White Women Refuse White Dick

Why is it that the only white women that breed do so with blacks and arabs? All white girls stuck with a white man are anti-natalist, poor things, but it's completely understandable that white women would never want to breed with any white man. They are just hoping to extract resources and companionship temporarily out of the white man until they have used him up for all he's worth. They can get bred by a superior big black cock. Every white girl secretly wants to contribute to white genocide by denying white men from ever having babies with them. It's almost sad because if white women don't fuck white men, there won't be any white women for black men to dominate anymore. Best to fuck as many white women I guess with my superior black cock while I still can before the whites go extinct.

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i didn't read any of your blather but i just want to say that my boyfriend is white af. you're just trying to come up with excuses as to why no pussy wants to be within ten feet of your penis.

they ain't
the only dick they sucking is government's, and government has no race. the only 3DPD that are breeding with mudslimes and niggers either have really deep daddy problems or are raped.
I know this is bait, but you need to make it shorter if you want people to take it
I know you like writing about bbc, but when putting bait out, you want people to take it.

It's our token nigger from Holla Forums doing the 'muh diiiick' dance again. I think it has special cultural significance or something.

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t. anti-natalist white woman who won't breed


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waste of dubs
i want babies

t. anti-natalist trad/wn/natsoc/etc. woman

You're waiting for other whites to breed.

You won't fight.

You won't even be a voice for the movement.

You just want the comfort of a white civilization and companionship of a white male… without any sense of duty or sacrifice whatsoever.

White women no matter their espoused political views or opposition to feminism and so on won't fucking breed.

Varg somehow found an autistic waifu and was able to breed with her.

Laura Southern (single and never settles down), Richard Spencer and his wife (they have a dog), and all the various girls I've ever talked to in the movement all refuse to breed. They oppose racemixing and wants whites to not die out but they won't do a single fucking thing to stop any of that.

‘First time' in history: White deaths outnumber births in US


Once again, someone out there is enamored with the thought that black men are suffering from a sort of “white flight.” While it’s true that you may see a lot of successful entertainers and athletes with white women … In the hood? Not so much. But one website is exploring the fascination with white women and has started a dialogue for everyone to weigh in on.

The site, afieldnegro.com, has put together a plethora of examples that may or may not be surprising in an effort to open up the floor to this discussion. Black men and women have been in the crosshairs of the world for centuries. The only unusual dynamic playing itself out in black relationships is that in the trenches, we aren’t getting closer, we are at war there too. It should be a fascinating undertaking to find out why.

But, until we get to the bottom of the controversy, check out the pictures that afieldnegro.com generated to explore the many relationships out there that have the consistent formula of:

Negro + Anyone but black women = Happiness

-J.C. Brooks


This proves that Black men can't stand to be with a Black woman.

White women search for ebony more than any other porn category.

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I can't wait until we finally get our chance to exterminate every last nigger from this Earth. More of their kind should not continue to exist.

This proves that Black men can't stand to be with a Black woman. Black women won't put up with a Black mans bullshit. White women are naive to black culture, their families and the mistreatment that goes on. This will eventually play itself out. Not all women are size queens, or looking for an exotic romantic relationship. White men need to step up their women handling skills, massage, tantric hand massage, both psychological and physical to compete with the competition. A woman can pass a baby through her vagina, there is no way that anyone can compete with that. This is an area that a skilled special someone could make a very popular school.

That's basically a black version of my penis, even the pubes are about the same. Where was this picture taken? An alternate reality?

gloryhole party



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Dating site data refutes this. There was actually an academic paper recently where it was pointed out that even women claiming they would date outside their race on these apps are lying.
The increase in search results is blacks looking for black porn.

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Post your tits.
I swear mods need to ban roasties who don't post tits and or people under 18.

Because lebaneses are white!


good, more cheap labor for the Chosen

this isn't r9k, soyboy.

Ask nu/pol/.

Tits or gtfo.


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kys nigger.

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ok post-op tranny



Post tits or leave you whore

i bet they got blacked that night

w*men with nipple piercings are sluts, so you're probably right


Post your tits or gtfo

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millions of american white sluts party and fuck niggers in their teenage years and college days

then when they become a granny at the old age of 25 they look for cuckbois like YOU to live with
you know that they are coalburnt whores like millions of other white women but because you are a cuck you are fine with it

these whores dont marry niggers because only white cucks like u will provide for them and they will leech from you as white men make more money than niggers. white women know that niggers will nog and beat them and leave them on their ass with a nog baby in them

she will probably cheat on you when you are together even with niggers because niggers will fuck her like the dirty whore she is and because inside you are a deep cuck you will enjoy it and want her to cuck you

you will then have children who will become the next generation of cuck white bois and BBC slut whores

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Unbeatable arguments here folks.

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That picture is retarded, unlike other European countries France always had some members of its colonies living there.
Only an uneducated Holla Forumstard could've made that picture

Get rekt OP

show us your penis




its good to find a cuck that agrees there is a problem
so thankyou for coming forward

but you should really work on trying not to be a cuck its not right and do you not have shame?

I think you pushed your wife into having sex with other men because of your disgusting fetish and now you cant control her anymore

Will you be ready to stop this wrong fetish?

t. jew


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you first

This is the most autistic thing I've ever read.

Any girl worth more than 5 dollars knows what breeding with a nigger means. They just don't do it. You only see it in inner-city and poor neighborhoods.



I think I found what you're looking for.

White women don't breed with white men either. They don't breed at all. Their filthy white genes should not contaminate the world any longer, even in mixed form, so they choose to not have any children. Right now the white birthrate is not only below replacement level but there are now more whites dying than being born for the first time in human history. Finally, the white race is dying out, in a storm of anti-natalism and cuckery. Whites will be no more.

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How'd you manage to pull it off? Are you the guy who paid 128 thousand for 4 children to be made via that artificial womb thing? well not artificial wombs, forget the proper word, but a woman who carries the baby to term for you but it's not her genetics

surrogate, is the word you are thinking of.

your pic there. The ability to think entirely with your sex and nothing else is a nigger thing, but it doesnt have a genetic component at all. Thats a bad brain thing, not a genetic thing. And thats why the eugenics of hitlers day doesnt work. Nurture has WAYYYYY more to do with behaviour than it ever could with genes. Shitty nigger parents raise (not breed) shitty nigger kids. Guys like Neil DeGrasse Tyson are an excellent example. Hes black, but he was raised like a white kid, and turned out that way. Pig ignorant african niggers raise pig ignorant nigglets, period. Its NOT genetics.

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spoiler alert nurture is nature, the only solution is crossbreedinh

I wouldn't really mind, if niggers didn't have such low IQs
crossbreeding isn't really happening, white 3DPD just aren't have children, you cucks really need get through your small brains

Media portrays white men as lazy, effeminate losers etc, minorities are put on a pedestal. Its in the nature of a woman to be fickle and always pick what's popular

Twin studies refute your hypothesis.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson is an outlier and still a stupid atheist nigger. Also I'm pretty sure he's mixed-race.

Women are taught that having a child is like a disease, a terrible mistake, and that motherhood is a disgrace.


This is what the younger generation is doing, and sharing it on social media like it's the newest club membership to be proud of. This will help you all to reevaluate your positions on this meme.

This is the dox:

marshmello will not say a word.

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Cus like 80% of white men have been rendered either retarded or spineless degenerates.

Laura Southern is jewish (and a coal burner ), she's doing the right thing and not poping out half-yid abominations.

So… Are you from china?

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lil kids listen to that shit aldente lmao


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