Male Morning After Pill?

So I made a big mistake. Last night I had unprotected sex after drinking heavily. I wasn't too worried until I talked to a friend and found out she refuses to use the pill because she doesn't like the side effects? So I messaged her and asked if she would take the morning after pill, and she said no.

I know it's the night after and all, but is there a male equivalent I can take which would lower the odds of pregnancy? I'm a little desperate here. Should I just take a regular morning after pill and hope for the best? I'm a little freaked out.

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just shove her down the stairs

Tidepods. Trust me on this.

get her drunk and slip her a morning after pill

wtf are u talking about?
the morning after bill kills the baby, are u the pregnant one here or something?
u mean a pill which is a replacement for condoms, sure that already exists.

sledgehammer to her stomach
sledgehammer to your head


tell her that you're breaking up with her, then fix her up with one of your pals so that he has to raise the child and make it think its his, I mean, she cant even take one for the team by taking the pill? she is garbage, dump her ass after the baby is dead anyway, seriously.

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let me text speak

morning pill can lead to women becoem sterile if taken too much during a lifetime
You shouldn't have thought with your dick. But the modern "male" doesn't respect himself and will put his dick on every hole.
You fucked up, llive with it.

is grammar a thing reddit's known for?
all I'm asking is you not type like a fucking retard. i don't even text like that.

morning-after pill is for girls, silly user, you better eat an unused condom for boys

srsly, next time you're with her sabotage the local loo so that she doesn't flush after peeing a few beers (closing the flusher faucet then emptying it should do the trick) and use a pregnancy test to know if you're fucked
if you are, before 3 months pregnancy, get her drunk and have her eat a shitton of parsley, cooked with cream and/or eggs
if you get her passed out shove parsley in her pussy
natural herbal abortive

grammarnazi was a thing invented by redditors

I had no idea people really didn't like me saying u instead of you, hmm.

so does the little tyke just tumble out of her womb once its dead or does it stay in there, rotting?

There's nothing more attractive than a knocked up girl with your baby inside. You should have more unprotected sex and eat the semen as is trickles out of her.

causes a miscarriage
unless you don't have a car, then he only sticks a tiny thumb out to hitch a ride

1) Buy drain cleaner
2) Google the lethal dose for that particular brand
3) pour 35% of that dose into a martini glass
4) add vodka
5) add strawberry mix
6) add lime
7) invite your girlfriend over for martinis

my grammar isnt something to brag about. nothing wrong with having bad grammar. But typing "u" instead of "you" goes into the same category as unironic emoticons: it makes you look like a child, a moron, or a woman.

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I like emojis :/

tits or gtfo

Not even close.

Wait are you saying if I go for sublethal doses it'll kill the sperm/baby but not kill me?

there is no pill for males, there could be but that would allow males not lose rights when they have sex with 3DPD, and that is a no-no
depending on where you live will determine how bad you're going to get fucked
also you are retarded

The zygote cell or maybe 2/4/8/16 cells that appear when it divides.

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it is still a baby, it just isn't fully developed yet.

Why do you keep writing from the perspective that you are the female? get your story straight, roastie. Also yes, fetuses are highly sensitive to toxins, way more than a developed adult. Butif you are indeed the knocked up roastie and not her boyfriend, you can skip the drain cleaner and go on a bender. Five nights of getting shit faced drunk ought to kill little shit. I have no idea if that does more permanant damage to yourself than the poison would, but it's FDA approved.

After ejaculation, stay inside until you soften a little, then unleash piss inside her.
Keep pissing, a full bladder helps.
Fill her womb up and wash all that sperm out.
Even better if you dip your dick in dogshit and don't wash it for a few days beforehand, then you'll give her a serious infection which, if left untreated which might require removal of her womb, and perhaps send her blind.

I am male. I'm trying to find something I can take to kill the sperm in her body.

kill you'reself

lrn 2 spel

The only thing that could do that is a chemical called ammonia chlorinate which you get by mixing 1 oz of bleach with 2 oz of ammonia. Dilute the solution in a bottle of pure water and drink it to solve all your problems.

Life begins at conception you fedora faggot.

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1) freeze your sperm
2) snip your vas
3) fuck thots
4) sleep easy and stay rich

That doesn't help me right now. I already blew my spunkgargle and I need a pill that I can take to disable it.

hide in latin america until this shit blows over

Latin is a dead language dumbass. And Latvia is nowhere near the Untied States.

Yeah, read about the ratio of early miscarriages and spontaneous implantation failures.


I'm not an idiot.