Hey anons

Hey anons.
My aunt told me that this was a good movie about what rural life in the US was like a generation ago. I am interested in that history, but am pretty sure I am not going to like the soundtrack or understand what people are saying because of that retarded accent.
Has anyone ever seen this movie before that can pill me on it?

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where is your aunt from?
t. my grandma is from a coal mining town that is pretty much dead now

Mods watch this thread, its (probably) going to become a pedo dump.

also the movie is somewhat true, but charlese theron is from south africa and is a mega-cuck liberal.
fire down below is a better movie to what goes down in kentucky.

this too since they're on suicide watch

Why would you think that?

Butthurt pedo detected. This is a movie discussion thread and nobody was even talking about pedo shit until you showed up and started threadjacking it.

Holy crap.. I saw that movie at a drive-in when I was a kid.

is that the movie with that horrid song about a coat of many colors?


I can't remember the songs user.. but that movie taught me that I don't want to work for a living.

Does it? I don't see how. It is a soundtrack album. Just because it has a pic of a girl on it doesn't mean it implies pedos any more than a pic of a dog implies beastiality.

Just ignore the pedo, user. He is just trying to fuck up the thread.

Is this link safe to visit, heard it got raided recently


watching your elders disintegrate should have been enough, unless they were office cucks.

how dare you insult Zhenya

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Seems more like an insult to her mom than to her.

Objectively untrue.

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Is her mother a coalburner?




It's a clip from some stupid ass TV show you fucking spaz

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So why the fuck did OP's pic get deleted but the others in the thread didn't?
Some modtard thinking he'd be "funny", I suppose.




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What did she mean by this?

Meant to reply to this

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