Prom night

I've got half a mind to ask my qt 3.14 crush to prom.
Yay or nay?

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ask her
it's not like you have anything to lose anyways




t. reddit

I poop in all of your mouths

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Do it ,faggit.

You have nothing to lose

You are not allowed to post here when you're underage.

don't actually ask her, just show her this thread

Dumb idea. Only go to the Prom with someone you've been dating for a while or a friend. It is awkward to dance with a cute girl that you want to date for the first time at Prom, it won't work out.
But you should ask her out, just no to Prom

Do it, user. I didn't and I regret it.

never went to my senior ball (prom)
it just cemented how much of an asocial loser i am
and it never gets better

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of course faggot

Go to prom. Go to after party. Get laid.

If i only listen to you in my life, I would not have all this wealth yet be alone. What tradeoff do you want, thats the true question.

She says no
You get to fug

If you're asking that then you still have time.
Get the fuck out of here and dont come back.

It's too late. This kid's talking about prom. He is a highschooler. He got sucked in during his mid teens, his more important developmental years. It's too late for him.

if she's only a 3.14, pass.

Yeah why not

Leave now, and never come back.

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I want to believe he has some hope left. OP needs to leave this place. All that awaits you here is death

Do it, you worthless faggot.

Just remember to shit on her chest, to seal the deal, before she can say yes.

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