Does anyone else in America wish they could interact with other cultures more regularly...

Does anyone else in America wish they could interact with other cultures more regularly? I mean the USA has many different cultures, but one thing forsure, is that when you move here you adopt certain customs to live here, and essentially become Americanized. I hate experiencing the same fucking thing every day…

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i do all the time. it's called mass immigration.

user, I live one city from Dearborn, and you and I know it's not as bad as we make it out to be. The Arabs will be essentially white in 3-4 generations, just like the Italians.


Move to durka-durka land if you want to experience the advanced goatfucking cultures.


Arabs honestly work, they aren't the issue. We need to get the niggers to stop fucking.


hard for non-american brainlets to believe

You eat our culture up, as you're doing now, just like the rest of the world, gtfo




imagine being this triggered that fast

Well you guys get the more raw arabs. Here in Dearborn it's actually a nice city, just filled with Arabs. They keep nice homes, and neighborhoods. An arab gas station owner did buy my victorian era childhome home, bulldoze it, and build a 10,000 sq ft arab mansion, that looks absolutely fucking ridiculous in that neighborhood; but no, no, I won't do this. Most of them do work here, I will say that. They take advantage on taxes, but my Italian family did that as well, so I can't say anything.

US culture is everywhere. The stuff that isn't is pretty famous 1920s to 1950s era stuff like soda shops.

I wish that culture would come back so bad. We still have ice cream shops though!

Who cares if they work? Cant they go work in their country? Is any form of diversity worth giving up a high trust homogeneous society for?

They're still Caucasian though. We share common ancestry. Every major ethnic white group that moved here faced racism. My italian family was considered black. No fucking lie.

fake as fuck

In what way? This is 1000% true. Swear to God or my mom will die tonight.

Yea, but that's seasonal. Soda shops were a great place to pop in, get a coffee and sandwich for a few bucks and get a malt or soda for kids. That used to be enough to keep the business afloat

I'm italian you retard. We were considered "latin" like french and spaniards. Arabs are nigger jew mutts from the desert. Theyre african and raped/enslaved whites through as recently as the late 1700s.
Theyre not white, european, or compatible with our culture. Leting arabs in is at the cost of our once high trust homogeneous society just as much as niggers, asians, or jews.

i was living in 'murica for 3 years and came back just fine. you just need to actively resist the shitty 'murican "culture"

No - other cultures and countries are shit

I agree with your first statement, also samefag, we have strong North African genes nigger. We are not "pure whites" back in those days, they didn't give a fuck about your background. It was all about the color of your skin. Especially, if you were Southern Italian. I have newspaper clippings at my grandparents, where my Great Grandfather was almost deported. He came here illegally. Kek. Idiot he was, but the Judge granted him citizenship. Allowing him to stay. We are Mediterranean we have a different look then "latins". Just like Greeks. We most definitely faced strong adversity in this country.

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there is a lot of toxic shit. where were you at?

I wish soda shops would come back and big soda would die.

it was the same for polacks too. in my city italians and polish had to stick together against the jewish and g*rman scourge. we lost though.

Chicago and Tampa


Chicago isn't too bad, been there 20+ times, but Tampa…owwwwiieeee

well, perhaps i had it easier because i'm a Pole but i didn't stick around the Polish people too much

chicago supposedly did have huge polish and italian communities but they've probably been long gone or diluted now. idk know shit about florida.




Head on over towards USF. Go visit the area a little west of Bears and north of Fletcher. Nice neighborhood.

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the ice age cant come soon enough tbh

Cultured has more than one meaning, user.

Ethics violations aren't breaking the law.


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