Eurotrash can't compete with the real West (mexico, panama, US, Bolivia, etc)

Eurotrash can't compete with the real West (mexico, panama, US, Bolivia, etc)

and they are shitting their pants because they know their times is long gone

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Beaner fuck off

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nice try kike

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I agree. The biggest mistake European nation commited was allowing for new world coloneis to become indepedent.
But unfortunately at that time, peopel couldnt forseen that the new world colonies would want to seek out revengeā€¦
Thankfully, anti-americanism is rising and europeans aren't buying the whole anti-russia thing. Soon w we will remove the governments which are lackeys of the US Empire and forge alliances with the "axis of evil" in a full out war against US Empire and we will have the new world colonies one after another back to us.

Beaners are the worst shills, dumb, unorganized, radical. They want us to believe they are white

America is a superpower that rivals every European nation at once. The only country that comes close is Russia, and Russians are smart enough to leave America to the Americans and focus on more important things.

France could take America

you speak broken english
your post is provocative nonsense and lies
you're obviously a very bad shill

don't you read the news?

Isn't Nicaragua almost 10% whiter than the US?

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can America leave everybody else to rule themselves as well?

can you not become a winner instead?

this tbh onii-familiah, latin aryans is what is making the USA win so much under Trump.


America gets along just fine with everbody except Russia, and really it's just a vocal minority of kikes who are trying to start shit. The administration continues to work towards peaceful relations with all. Yes we can coexist.

((( )))



OP, you really made me think. Not gonna lie, but you have a legit point. European faggots who claim the New World isn't "the real west" piss me off more now.

Fuck off Euro trash. You're not the real west. You're part of the old world, your leaders are right, shit like Islam has always been apart of European history from the beginning. USA and Latin America, we're part of the new world. The Wild Wild West. Get back in line Euroniggers

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Nice D&C there, shillbot. Men of the west should stand together, not engage in endless pissing contests over whose country is more fucked. We're all fucked, after all.

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More like Europe watches fake news and thinks America is fucked while America watches fake news and thinks Europe is fucked

I do think more Americans should drop the identity of the "west" though. We should embrace a new identity of New Worldism over Westernization. I'm all for the Pan-American movement tbh. The USA and Latin America should be closer than we currently are. The only D&C here is between Mexico and America. We should all unite and fend off Muslim hoards. Mexican Catholicism is nowwhere near as cucked as European Catholicism. They can even have their own Pope

Think again
t. mexican

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As an ex Catholic Now a Lutheran I disagree. Mexican Catholicism embraces its history in the Americas converting Natives and shit. You guys are all about your old missions and shit. European Catholicism has nothing on that.

Explain, our local brand, which are sub groups of different orders (jesuit sector, franciscan sector, dominican sector) almost always deny their wrongdoings, even with dozens of books made from achieves and facts against them
This displays some kind of conservatism, but then in some other states the church agrees on gay marriage and abortion. Then you have that bishops get killed in the middle of drug trafficking scenes, or caught red handed in hotels with little boys (with surveillance videos included) or breaking oaths and testifying confessed sins to the police.
About the touched kids, we have tons of cases about fathers touching kids, i remember a thread in the latin chan trying to compile instances, every state had at least one such case in the last 5 years, not counting the openly promiscuous ones who confess having sexual encounters in their service (3 such cases), along with 2 getting caught snorting coke.
And let's not include fathers doing favors such as masses in drug lord ranches, and blessing weapons and pick-up trucks, payment included sometimes,

People are dropping churches like flies, and ironically enough the new religious sector of the population, mostly if not all in minuscule christian orders, are ex-drug addicts, ex-drug addicts who want to avoid taxes by filling papers for direct tithe plus banging innocent pucci, and innocent pucci who are mostly children of single mothers or orphans
And the ministers of said organizations are often heard or seen doing bad stuff like snorting, smoking and mostly drinking heavy stuff, not just beer

Come and see.

As hyperbolic as this statement is, it is true that more and more people are irreligious in the "west" I blame Christian universalism too be honest. People are blaming atheism or new-rationalist movements are modern leftists. But hear me out, everything was much better when there was more infighting between Christian denominations because it convinced people to stick to their churches more closely like a sports team. We need to go back to those days

I agree and i know it's redundant, but i wanted to be sure because plenty of people think Mex Catholicism is some brand of magic thing, but no, it's just as pozzed
Thing is the old injun culture and the old european customs functioning as a counter for said things made them retain certain values that seem conservative for the most degenerate people on Earth, which is sadly central Europe and America

I'm not full religious but i respect the teachings, and recently i have found Luther's stuff (not the cromwellian/american brand of protestantism) to be very interesting and logical, and gave me a lot of curiosity how the catholic reforms were basically copy-pasta of his stuff
But i have my doubts over other things, i want to ask /christian/ but they are not that flexible, so i will need to read or stumble upon other stuff to be sure.

Yeah, especially with middle East, right?

lol, I like that esoteric meme

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We need more esoteric immigrants to fix this!

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If you're in the UK, don't you have to suck the dick of a Polish esoteric immigrant? Otherwise your wife won't have sex with you next year :)

Just like Dysnomia

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The question was about Europe. Europe is the only group of people who could dream of invading. And America gets along with them.