Get a waifu and stop caring about meatbags, if you're going to reproduce make sure it's a white woman in the US...

Get a waifu and stop caring about meatbags, if you're going to reproduce make sure it's a white woman in the US. Don't go to a poor country to get them virgins, because the true value of a woman is not on her chastity but on the color of her skin

:^) + :3 = ?

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Sorry, mutt, I don't fuck animals.

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fuck you eurotrash

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I would rather be trash than not be able to afford healthcare.

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At least our immigrants are Aryan!

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Only useless retards who can't deal with reals emotions want waifus.

You "waifu" crowds and you "3dpd" crowd are essentially useless. Society should not tolerate such people the same way it doesn't tolerate homicides.

Dropped, Stop being a cuck. You know how many 3DPD I've met that can't get over their "first". You will always be the "one she settled for". This is the truth and cannot be reprimanded. Stop trying to force us to take leftovers.


Never change, mike. Never change

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Beaner detected

t. a woman

Listen retarded cunt, tell the whore who gave you birth to teach you another (((shaming))) tactic because that one will not work on me (((.)))

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That's the only you have going for you…

Fuck off Europoor, don't you have something productive to do or did you finished whoring your women to the russians?

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Spanish might become the official language soon, what now faggot? Are you going to push that swiss cheese up your ass so it can taste "better"?

Don't get so mad as some catlady, ops sorry they are on small dogs now.

Aren't European women into centipedes?

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When i was traveling around I met a mother daughter that where traveling to fuck niggers. After I saw that I lost all emotion to whatever happens of European women.

top kek

There was a time in the US that women and their daughters did the same using the hubby's money, except to fuck white men (at least in the 50s)… the US has always been cucked

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Ya it's sad, wish things would change. All women cuck men.

underrated post


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I might an hero because of this thread.

fuck off korean-russian trash


Someday they might become "surplus to requirements" and that would be a glorious day.

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Just wait until sex robots and artificial wombs. Women will completely lose all the power they have right now (ie. their fuckholes) and will become worthless.

that's why they've spent so much time driving fathers away from their fathers so that single mothers can mould their children into obedient little misandrists who would never stand for sex robots or artificial wombs.

single motherhood needs to be a felony.

there are men who do give 3DPD anything see gay men

That image is true though

Natalie Portman is a jew. Do not be fooled.

They say the same thing about men, how they could potentially create artificial sperm who could inseminate an egg.

The end goal seems to be removing baby making as a physical process, not necessarily removing the need for men or women.

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no, the end goal it remove the burden of carrying children from women
wink wink

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But somebody has to sponsor their crotch fruits, hasn't they?

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If you insist, replace with offspring. Less triggering?

Niggers have monkeys, not offspring nor crotch fruit

Oh the naivete.