'racism', the solution to that problem is for them to fuck off to a nation that was specifically founded for them. if you ask them, they'll tell you that white people are inherently racist, so there's nothing left but for them to either go somewhere that doesn't have any white people or try to kill all the white people in the world and see how that turns out.

Okay, want to actually say something productive? You just gonna keep stroking that hate-boner the whole thread?

Hate is a direct result from lack of segregation

so no.

absence makes the heart grow fonder.

You didn't convened me either, frankly i think you are deluded

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we already live in a civic nationalist society user, you are just digging at the bottom of the barrel to justify your stupidity here.

Yeah, this is why we miss dead people so much, we remember the good things, but can't regularly reaffirm the bad ones and soon forget the bad things even existed, only love remains

I don't see logic in things you write, just hurt and confused emotions

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She's probably been ostracized from her circle of former friends, and is hated as "that racist cunt" now. She's expressed no actual views that show racism or intent thereof, but because she decided that respecting her own phenotype's right to exist is okay, she's now become public enemy #1.

We see it every day… "Native pride" among people who have no business calling themselves such (there are no native people to North America), but express a pride in being "native." What do they have to be proud of? They dress as the white man, wear clothes that white men created, and take advantage of all the amenities that the white man brought. No youth among them speaks their cultural languages, their skills as orators of their history are being lost to history, their hatred for one another has driven their peoples so far apart… What's there to be proud of? They show no pride when they demand land back that they sold on the cheap. They show no pride when they demand firewater and smokes as compensation, or the sovereignty to do with their land as they see fit so they can trick people into giving them money and gambling.

We see it every day, black kids wear hats and shirts that say black pride, they get their own month, they constantly justify breaking the law under this excuse or that. What's there to be proud of? They don't know where Africa even is, they have never been there, if they were confronted with their own heritage they wouldn't know what to say or do. They talk about how much pride they have, yet they have no pride when they ask for welfare, food stamps, parental supports, projects. Where's their pride as blacks? They've never performed an ancestral rite, they've never done anything to connect with their allegedly yearned for history, but they believe that you owe them for something that you've never done.

If white men had never settled the Americas, indians would still be savages, slaughtering and killing one another in petty tribal disputes to prove might makes right. If white men had never shown up in Africa to buy slaves from African slavers (who are still making slaves today), blacks would still be putting bones and plates in their bodies, building houses out of shit, and they would have never even been aware that things like architecture, literacy, farming and electricity exist. If given the opportunity to go back to Africa, no black person would ever willingly say yes because they know their standard of life would go down, yet they speak of going to Africa as if it's some pilgrimage to the promised land.

And don't even get me started on the Asians…

Pic related, it's what everyone in the world wants to be, yet because they can't, they want to disparage us for being it. Blacks wish they could make white babies to replace their blackness in their children, because they think it would somehow make them a success. Hispanics pretend to be white, because they think it will change their equality of outcome. Jews pretend to be white, because they think it allows them the power to undermine all cultures but their own with impunity.

Everyone wants to be white, but because they can't, they want to destroy us and tear us down.

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cry more faggot

That's all you have to say?
Life must be pretty meaningless when you have an IQ of 85.

yeah i guess so.
your life seems pretty complete with muttering slurs under your breath whenever a black person walks past your lawn and talking to your friends about how America was made for white people in the constitution.

You really do live in a fantasy world.
The way you express yourself it's obvious you think TV and movies are real.
Oh well, they make them for imbeciles so no surprises here.

If white men had never shown up in Africa to buy slaves
(((White men)))

this is as much true, as teachers doubting bad boys in school doing well on tests and promoting girls instead.


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Congrats, that's how getting a job works nigger.

Quite literally, yes, college/university isn't so much about "learning" as it is about devising connections. If you choose to be insular and only consort with "your own kind," then you won't network, and thus you won't get those job offers. This is why so many people are graduating and then having to try to pay off their student loans with jobs at McDonalds, when you choose to become some specialized or focused group and not integrate with the whole, you make no connections.

Which is why feminist extremists, who produce no product and thus have no industries in which to promote themselves, have no jobs.

fuck it if they took it, they ARE BETTER, SO they CAN.
let me give you a little Varys ok…
for the cockles cannot be cucked

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So you justify the replacement of native americans by white people then? Also:
Do the chinese have to destroy their own culture and heritage too in your mind? Even if you say you do, frankly I dont fucking believe you. You just want so-called "multicultral" societies in white nations. All you are doing is creating the conditions for another culture to take over another and elliminate it. Israel, north africa, and America are all practical examples of this has absolutely nothing to do with cultures co existing.

name one

What the fuck are you on about, can you not make grandiose suppositions? I haven't assumed, implied or stated anything. I was making an observation, they were using modern day arguments that SJWs make against white people against the Indians back in the 1700s. Even as a very dark joke or as revisionist history, it's pretty stupid.

White men tried much harder to negotiate with the tribal indians than that, the indians did NOT name themselves indians (that was Columbus, who thought he'd found India), and all of the arguments in the video are literally cherrypicked statements that ethnic minorities make as excuses why we should allow them into every white country, yet falls on deaf ears when any other ethnicity or majority makes when white people want asylum, refuge or to emigrate.

I don't even know how the fuck you could make this supposition that I was arguing in favor of the Indians, unless you were looking for someone to argue against. This is a very negative video, because it makes it seem like white men showed up, told the indians hey fuck you, you get no say, and then shot them. The white man didn't start shooting until the war tribes started attacking them first. To this day there's still assholes trying to say that there was no war tribes, even though Comanches, Apaches, Blackfoot and Mohicans were so prevalent and violent that they're still talked about to this day.

Ireland, Scotland, England, France, Germany, Norway, Denmark

I shiggy diggy shill.

I think you're a fucking idiot, and that's all I gotta say about that.

Whatever you say Holla Forums. You retarded faggot.

all of those nations have non-white citizens in significant numbers. the culture of those nations is the result of centuries of conquest, immigration and assimilation. all of those nations rely on non-white input at the leading edge of their popular culture. all of those nations have black, brown, yellow and beige folk at the forefront of politics, art, the military and science, i.e. culture
what's your definition of white, exactly?

I was naming originally white/traditionally white nations. There's no such thing as a pure ethnic culture these days, except maybe in the assflats of the Middle East, where no one wants to live because of retarded barbarianism.

you know how I know you're full of shit?

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Thing is, race is about genetics, and genetics determine IQ.
Race and IQ are intrinsically linked.
IQ is a major factor in determining a person's success, and how successful you are in life lands you in a specific class.

Basically, when you adjust for differences in population percentages, it boils down to this.
Are you lower class? That's because you lack skills or more advanced capacities. Why do you lack those? Because you have a lower IQ. Why do you have a lower IQ? Because you're a nigger.

How you massive faggot? Because all I can see coming out of that video is that replacing indigenous people is wrong, no matter how you try to spin it.