Why are republicans

such morons?

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more like why do liberals think taking weapons away from non-criminal citizens will somehow miraculously protect them from criminals that have no regard for laws and human life?

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no one wants to take guns away you imbecile.they need regulation.


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They don't need regulation you liberal fag. Every proletarian must be armed. The government must enforce compulsory gun ownership. This is non-negotiable.
t. A real leftist

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The playing field of weaponry must be as even as possible so that every man, black white gay and straight may be able to defend himself against capitalist imperialist oppression.

i've been saying this all of my life and im not a leftist. tbh i'd arm all women and old people first.

If i grow food for you and you do nothing yet need food to live, what will you trade me for my effort? It's like you never left your parents house.

You can arm all old women but don't arm young women lead only by emotion user. You will start ww3 "this is already happening". Remember women are driven by emotion.

Fucking brilliant my dudes.

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How do we breed out the ones that are not born with logic? We should start to develop this.

Communism still rewards work. Let me explain it in terms that a retarded republican liberal can understand.
Simple enough?


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nothing stupid about

libtards politicizing our schools and leftist teachers and administrators forcing kids to march against guns

kids who want to support our rights are told to fuck off, or assaulted by the leftist students.already teachers watching kids be assaulted, and failing to intervene , then punishing the kid , who was pro gun telling them not TO RETURN TO SCHOOL FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR and that they can not guarantee his safety…

so basally intimate the kids who dare change what they want


Look I understand your thought. But understand mine. Communism is a stepping stone same with capitalism and even national socialism. But develop communism in lower developed nations. Then step it up to nationalism and then capitalism and if you can socialism.
I know this will hit you when you are older, this is why I don't get upset at people like you. Just try not to harm the ones on the true path. If you do, you will not be forgiven.

you realize there are not only pro gun teacher
but armed teachers in several school systems

but these leftist cunts make the kids who want to hold pro gun signs stay at school library and shit

maybe you fucks should keep politics out of out schools

all the more reason any and all g*rman ideology needs thrown out the window

Can't wait to see what comes of this.

And nothing gets developed.

Communism is preferable to capitalism. I say this as a socialist who does not actually believe in communism.

fucking commies and they love of mass killings (MILLIONS) of unarmed people

prove it.

we really need to nuke CA and any of these liberal cities

or its time for the purge

people like you are pure cancer

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Why are democrats so smart, Holla Forums?

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No thank you, I'll keep my air conditioning and TV without some license.


but most don't. The norm don't come up with new ideas. Look throught history.
Money is a medium for payment for the development of ideas. It is a trade to support that persons for future development of the idea.
A poor man will become rich off his idea that is supported through a medium of wealth.
It's like your brain has not developed…

So being rich means you are automatically smarter than those who are poor?
The problem is that there is a middleman between an idea and implementation.
Imagine believing this.
It's like i'm not rich and have a reason to be an anti-capitalist. Capitalists either should be taught better or killed for the good of the masses.

No, it could mean a smart person provided you that wealth. You are just wasting it now.
I understand this, this is why bitcoin was made to subvert banks.
It's true it happend to me, and i will help others like myself now.
I can help you to get rich just understand the process. Every man needs a home to live in. This must be owned by him and be his kingdom.



literally what is wrong with this?
It's a valuable skill which could be taught in school and can save lives.

No, we need to repeal the NFA and go back to allowing Americans to own machine guns and artillery pieces without the government spying on every sale of such weapons.

Americans will only be free when every boot-licking politician has to lie awake at night fearing that Cletus will fire a twelve pounder into his house if he passes legislation that infringes on the peoples' rights.

It doesn't take much for someone to buy a gun in a parking lot retard.

and it never will

The black market argument is retarded. Much more effective to just point out that it's just as easy for a grown man to stab a woman to death as it is to shoot her. A woman with a gun and a man with a gun are on a much more even platform than a man with a knife and a woman with a knife.

It's actually piss easy to buy a gun on the black market

Not really, they go up in price quite a bit. It just makes sure than only richfags and more organized criminals can get guns. Basically, if you're an average worker, fuck you. Hence why it's so funny to watch these leftist faggots advocate gun control, it's only to the rich mans benefit.

But my point was more aimed towards debating gun control. The black market case is a lot harder to make. Just point out that you made da womyns even easier prey for all those cis shit while male criminals, and there isn't much they can say. I think even feminists will admit that the average man has the advantage in a knife fight with a woman.


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Malcolm X. wasn't a lefty though. He was in favor of segregation and racial homogeneity

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You can be leftist and believe in racial boundaries user.


Oh sure, you support gun rights. So long as it's only the "right" people owning guns, and so long as you still need pawns to die for your glorious revolution.

You can post leftist "theory" all you want, the reality is that leftist countries never uphold gun rights once they've established control.

Federalist scum please leave

Malcolm X. was basically right-wing Martin Luther King Jr. though. In fact supposedly they hated eachother. Malcolm X. hated the mainstream media and I hear he even sympathized with Hitler