I'm really sick of the CP Chad fags that Jut want young dank hole because the older whores want the chads to support...

I'm really sick of the CP Chad fags that Jut want young dank hole because the older whores want the chads to support them. These men should be offed because they only care about control and sex. Once the 3DPD are old they dump them and the damn 3DPD blame "all men" and become some feminist cunt.
How do we end this cycle?

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We end the cycle by demanding people only have sex in marriage and making marriage something you can't just opt out of but that actually binds you together for life for better or worse. Made a bad decision and married the wrong guy - or gal? Too bad. It does too much harm to society to let divorces happen.

When we're allowed to marry 9 year olds and keep them as pure wives for life this will solve the problem.

No more chads fucking all the little girls and then dumping them.

feminism is a good thing you gendered misanthrope.

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just put all your money into their life insurance and then stab them with your oversized cock and get the reward of opting out and getting rich.

But no one will do this unless an enforcer is made. Maybe AI can do this in the end. The 1:1 rule was made before to help develop the world but now we are in a recession.

Keep telling yourself that, I have many of your kind in my retirement homes I own. It's funny that you will now pass your shit wealth to people like me that will correct your mistakes. But don't think you will have a nice death inthe end. You will be treated like an object that it's shelf life has expired.

Only niggers do that, thats why they be in jail… shiiiit.

Complete the iron womb technology and implant it in personally tailored cybernetic waifus who love us unconditionally, then the vaginal jew becomes obsolete once and for all.

Only China can develop that now without resistance. Can they be trusted with the end goal? Or will they end development once they understand where it will lead?

normals will ban sex robots
they will ban genetic engineering
they will ban cloning

normalfags need to live away from the enlightened futurists for there to be a utopia

Arguably this Cloud Act bs could be deemed Unconstitutional as it potentially violates the 1st Amendment right to free speech tbh

So how do we accomplish this? Must we start to control normalfags? So we should push for the control.


I think that thee should be an international community, or a secret society if it has to be, and we should conduct experiments in an isolated facility, it is for the greater good. but people wont know that until it is complete.

lol woo my perma ban on my real IP from Holla Forums has finally expired

I'll stick to posting on tor though.

China treats women they way they deserve to be treated: like property. I trust them to move forward with development.

We should take a page from the jewish playbook and start soying up the water supply. Jews effemenize men to make them more docile and easy to control, but make them too feminine and they'll die off. And when they're dead they cant get in the way of the future and the jews will have no livestock to do their bidding. It's a double win.

How hard is it to poison the water supply of cities?

If we make a regular habit of this, only Alex-pilled people who have filters will survive, and we'll have cleared up the normalfags who never care or think ahead to protect their water.

soy does not effeminate men, estrogen does, you can find that in meat and dairy.

I can fund that in 5 years. It's easy to find like minded men to help fund it. Problem is if they turn and lose the ideal if they get lucky with a 3DPD or they just give up.

Thing is this also effects the Jew. Remember they cannot think ahead. We must feminize chads and spread that through them. The Ideal of a women companion must remain and be developed in AI " the basic of a women to a man is a women must help the man, be a companion and support his ideals to grow". because women have forsaken this ideal we must replace them. For the men who do not support the basic ideal they can become what they love "the cunts they fuck".

The water is already full with harmones.

I want to create it alone, I feel like if I really learned this stuff and went from the blueprints we have, a couple of hundred thousand dollars could create the technology, and I would do it on my own property.

It's important that waifubots have unique beauty and physical, mental and emotional characteristics that biocunts can't compete with.
In other words, they should look and act like an improved version of a biocunt. They should exceed them right from the start, so that there's no temptation to ever consider going back to the pussy plantation.

they should not look and act like an improved version of a biocunt
by that i meant that they should be on an unequal footing from the start that biocunts could never hope to compete with

The not looking lile biocunts would be easy. Knowing the faggots willing to pursue this technology, only 3% of synthetics are going to look like 3DPD, and the rest are going to be catgirls, monstergirls, furries, and mlp. And I'm okay with that. It will make the commute to work way more colorful.

Don't work alone when others have the same ideals. I've tried to work alone and I know it takes to long. We must sow this wound closed for our kind.

Young men will be paired with Ai robocompanions at a young age. They will help them grow and improve. They will challenge them but not limit them, all this will be programmed by logic. The little emotion involved will be positive. Some negative will be thrown in in the teenage years to make sure men don't become wimps. But also, "chads" cannot exist. They help 3DPD gain power and control and make cucks.

The look should fit what best supports the male and how to improve him.

that's why it needs to be commercialised, if this was only practiced by small community, the CIA would find it and raid the technology.

Right. It avoids the uncanny valley effect too, and by the time the technology could make a waifubot look and act indistinguishable from a biocunt, men will be acclimated to a better standard of beauty and won't want the antiquated human archetype anymore.
Roasties BTFO

Roasties have evolved to take advantage of men, not to support them. How can we understand the look of something that is to support our improvement?

You end the cycle by self improvement(or rather, put yourself in a better position in the cycle as human nature and big city Jew degeneracy feeds on human nature and is no easy paradigm to change) and making yourself a desirable/viable mate. You need self confidence and some desirable physical and social traits. Women won't just love you because it's a nice thing to do and muh love equality. You are competing for resources in the sexual marketplace. Something I'd stress is simple confidence. Do you ever actually approach women? Do you hang out with people?

To all those thinking feminism has ruined women: you're right in a way, but when you have a girl and you aren't a complete pushover pussy they will adopt your belief systems basically entirely, it's human nature. I turn every girl I'm with into an antifeminist natsoc. Are they pretending? Maybe to some degree, but they play the part so who gives a fuck.

look, it's Holla Forums's resident PUA.

I have 20 million, Do you know what hits on me? No you must not, because if you did you would not say shit. Look through history, Women don't breed with men who change the world. They breed whats the common. Men back then knew this and this is why the 1:1 ratio was enforced. This is so every man could breed, Feminism broke this rile and they did so in the past. This made civilizations fall but instead of looking and researching history you now make your own that is doomed to repeat the worst part of the past.
I'm sure you do, and they are not just playing along to get your dick right? I'm so glad that rich whites like myself have a women and not developing AI companions, right? Do you know how many women I see with kids with genetic problems? Fuck, I'm making bank of medical treatment pills for all the "superior genetic" chads out there.
The people like me are going to solve the problems your kind has made. Don't thank us because hopefully in the process you can be rid of dumbshits as you.

Many men already appreciate many standards of beauty, either through willful or accidental conditioning, or because of vestigial evolutionary preferences. It will be easy to get men to apreciate all sorts of shapes and sizes, and it's not like you have to force them to like one particular model of robot. You can evaluate them and find a custom made model that suits the man more than a 3d ever could, no matter the subconscious reasoning behind it

in a marketplace if the goods are stale you dont settle for stale goods. consumers dont force themselves to enjoy stale goods. supply and demand dictates that newer and better goods become available. and so they will. old goods will be outcompeted and new goods will dominate the marketplace.

What we know is that women want a standard, something that the average women want's "a trend". But men don't go by trends "only the 20% of men will fallow a trend to attract women". Therefor the development of a companion bot will be tailored to that man and he will stick with it until his death. So, the cost is only in the modularity. If we can pin that down then the "looks" for men that is ideal for a companion is solved.

This is they way "chads think". Most men will stick to one thing that's proven. They develop an attachment. We must think of developing and promoting that attachment for companionbots.

Not even close. I've been isolated and I've been social, this is just basic life. If you want to be alone, be alone. I'm not selling advice courses or telling you to neg women, it isn't some cult. It's a matter of being attractive and viable. But nooo, basic self improvement must be a meme.

That is probably part of it, but it is human nature for females to emulate the behavior or dominant males. It doesn't much matter, they are for all intents and purposes subservient. They will vote for who I tell them to vote for, advocate what I tell them to advocate. My current gf went around with "it's okay to be white" signs downtown Toronto with me and tagged it all over; my beliefs simply become hers. Re: the rest of your post, wtf are you talking about?

I'm referring to the basic concept of sexual market value.

And I'm referring to the concept that that theory is based on, namely economics.

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And I'm entirely against feminism, I'm just saying don't be defeatist, improve yourself and compete. You'll never win if you never try.

But your wrong, "dominate men" are not healthy men. Why do you put so much power in women? I have met women who have children with medical problems and the men where "dominate" they are also dead now with dept left tot heir children. Nothing you say is reality now.

Ok, do you know how many lonely people are out there? People desire human contact, companionship and sex. Sure, wait for sexbots or the universal repeal of feminism, but until then you can still have a girlfriend or fuckbuddy.

Why waste time on a temp companion?

I can see you're a real scholar. By dominant I don't mean healthy, I mean dominant. High testosterone, confident, high social standing, etc. This is established science. Both men and women emulate the dominant. I don't know what your emphasis on health is about, if you're talking about eugenics, that's another discussion entirely.

too much investment of time and energy with too low return.
get a dog for companionship and cuddling, then sleep with an escort or just fap to pron.
no need to simp to roasties for the "reward" of their companionship and used up pussies

It doesn't have to be temporary, or it can be, it's up to you. I'm talking to the foreveralone virgins who yearn for contact and have become depressed and isolated. You don't have to take my advice.

That is your choice, but I've found I'm significantly happier with a girlfriend than alone, it's human nature. Some may disagree, that's fine.

not everyone is as shallow as you

So genetics are not impotent?
Social status is nothing. Ive met many high class people even celebrities with high social status that can't find a good healthy women. It's because women pick men and they don't know how to pick anything lasting. This is where I make my money at, Lonely women unable to find a man. So they work then retire with no kids. I take them in my retirement homes. Suck up their leftover wealth. You have no clue at the system now.

I've tried much like most here. You are acting like a cuck or 3DPD because you seem to not understand reality. Most women will end up alone now and I have seen it. It dose not matter what you say because I'm in it. Think what you wan't because I'm not thinking about shit I'm living it.
You got lucky, good for you must most wont.

For now, you seem like you only live in the moment.

You're not a healthy person. Enjoy your life, if you can.

You're rambling and I think you're drunk.



Honestly you aren't even rebuking anything I've said, you're going on about being a millionaire and retirement money and genetics/genetics. I don't even understand your argument.

I'm sure women want someone who doesn't care about their ass tits weight face or anything else, but pairbonding is based on reproduction. How's being an idealist with no foundation in reality worked for you? And I don't mean it's all about looks or something superficial, but you have to get your foot in the door and be attractive enough that girls want to fuck you. All the venomous responses would surprise me if I hadn't lurked for so long. It's not the normies, it's you guys. You're fucking hopeless.

Because you think the the moment, You cannot see that I'm talking about your future.

Now i know you live in the moment. Have you ever talked to older men or single older women?

Yes. You know a theme I've noticed? Elderly singles are fucking miserable, while elderly couples are generally happy. Seriously what the fuck is your problem?

lol, no they are not… not anymore. where do you live, you may be laging in time.

Elderly couples rarely have sex. They're happy because they're emotionally compatible. That's the real theme. That's the reason they stayed married for 60+ years while superficial persons like yourself end up divorced.

That ideal died back in the 50's and 60's. Everyone hooks up and fucks the first night. They "swipe" based on looks that will fade over time. "Love" is not the same thing today.

Why do you think divorce rates are climbing? Successful couples still follow the successful model.

But that's only 12% now. A successful relationship involves having kids, a house and being stable. People now think a stable relationship is sticking together for 5 years.

The amount of people doing something doesnt change whether or not it's a good idea.

I'm not even going to bother.

Most people are doing the wrong Idea, This is how civilizations fall and how people become broke or insalved. This is why most people are in dept and most people will not Inherit anything. Self centered society we live in now.

Thats right give up, weakling.

Keep drinking you incoherent rambling schizoid

Is that it? Is that the best you can do? I can mash my hard hairy nipple on the keyboard and come up with a better insult, you melted jizz-candle fuckstick twatwaffle. Go use a live piranha as a fleshlight. You were supposed to be a stain on the sheets, but now you're a stain on society. It's sheeple like you who blindly suck the jizz from their misinformation cock.

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