What do you think of dog girls user

What do you think of dog girls user

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legal in canada

Because wymyn are already loyal like dogsā€¦ if you whip them hard enough.

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Better than cat girls tbh.


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only if they have human hands and feets

It's a good idea.

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foxgirls > allgirls

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I think I'd cover my body in peanut butter and wait.

Super cute!!
I like them better than catgirls because they are more loyal.

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Too clingy.

I like the shape of those feet, have original photo of model?

Catgirls forever though tbh.
The original flavor remains the best flavor.

That is a furry, not a foxgirl

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This is the only other one I have.

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phlood detected

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big phlood

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imbeach phlood

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Post five pics in one post, it's easier to hide it that way.

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Thanks. She's thin.

I imagine the dog girls barking. It's just not as sexy as "meow".

Wanna play? Huh? Huh? *Woof* Wiggle tail! Wanna play? *Woof* Have food? I'm hungry! Let's eat! When do we eat? Don't touch my food! *Woof*

broke: dog/catgirls
woke: cub

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kill yourself nigger

furfags out


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thats cp

There needs to be more of them.

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