Fuck USA

Built on genocide, sustained by imperialism. Is there anything worse than a proud American?

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a jew


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Oy vey, goyim know, shut it down!

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I agree, the USA and (((liberal democracy))) is cancer on the world. Thats why we should bring back the rule of kings and queens.

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No, there is nothing worse than a proud american.

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Yup, minarchism all the way!

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Great idea. Why did we even get rid of them in the first place?
Oh wait, I think it was because of tyranny, incompetence and oppression.

Your fault , mods…

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Communism, comrade. Communism is the answer

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suck it up Zionist and bow down to your Marxist masters!

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That's the bad side of it, and as you know they lost their heads because of that.
This is what happens to retarded monarch.
Yet it wasn't that bad since you know, they survived for something around 1000 yeas +; if they would be so bad their kingdoms would fall much quicker.
While democracy thru history died out like flies.
Now we have strange era where most of the countries that count are democratic.
Look what is happening to these countries…



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You can in America.

because feelings and other shit liberals care about

feudalism is trash, the peasants deserve liberation.

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Objectively wrong, America is the last bastion in the world of actual freedom

humans are emotional creatures, sperg.


Right wing in a nutshell.

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okay ruseman

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who the fuck cares, autismo? If you get easily triggered, you dont belong in a society


Im brazilian and NO, communism is not answer.
Unless, you want pay 200% taxes to buy an simple smartphone.

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Onward comrade! Let's try just one more time, I am sure this time it will work.

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He drove the peasant revolution against the monarchy, industrialised China and brought together the spliced war tribes together. China is currently the fastest growing economy in the world, all industry is owned by the public and centralised by the state, all under the CCCP, the party of Mao. You're welcome.

The currrent State of Europe

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Think again mutt, there are laws against insulting someone. Enforcing them online is not different than enforcing them offline.

Go back to sucking corporate dick and watch your freedom get fucked by a company.


yeah I guess people shouldn't be able to rule themselves, smart.

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in europe you would be arrested for posting this picture online

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But it is, douchebag. The only things that are not free speech are, slander, liability and direct threats of violence. Read a fucking book once in a while, ignoramus!

Same old misinformation.
Why don't you cucks come up with something new, that isn't already proven to be fake news?

because muh feel feels

Because thats a felony here, user. Thats why

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Take a look at some law books every now and then.
Insulting someone is illegal and not part of free speech.

yeah, that's my point. americans just care about selective freedoms to abuse minorities but don't care about how they are being controlled by an oligarchy, they are the SCUM of the earth.

Daily reminder: America ceazed to be 90%+ white after Jews started taking over. Ever wonder why everyone talks about Jewish influence in America after 1913? The fed, usury, and money/market manipulation in general.

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i am calling you a dumb piece of shit right now. i should be arrested for this?


Australians are all rape babies, just like the Russians.
Not surprising they're both equally dumb, equally incestuous and equally alcoholic tbh

t. New zealander

Don't forget 4chan logo and Hopebiscuit's tumblr

nothing wrong with a bit of incest

If you never fucked your mom, you haven't lived

There here things much worse than Temer.
Never trust communists.

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E o Lula, quando é que vai pra cadeia?

the jews obviously plotted to make american youth into delirious imbeciles and it worked. you are living, tangible proof that americans white and black are a shameful mutation of human beings. if you're concerned for the white race, drink bleach, but post pics of your gashole first

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If depend of wow Supreme Court, never.

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there are only things worse than America

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the contemporary youth seem the most hopeful of the past generations in America to reject the bullshit of the establishment, it is the nihilistic Gen X'ers and the sadistic baby boomers who have trashed America the most.

Fuck ameri-mongrels from Europe.

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You can mock Jewish america but what does natsoc have to do with it

t. millennial

i bet you posted this from your iphone

sure thing. it's always the work in progress that turns out as intended. sure thing


u got beef?

no, my shitty laptop that I have conserved for over 5 years.

destroy all ameri-mongrels

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literally OP, fat pig.

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old map, CIA don't operate there any more, they have surrendered to DPRK's domination.

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Daily ameri-mongrel hate thread.

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Better supporting anti-Zionist Soros than your puppet masters, kike.

A numale such as you. At least Amerimutts are funny.

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t. amerimutt

read and weep, faggot. u picked the wrong team


1. Abolition of private property in land and application of all rents of land to public purpose.
2. A heavy progressive or graduated income tax.
5. Centralization of credit in the hands of the state, by means of a national bank with state capital and an exclusive monopoly.
7. Extension of factories and instruments of production owned by the state; the bringing into cultivation of waste lands, and the improvement of the soil generally in accordance with a common plan.
Communism is essentially a more totalitarian form of fuedalism. That's all communism is, retard.

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hadjis on suicide watch

China is Marxist idiot, not all communists support state-capitalism as a transition into socialism, get your facts straight.

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No but in these years kikes can't mislead youth into thinking that the established ways are right wing. Therefore they end up adopting right wing customs, and once logic makes its way into someone's head it will never be replaced. You see many former liberals here — how many former "nadzees" do you think go on to become lefties?

Was she bottle feeding you soymilk while you were sloshing around in her roast beef?

A proud communist?


t. numale faggot

Le anibe face of self fellating socratic try hard.

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totes wicked burn my dude

4channer shitskins get btfo than come to 8ch and mutt post. pottery

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literally who gives a fuck you legendady autist lmfao get a life n get paid, get laid, get friends

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el negro cagon

Marx advocated for the dictatorship of the proletariat, anarchists clearly dont support that, there are different movements behind communism, marx isn't the sole Godhead of the ideology.

Jokes to one side, faggots.
All this — nobody gives a shit. If you want to infight rather than rise up and drive out juden, you can do that and die out, showing yourself unfit for evolution. The white world will be cleansed in one stroke of both its degenerates and its jewish parasites, leaving only those who have the above nigger-tier intelligence to realise that common enemies should be destroyed first. We can fight amongst ourselves all we want when we have no external and altogether more serious threat.
In conclusion — Amerimutt posters are faggots, so are the triggered amerilards, we have kikes to gas and if you fucks don't help, you will be next.
A warning from your local comrade.

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if you hate USA whats the back up? stop sucking blue balls and take the red pill.
did you know that the first wave of anime was completely, not partially completely based on Disney style. also school shootings happen but thous days are ending soon, and its a fair price to pay to own arms like thous in the military, and i say fair because lets not pussy out people are fuking dieing every where, its only on the news because one people care to watch it, two people are shocked because of how often this docent happen and three because America has left and right party, the balance creates a divide but it also is a even playing ground unlike in communist china or Islamic Europe.
fucking isis posters go back to halfchan

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Every time an communist say this to me, I lose my sides.
Continue your standup, please.


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im Polish tho fuck aMc-eric mongrel

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Pilgrims left Europe because their feelings were hurt that England didn't like their idea of how their sky fairy should be interpreted, so they go to America and kill its native population, then buy slaves from Africa, and then sell their country to Jews and then call themselves the greatest country on earth, then they start calling themselves European while hating European culture and values. Mutts are a confused sub-species.

daily reminder that polish whores breed amerimutts with their nigger and spic boyfriends

Europe is the afterbirth of America

The fight against the Jews is class consciousness, you cant rebel against your master while Nazi faggots want to just replace the pecking order with white people, the merchant meme is about abolishing hierarchies, not replacing them. Tell the Nazi faggots to sort themselves out as well.

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Fuck EARTH tbh

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this is why you're not worth saving, moron.

Nice joke, Pablo

i think after the video of the anti gun parade i've officially lost any remaining hope for this country. both "sides" are equally pathetic. burgers are just complete clowns. their entire brains have been chemically shut down. i want them all to die painfully.

ok elaborate
el lab rat

Oh look, it's this thread again.

Cry, baby, cry more.
No one care your autistc intern definitions of your fanatic cult.

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oh look, another thread made by some shill in st. petersburg. another day another ruble i suppose, huh pavel?

btw Holla Forums fags, you do realize your movement has been co-opted by russian shills trying to destabilize the US, right?

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elaborate on what?
You clearly have no idea what left and right wing means, which points to the lack of your authority on this issue, that's my elaboration.

obrigado senhorita

worker's liberation is such a crazy idea, fuck off ruseman.


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im guessing you are a pathetic centrist with no real values, except sustaining the illusion of the status quo.

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im not important, im just on the right side of history.

proud 'murican who believes in his freedumbs and wants "amarcho"-capitalism


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good point

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you are just confirming what I've said.

commies fetishize the "worker" and they get a toatl hard-on for factory workers, even though none of them have done a hard day of labor in their lives

and how did you come to the conclusion that i don't, because ive sown neither that i do more don't but regardless my point is stile valid, i hate to say it but do i have to be your rick huh morty?
to ask you to actually point out that you have not deprecated my point, you just hand waved it.
but ill play your game
(((Names on, no more Anonkun)))
you say i failed because i gave credit to the role the left plays. im aware of the position and ideals they have and i don't agree with it, but i don't claim that there is not a good reason for its existence.
so you gona post some memes, or you gona show me your balls… your point! not your balls not your balls

he's right tho
t. new zealander

There's no such thing as russians, you fucking spergs.

Attached: english motherfucker do you type it.jpg (625x459, 67.93K)

actually, we know that we can automate factory jobs and why would we want people to suffer in shitty conditions anyway when they could have a better environment? you are Raegan-tier anti-commie.



why anti commies can never point out the actual weak point of communism? why are they so fucking uneducated that they can never conclude that one single thing and instead keep spewing the same copypasta shit over and over again?
i'd like to have actual discussion for ONCE

Attached: costanza-cant-explain-that.png (710x399, 136.93K)

Because the cunts will grow to fill a void. Do you really think we can automate everything for a billion pajeets & niggers and they'll just be happy and not carry on breeding until it collapses? The only hope your utopia would have is if it remained viciously nationalistic.

good point

Attached: marijuana-poll-map.gif (300x168 90.85 KB, 7.53K)

well as apposed to death or anarchy or becoming a shit hole, yes the status quo is not bad.
we call it law and order.
centralist that use logic cant be wrong, because then thy are not centralist that use logic, having no valid bias and just following fact will always be better than trying some other shit.
my god what is better than a centralist, an apistevist huh? is that your point?

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Communism is notorious for nationalism you actual retard, you are just proving that anti-commies know NOTHING. Look at the DPRK and China, ethnically pure and proud of their countries. Fuck of amateur. Nazi faggot.


This is an "worker" class of an "worker" college from my country.
Much "worker" to me.

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Communism inevitably leads to authoritarianism. There are plenty of examples of that. Cuba,
China (not quite full communist now, but back when Mao was in charge, it was),
Russia (even though Russia is a Socialist state)
North Korea, Vietnam

can you read?

My point is that you are just an anti-leftist fetishist, you only oppose it because it is scary to have convictions for you, my point is that you wrap leftism in one big bag called ideology instead of examining it for what it is.

like seriously…FOR ONCE

pic related it's (you)
Communism is fundamentally flawed because it relies on human nature. It assumes I give a fuck about you, and wouldn't stab your face for a crust of bread. Communism believes that deep down, we all want some 'common good' that we all want to be 'equal'. That we don't secretly fucking hate each other and that this conpetition is what keeps society functioning.
Therefore anyone who is a vocal proponent of communism doesn't even deserve an "actual discussion". It's Disney tier fucking nonsense at best.

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Okay george how does gommunism beneft's me?
and don't give me that free,community bullcrap

and same shit again!

Das rite! Everyone knows the best type of tyranny is the tyranny we elect in the office!

I love getting taxed to hell and making all wars ideological! All in the name of (((equality!!!)))

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Attached: crying fag.png (600x505, 272.3K)

When you refer to communism, which type of it do you even mean? Everyone who called himself a communist in the past implemented completely different policies. It's like they never had an ideology to begin with and simply used the word communism to fool people and justify their right to rule.

you're not a slave

you're seething

the real, actual communism of course, not that totalitarian crap

Communism is flawed, because it works against human nature. Asking somebody to take only what they need and not what they want, is just not how human beings are programmed. It also discourages creativitiy, innovation, and efficiency. Also, in a communist system, what is the incentive to work harder than others if you will not be rewarded for it?

And it isn't working all that great for either Cuba or China. Cuba has tons of poverty, and China is moving closer and closer to a complete free market economy.

I know I'm not a slave.

what is the definition of authoritarianism? Having laws which restrict you from forming unions and a government which offers you opioids 40 times more addictive than heroin? oh wait.

Becasause communism is bad joke.
No one care what Fox say.

Attached: you.jpg (720x601, 72.02K)

oh so we're that communism now? not 'globalistic brotherhood united under zog-unism'. There's so many variants of your shitty idealogy, and apparently none of them were 'real'.

You blew my mind.

I think the fedoralord here is (you).

the fact that you don't even realise it just shows how oblivious you are to that



Attached: 1380330519668.gif (400x300, 777.04K)

i see where the miss understanding came from.
im not anti leftist, im centralist.
i don't appose it but right now its not what America needs, nor for the most part a large part of the west.
however leftist is a very bawd term and it dose in fact include the opposing group to the right, despite any past uses of the name, its current meaning is such. im not here to argue about the he said she said limp biscuit. i here for the original posts point against America, i wish to appose that argument, because im sick of meme boys that don't even believe in what they say.

Attached: paint.PNG (767x533, 312.72K)

do i really need to point out the obvious? or perhaps you're a kid living with your parents so you still haven't faced it?

okay just ignore what leftists say, you can really deconstruct their arguments that way.

ok pal

this tbh

Is Holla Forums left wing, or right wing, genius?

you'll do it on your own sooner or later

I guess we have no argument then.

Attached: con man jones.JPG (299x223, 22.25K)


so you are a kid, okay
grow up and start living on your own. then we'll talk


4 cups 2% milk with 4 cups Cinnamon Toast Crunch - still delicious, enjoy it sometimes


Taco Bell Grilled Stuft Burrito (from 2007, they make it weird now), nachos (chips and cheese), 30 oz of Mountain Dew. - still occasionally grab some tbell, knowing it’s garbage. But I’m ok with hating yesterday me, because it motivates me to push the calorie level up a bit. Dinner time isn’t fun doing that at lunch but now I know I’m going to eat it later and decide if it’s worth it. Some times it is. But gravy.


Large stuffed crust from Pizza Hut, order of cheese sticks, marinara cup, around a cup of ranch (I figure, with the guessing assist from my wife), three liters of Mountain Dew. I don’t eat Pizza Hut at all anymore, really, and if I do it’s a reasonable amount, and I’m already thinking about paying the penalty for it later when I throw back a bucket of KFC for dessert.

It’s 7,931 CALORIES

nice copypasta, m8

human nature is to suck your boss's cock for breadcrumbs? why are people opposed to capitalism if it is so natural and satisfying faggot?

lol you can't rebutte it, so you call it copypasta
fuck off kid

Attached: 0e5fe2ee1bb5880aec162a5d330295dbf96aa2f30d5d374a4bc5bc112f193c07.png (799x860, 67.15K)

you made it kike vs kike, im choosing the lesser of two evils in your game

i callit copypasta because i saw the same shit like literally 1000 times. you think that you're some special snowflake by bringing this "human nature" crap that i'm sick and tired of disproving over and over again

This whole thread's like watching a bunch of kids rolling around in shit while calling the other shit piles shittier.

Attached: 08e5146c0c5fdd5e99852a9e82659ba5444316892e255f26c8e2332f9c431dbc.png (623x469, 283.41K)

We humans, as social beings as we are, we need leaders. We need people to tell us what to do, to control us. Thats why we vote.

Kill yourself.

do you live on your own? do you have a good job or are you just using living on your own as sudo power, maybe he doesnt live on his own because unlike you he goes to school to do what is called learning. try it now

Attached: cummie.jpg (408x720, 41.87K)


we vote because we desperately hope for something better in society, you are not making sense. We do not need leaders.

disprove it once more. Convince me, faggot

good argument, leafy.

Attached: 246d820239f79d764191eea3b700e81659d7375e8aaf3dd7841e961f61442b1a.jpg (215x255, 5.13K)

Psychopaths politicians thinking they are gods.

Attached: 378549879.jpg (2441x1960, 415.31K)

you accused me of being a soros puppet, so I opposed your Zionist propaganda, that's it.

No, we vote to fool ourselves into believing we have any influence on power or that our concerns are being addressed. It's a simulation of power to save face and prevent rebellion.

this is one hella advanced brainwashing

that actually made me smile

Attached: boobfakecartoon.PNG (1044x738, 619.82K)

while jews like bluc.deviantart.com exists, the world is fucked.

We vote, to chose our leaders. Becasue deep down, we need the someone to be in charge of the pack, like wolves

Sounds like a kiked out Soros tool to me.

Attached: 53cd18fb019d3b0234f7873044821c16f6ebe696fcf430e19fcb70a64998b810.jpg (958x775, 199.05K)

no one cares about your 4chan artists tbh fam


Attached: le 56 face.png (1346x592, 88.6K)

we are nothing without leadership. we need control but not too much of it

i'm not gonna write an essay just to see your cognitive dissonance

true, show me where anarchy works?

whatever ,you jew.

we are not wolves, we are humans dipshit, I don't want some cop telling me where to put my dick and where to walk on the road, I am a capable human, you get it?

didnt read lol

neither you jewish mother

r**ist get out

sophistry, you make no sense, get help.

good job making my point even more valid


le 56 face is reply to this post or your mother will die in her sleep tonight

fuck you

Why are you belittling me as a kid?. I'm 21 idiot and you still failed to provide me with a valuable argument.

dude what he says makes logical scenes dont be a tard, you know it is a valid point

Attached: 61me0nEwRwL._UX425_.jpg (425x502, 27.81K)

Us and wolves are more alike than you would like to think. We're both highly social species, because we get along in groups. Amd like wolves, we need a leader. Someone we can follow, someone that will protect the pack.

we need people to rule our lives, but not too much? He is contradicting himself and spattering retardation because his pea brain overloaded on excuses for his emotional worldview.

we'll just take your word for it then

Attached: IMG_20170911_022212.jpg (231x231, 7.33K)

We are not wolves, fuck off, ruseman.

still a kid imho but that's not important here. what's importnat is that it doesn't mean that you tried living on your own

Attached: 73a6d04841817a31fb601b523eff994c11a66088694b6046b13a0457aa31d2e7.jpg (500x860, 132.76K)

America is autism incarnate.


good boy

This our fault that you believe in a "metaphysical force from another dimension called Surplus Value"? Fuck you, scientologist.

Attached: 746165796.png (704x480, 573.45K)

the ultimate alpha wolf can survive without a pack and needs no leader

bood goy

Not every image is supposed to be UHD 32k my dude.

you know what, I hate this shit.
metaphysics don't refer to other-worldly forces, just look it up.

i can however tell you why it's waste of keystrokes
first of all, your parician attitude which means that you will swep away anything i write. secondly the previously mentioned cognitive dissonance. and thirdly no matter what i reply with, you're gonna use asshole argument to strike down every single point and honestly you can't disprove that in ANY discussion


The alpha will eventually die of loneliness, believe it or not. That if it doesn't get killed by other packs first

well it's not my fault that you keep using the same worn out "arguments" over and over again instead of pointing out that one, actual problem. just shows the amount of research you spent on it

feeling loneliness is a beta trait
get on my level

dude id rather be a kid then that has education then a moron that thinks his blunt is jesus.
because you are not smarter than a kid, you are not better, your not even credible unless you prove it, and you come across as arrogant.
so whats your stand point. i may be arrogant too to a degree, but im not being ignorant to logic.
also youth does mean you get to live longer in this generation (which has always been better than the last for 260 years now)

Not gonna work here dude.

Attached: ez gondolda.png (184x184, 9.8K)

No definition of value.

Attached: 1499479134056.png (1354x909, 500.85K)

My generation never ate Tide pods, younglin

Fuck eur-

Attached: CandleJ_5419.jpg (250x188, 36.61K)


Imagine wanting to get rid of guns before wanting to get rid of commies.

Which thing you call "real communism" is a lie of a drugged bum.

we will laways have choppers

Attached: free helicopter rides.jpg (261x194, 8.49K)

based anarchist blasts corrupt marxist and then an ancap interrupts and shits on the floor.

what logic? copypasta arguments that you can google by yourself to see how wrong they are?
anyone who actualy works can realise that he is in fact a slave. it's so fucking obvious to everyone that i can't debate with a person who never experienced that


so its not a contradiction because there is a limit to how much control is what he is saying.

like with a lot of things too much is bad

fuck i lose brain cells having to be the rick of morts some times(and that's not an argent that's just honesty)
fuck i lose brain cells having to be the rick of morts some times(and that's not an argent that's just honesty)

Attached: d297dcfd295ca4eede36be53183b823678dd83f448c0324a819b30c34da0a403.png (255x143 17.38 KB, 10.55K)

you haven't made an argument, you're just stating things and expecting people to believe their true. Idiotic, you are doofus rick who eats shit.

how about you look up the definition?


i never said that. i can, however, have more life experience than you. you can believe that much, right?

Your patrician attitude immediately discounts my arguments. Sadly your cognitive dissonance, a term used to describe holding contradictory viewpoints simultaneously, first coined in a book about a globalist, totalitarian, communistic hellscape, by an author famous for his works critical of communist ideology, makes reaching you with any logical appeal near impossible.
Of course, you'll probably just call me an 'asshole' and tell me to 'read a book' or something.

orwell was a socialist who criticised authority and fascism, not communism, idiot. lol.

Can we please stop the bickering and get back to shitting on Burgers?

your dodging the point, and id rather be 21, then some 35 yr old that still wanks on Holla Forums becau… you know what for get i said that, that's just too mean, back to the point

Attached: bee090bc93e146595888ee993e58c7191b7e89a45b51f2a8ef6a870e965e825b.jpg (2484x3500 158.64 KB, 5.67M)

so we should have no rules,cause chaos anytime we desire?

and that is relaveant how exactly? or are you tryingto move the goalposts just to show how smart you are with google usage?
i already said at the beginning: i'll talk to anyone who points out that one, real problem with communism. the rest is bullshit i have no patience of doing countless times just to achieve nothing

We are not snowflakres here

this is why we cant communicate, man, your alternative to having cops fucking you in the ass is chaos, you have no reasonable perspective.

fucking millennials shilling for college indoctrination

well, i am shitting on burgers and their dumb capitalism

A proof that Holla Forums is retarded.

Attached: 12455334677.png (1346x2013, 1.29M)

i made my point clear. once you live on your own, you realise some things about life

You're an idiot.

Attached: Animal-Farm-Cover-by-TheFool432-16cerxb.jpg (800x1200, 646.1K)

mods hate him, he is the elusive pedo
Da Da Daaaaa Daah ha

Attached: pedosmile1.jpg (500x401 26.29 KB, 68.19K)

t.nu/pol/ ameri-mongrel

Attached: 1508973757169.png (350x278, 89.23K)

I don't know sarge. can you show me your true power-level then?

ya you just open your third anus huh

Attached: xedni.jpg (259x194, 12.64K)

good argument ahahahah
u are the biggest moron on this thread, have a google search, gay stupid cunt.

Orwell fought under the hammer and sickle in Catalonia along side anarchists and communists and was an avowed democratic socialist.

meant for

Attached: images.duckduckgo.com.png (680x697, 898.58K)

More proof that leftists are retarded.

good job, missing the point

t. fat fuck from gaymany

Attached: 1513810543001.png (700x566, 59.36K)

is there even a point? just go to work and see for yourself how money works

Attached: trannypol.jpg (2611x1690, 587.53K)

there is only one definition of communism, you know

You assume I needed google to articulate a response. Your projection is showing. This is why communism will never work. We are not equal, and I will fiercely resist any attempt to be dragged to your level.

Hitler was a national socialist, your point being?


national socialism is fascism u little shit, fuck off.


That is a very interesting question. For starters it undermines the whole point of socialism which is to free the proliteriate from oppression. Instead it merely replaces one set of bourgeoisie (traditional capitalists) with another. That being a totalitarian state which oppresses the people except it's even worse as the people are fooled into celebrating their oppressors as liberators and revolutionaries. Economically it failed as it assumed everyone would do their part for the greater good which sounds good but doesn't do any good for someone with ambition. So people did the bare minimum because they had no real incentive to work harder leading to lack of goods which led to shortages of consumer goods. You could probably say more like how corrupt the governments were, how the ideology suppressed other forms of socialism leading to the taboo of socialism today.

Money is a form of trade and power.

I said "metaphysical force" in "anime common sense".
Like "Queens Beril Dark Heart Force".

Define "Surplus Value Evil Force" in actual software industry and why a software can cost U$60 while need 4 ~ 6 year to produce?
What is the correct value of a software on you opinion?
And in de end, what the real value (to communist) of a collaborative algorithm working in a Maya plug-in? (or any another graphic software)

What is the focal point?
The focal point is MARX DONT KNOW MATH!
And all it wrote, is a great piece of shits and lies.

Attached: 9134654.gif (400x293, 1.03M)

you just gonna keep moving the goalpost further and further away, wont'cha?
not this shit again. FOR ONCE
oh, and btw:


Attached: be0d5d2ce1f0cf3b80b05c2fcd2d2133158f3338eec12cdd8e5aabd69f046b2c.jpg (1345x1208, 240.78K)

all nice and dandy, except a few things, but anyway: why socialism? i'm talking about communism here

young proles active in their community
problem? They look better than the users on this board.

You know very damn well, that Communism has never been implemented anywhere.

you newfags are sad

Attached: 1ebb62fc25da1fe67257d52aacd1c8f7d8871af068c5daa422256baf00810dcb.png (1531x1723, 813.16K)

its all according to my plan

we are saving Holla Forums. Shut up, mutt

compared to jewchan's 29472832 posts

Attached: 17614d299f61d40895bbe6121c3848a641af44e5716fdc6b535d12abc11eadf4.jpg (169x255, 10.41K)

I never said they look good, illiterate, I just said that you are more ugly than them.

YOUR definition, Dalai Stalin-sensei.

Attached: 37665796.png (1280x717, 890.89K)

from loli's?

you areeady failed. but let's keep going:
2. you do realise that Marx was living in an era with no computers and he based off all hid ideology purely on humans, right? if he saw the world today, he would have absolutely NO doubt that his ideologies would work
but to reply: what's the value of water or sunlight? what even is that "value"?"

im a commie but this is silly, m8.

commie pls


i know but that was never the point of my post. i want to hear about the flaw not whether it existed or not

And you wonder why no one takes you seriously Holla Forums. Go back to reddit where you exodused from you stupid faggot.

Attached: 1444674774.png (1347x1089, 1.26M)

one definition of communism, m8. one of anarcho-communism, one for some spin-off that goes under some different name (there's even totalitarian communism, believe it or not)


Attached: da363088854fff9134a752f5adbb0e98208f5df4f8edd987c3e37c11338f65f1.jpg (2497x1672 467.46 KB, 476.62K)


this site is literally a synagogue


bla bla bla

Attached: kek.png (327x316, 207.7K)


and? each have their own name and probably a wikipedia entry afai can read

things i like

Attached: weed.jpg (600x881 312.72 KB, 288.51K)

yeah I was just expanding the list for specificity, so that people can look up the differences between communist movements and ideas.

oh, okay then
tho not all of them are stricte communist

I like to see Mario fuck his adoptive mother.

Attached: sample_82bbdae57c940c4ef5a881a53b192e78875b311d.jpg (850x731, 161.12K)

Attached: sample_0f626de1251d17f263236cc5e0f10b6e7eb1605d.jpg (640x480 170.67 KB, 71.69K)

Sorry man, didn't mean to ruffle your feathers.

I have since edited my comment to use more sensitive language, and seen the error of my having used hyperbole.

So this is what irrelevant countries do all day?
Think of new ways to try and insult relevant countries?

Sorry, I forggot.
To you, "marx are not marxist" and "marxism is a social contruct like ecconomy".

You known Sir Isaac Newton and Charles Babage?
I think not.



Foreseeable from a marx-minion.

Attached: 3541879.jpg (1280x720, 113.98K)

I wish I was peach

Attached: sample_a4f2314d9bea15fb5a1938c9b712554e.jpg (850x1204 372.94 KB, 279.98K)

Attached: 9.jpg (1280x720 81.8 KB, 43.07K)

Define facism big guy.

Attached: IMG_20171005_124624.jpg (727x1083, 80.84K)

Attached: 8.jpg (1280x720 77.5 KB, 72.01K)

fascism is when you demand strict authority to the state, which is incorporated with private industries in an attempt to utilise public labour and centralise all resources and power to the state, it is radical capitalism, that's why Nazis are right wing. Most fascism has a focus on nationalism, conservatism, race, tradition. It is the antithesis to freedom.

Attached: sample_197c712e5e36a399a47ec711a02206eb91867d4b.jpg (850x1239 183.03 KB, 255.83K)

no, i'm just laughing that you brought Marx into this like his ideologies had anything to do with communism. and i'm laughing even more that you think that i ever supported Marx's point of view. but that's understandable from an ignorant like you to just throw everything into one bag instead of researching it first
at least i read a few things (including Rothbard's work) about "anarcho"-capitalism before i participated in discussion
it's hard to not know them after studying maths/IT
whoa there, you went to far with that

Sounds pretty socialist.

does it, really?

No one care, no one care, NO ONE CARE!
You can call salmon as "surubalberbeluch" because a pigment of purple in flipper.
For all another humans, is just salmon.

Thats why National Socialism always escalates to Fascim

state capitalism like in China is centralising all industry to become self-sufficient by dominating the global market, you could make that comparison, but it is otherwise non-constrictive, DPRK is more authoritarian.

normalfags don't care. scientists and other wise people do care a lot

Oh god… being this retarded

Attached: fail.jpg (600x433 166.31 KB, 58.89K)

Attached: e3b49de56d1273a78d0dd24988fb90dbfc3a59d9422978fd616a7bffd55dab65.gif (500x357, 352.87K)

yes, keep laughing. just shows your ignorance on the subject

2053195 for the third sauce

It's just a different take on socialist theory. Nobody on Holla Forums is against socialism. That was actually a good answer btw.

yes, hitler really cared about workers by sending all of them to die in a war and enslaving people to create weapons.

but you guys know that nazism had nothing to do with socialism, right?

Attached: hitler speech2.webm (640x360 3.96 MB, 8.78M)

I'd like to fuck USA

Attached: Jx0TCqt.jpg (3072x2235, 391.55K)

yeah that's my fave too
I just found it on rule34.xxx
im sure an artist is attached somewhere on the photo, on the website.


it might be pretty deep on there though, my collection is from 20 pages of content.

He cared about them just as any other socialistic/communistic country that ever existed.
Hence why socialism and anything left wing spawn is a cancer, that leading either to downfall of it's own society or war at large.

Attached: capitalism.jpg (300x300, 61.2K)

Attached: 1237656045408.jpg (636x416 195.34 KB, 95.04K)

leftists just want to live in peace, you can do whatever u want as long as you don't bother me, but someone else might have a stick up their ass.

you went too far with that, Holla Forums

im guessing you think that Europe is socialist, no?

slavery build 'murica. never forget that fact

Das rite

I though say this was brazilian's communist mental retard. What the hell?

But Marx, your "super infallible god", ignored them.

Attached: 76654654.gif (540x481, 823.45K)

i also like my custom build of UE 4.17

Attached: 10.jpg (1280x720, 98.39K)

I don't visit that cancerous place, also attacking natsoc there will likely earn you a ban… well that and anything else that doesn't fit their world views.

I couldn't care less, I am not murican.

I really need to find a girl happy to do that for me.

goth girls are damaged goods who will fuck u in the ass.

you're not even trying anymore

Attached: good.gif (320x240, 1.05M)

I hate it when he makes that face
it reminds me of other kids rejecting me in my childhood.

natsoc is about perserving a specific identity and basing a community around it.

then fuck off to your communities and stop expanding your reaches to the national level, most people reject your ideas.

did you just burn him very badly?

I don't know
im just trying to keep this thread alive


well, they always use the "leftist hypocrite" argument and you just striked him back with the same thing

Attached: ccf91929f549bbe86faf0a581ac1ae123e0d36ba.png (800x900 140.82 KB, 412.92K)

u have a point
I just don't promote genocide, slavery and war.
I feel like leftists are justified in their activism.
at least moreso than fascists.


Attached: 1488331_543648782387284_1119986472_n.jpg (261x132, 9.92K)

How do you want us consider a "hypothesis" about computer and engineering, if this "hypothesis" ignore ALL fundies of computer and engineering?
Cmon, guy?

What is the focal point?
The focal point is MARX DONT KNOW MATH!
And all it wrote, is a great piece of shits and lies. That's true.

Attached: 8765465746.gif (500x285, 383.32K)


War has helped the human race more then you will ever know

Pretty much, if you are speaking about EU.
There are few conservative countries in this EUSSR, but most of them are still socialistic at least their governments are.

compel this

Attached: sample_add1965b6d8f5b3e9a7141f178ebd91e.jpg (595x510 120.81 KB, 127.86K)

just leave me alone, man. come on.



Slavery didn’t build shit. None of our infrastructure is made out of cotton, retard.

War is Darwinism applied to humanity. Survival of the stronger

killing the entire human population would help Earth more than you will ever know

I accept nuance and responsibility when it is NECESSARY. I don't think we need to kill kids for oil.

gay. Europe is going through a neoliberal crisis right now, socialism isn't when the government does stuff, come on.

Leftist with mental retard, care a lot.


One thing that i have been thinking about lately, is the illusion of freedom that we have. Take America, for example.

Attached: wat.jpeg (500x498, 54.75K)

this is the first red pill


BUT, you need be a expert in apples to write a hypothesis about apples.

Not is what marx did.

Attached: 376546874.jpg (470x264, 37.47K)

Then w need to secularis it so we all got
Regretable tatoos of that will help us get in to a mexican gang in prison, /pol will probs have the tats for a nn gang
Neo nazi not naked nigga gang, just so we all on same page

take your meds, bro

you're like those Apple tards who made a brand new programming language for their ishit and literally wrote that they're looking for people with 3y experience in it


no one actually believes in God anymore, we just care about ourselves and getting pussy, God is gay, he just throws spanners in our work.

Attached: no gods.jpg (648x960, 129.09K)

okay, am sorry

in some sense, war has helped humanity. but that's just a bucket of good in an ocean of bad


im not user
but war has given incentives for technology, to learn how to kill eachother better which has direct and indirect causes for advancement in broader society.


well, wars take care of overpopulation, rape saved gene pools and civilisations, human experiments made the biggest advancement in medicine…maybe something else as well. would have to give it a thought

oops double posted

there is no overpopulation, it is overcrowding, I live in a village, and not a city and it is fine here.

no wonder everything's shit

i'm pretty sure that without any wars, we would exceed 500G people by now
it'd be a problem assuming that we'd stay on earth only of course

Welfare state that want to control everything ==for our own good== is literally a definition of socialism.
People in Europe stating to wake up, but it's still socialistic shithole.
To the point that fucking China is more on the right than the EU.

God doesn't make everything better
if things are bad, we have to make them better, in ourselves and for others, I don't see how God has anything to do with that.

and I am a degenerate so im not gonna pretend I can suppress my sexuality. God does not help me.

if god exists, he hates us

Dude your dumb if your not seeing the joke, im sorry but you realy are. God is s good insentive for some things thou even if not real

well maybe an issue is that there arent enough people to promote that kind of cosmopolitanism, if there were more people, we might have globalised nations in an attempt to ration homes.

I think if he was real he would out right deny ever creating us out of shame, he just likes to sex da waman lik all gods do

I guess, but also bad things people do in the name of their god.

Attached: wtfulain.gif (507x360, 871.17K)

Attached: wtfulain2.gif (507x360, 1003.72K)

Attached: wtfulain3.gif (507x360, 921.76K)

Attached: wtfulain4.gif (507x360, 186.76K)

Annunaki pimps left us half-breeds like the mutts and then went back to nibiru.

Attached: wtfulain5.gif (507x360, 220.46K)

Attached: wtfulain6.gif (507x360, 285.6K)

Attached: where_is_lain.gif (300x300, 435.13K)

Attached: NEOLAIN.gif (938x1094, 54.12K)

Attached: lainofthewired.gif (855x855, 187.19K)

Attached: LainLOGO.gif (192x398, 2.24K)

Attached: lainlife.gif (376x375, 314.41K)

Attached: LainGOD.gif (416x600, 14.85K)

Attached: lainbendit.gif (1116x788, 1.82M)

my point was that earth would have problems with maintaining all those people. you know, food, pollution and other stuff. but then, without wars, this wouldn't be a problem at all

Attached: lain_vapors_2.gif (1258x720, 551.25K)

lain is a beta female who reset the world to get pussy.

Attached: lain_10.gif (932x672, 6.19M)

Attached: 1469681098197.gif (500x357, 548.59K)

Attached: lain_9.gif (769x300, 5.67M)

Attached: lain_8.gif (400x284, 2.79M)

but we wouldn't have problems, we would evolve with our circumstances. more people would mean more land and resources, so space travel, that's probably why in sci fi movies, there is metropolis's and lots of people.

Attached: lain_7.gif (400x300, 1.31M)

i don't believe in god but i'm ready to believe that some alien race planted life on earth and is running an experiment on the evolution process, how an intelligent species is formed, how civilisation evolves and other shit that they went thorugh at their very beginning

So, people are the ones doing it. Its a good thing that branwashing consepts like religion exist, they revial the unstable minds in sosiaty that would continue to go unknoticed until they decide to shoot up a school not for any religiouse reason. The procreation by people like this is somthing that needs to be indirectly limited, hot wheels even wrote a similar article but regarding physical defects like hes own.

true, I live in the wired and I will never leave

Attached: lain_6.gif (949x674, 11.83M)

Attached: a344570d8ab353992736dcf9ee785862a9d7bf28ae5fabaf6fa8c5ee11d1ceac.gif (250x191, 193.2K)

Attached: lain_4.gif (526x800, 37.09K)

Attached: lain_3.gif (510x382, 402.71K)

Attached: f72b4633e1bcca475ab8a316e0b1d2a8936af7c5eeb8f35a33d60741bf172aac.gif (500x333, 473.46K)

look it up my child.

Attached: f20945cec471aa2a04b6fa039b8edcfc754095eb09113cdb186eb77f86ab60a5.gif (507x360, 4.74M)

Attached: lain.gif (300x100, 30.38K)

Attached: f2986835a43b04c2dc11703f9eab0becee1c122c47cbae575afd2ff9387d3cb6.gif (507x360, 1.81M)

Attached: f38b3a4f05ebd71f5c4df5882c961859a2e7458932033e3eb84eef85854138a8.gif (507x360, 3.81M)

Attached: ecf755f4216fa9d753ade0012cd23143c832d4df4d3122562b4c5d030eb33b8a.gif (600x510, 741.1K)

I guess, i can see you on the bottom right of my screen, always watching.

Attached: e0b2e962725ad9c78de87a57d96861b5f86a72fb7e8d80350e0b343934ee565d.gif (320x240, 314.72K)

Attached: 1465358099233-2.gif (500x370, 272.88K)

Attached: dde07d01af9f436991a949f99b92b3f13cda4b489ca4d1628f86e48a59feb980.gif (500x363, 482.56K)

Attached: daaf724cc823541ecb79f1024b7ccf608c2f2d21859166c5968e599a8adcc705.gif (507x360, 5M)

Attached: d32398b83f8eeabd99cfd1b69456f0b8a6f95b4844cfb1fd690faf3df07b87db.gif (500x358, 1018.6K)

Attached: crazed2.gif (1066x832, 391.81K)

Attached: c1787bd7ebab52bd84aa4e355f1c9c8cf2381cd9d3f633749268264c9cdf2238.gif (1013x720, 1.01M)

Attached: be4115f07db1bfd01d6fbdd6f8e0cc7475b59cd3291fc52a62111a658cf83140.gif (500x380, 72.48K)

which means that some alien scientist is observing your hand touching your pee pee at this very moment

Attached: b6979920f3e00bcb255200ddeac6c9ee233f193b0c205536d9bde83abde2676d.gif (500x357, 1.4M)

maybe nothing is more real than anything else, maybe reality is what we just think it is. i see myself as a person, so i am that, it could be different, so that is a different reality. We create our own reality, don't worry about it, lain. Everything will be ok.

Attached: a68050d24ff63a8b474ba4427555e73e86bab984505e35094ccde47be9447cdd.gif (676x480, 4.4M)

im cool with that, i wish my alien parents, who know my entire life would come and see me sometime.

Attached: 165305641745.gif (500x368, 878.45K)

Attached: ab52e910228ec6a2231f9a48ec40013ec6fe01615efc99edd70d4fd742efe0ea.gif (676x480, 1005.76K)

Attached: abcc25842964994886b72d68f51688db3db815f8bb8f22b5dea87df0eaed9ee1.gif (338x240, 4.33M)

Attached: ayylmao.gif (500x356, 276.09K)

Attached: a45aedb59ceac96a5faca61b3277224c6576d9b7c3b11aa9e0a76145bc15a245.gif (676x480, 5.98M)

love u lain


Attached: a1fbc926f344f8de3d5c4a0c30a8a1b9e47ee352191df52fb992513fb92d51a2.gif (500x356, 1M)


Attached: 0789785976545678.gif (500x355, 517.47K)

i never brought up cops

Attached: 1390971853.gif (370x280, 990.93K)

Attached: 78946435216458.gif (500x363, 674.18K)

Attached: 64784586784675.gif (500x374, 995.46K)

"With Herschel, Babbage worked on the electrodynamics of Arago's rotations, publishing in 1825. Their explanations were only transitional, being picked up and broadened by Michael Faraday. The phenomena are now part of the theory of eddy currents, and Babbage and Herschel missed some of the clues to unification of electromagnetic theory, staying close to Ampère's force law."
"Babbage published On the Economy of Machinery and Manufactures (1832), on the organisation of industrial production. It was an influential early work of operational research.[68] John Rennie the Younger in addressing the Institution of Civil Engineers on manufacturing in 1846 mentioned mostly surveys in encyclopaedias, and Babbage's book was first an article in the Encyclopædia Metropolitana, the form in which Rennie noted it, in the company of related works by John Farey, Jr., Peter Barlow and Andrew Ure."

How did not exist, bastard?


All industrialization methodology are based in Sir Newton and Babbage studies.
All steam machine use are Newton side and all logical engineering are Babbage side.

Marx ignored all fundies of he wanted write.
All Math fundies, all computing fundies, all engineering fundies, all industry fundies!
Marx dont read one line of anything basis.
Cmon, guy.
Marx is a bum. Marx is a fraud.

Attached: 7631324685.gif (540x304, 1.06M)

Attached: 1467671951724-4.gif (282x199, 47.17K)

authority in this world is cops and government.

Attached: 1469503474974.gif (634x634, 50.8K)

Attached: 1472649075973.gif (592x592, 42.68K)

Attached: 4596125684596.gif (500x330, 979.62K)

Attached: 1467428329227.gif (942x942, 72.68K)

Attached: 1467426711880.gif (400x324, 167.34K)

Attached: 1467410715504-1.gif (471x700, 38.59K)

Attached: 1466472608310-3.gif (300x300, 430.45K)

Attached: 1466997203208.gif (540x642, 753.75K)

Attached: 1467002382946.gif (700x921, 53.07K)

Attached: 1467187807300-2.gif (603x603, 83.92K)

Attached: 1467410715503-0.gif (600x600, 23.28K)

Attached: 1466472608310-2.gif (500x380, 259.51K)

Attached: 1466472133318-2.gif (500x357, 114.72K)

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Do you think sansa stak likes geting the little finger?

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lain is so cute
but so alone :(

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Attached: 1455117348297-3.gif (400x324, 181.25K)

I wanna see her take bbc

Attached: 1454704142750-2.gif (170x170, 130.71K)

no, you retard. Marx lived before advanced computers were made. he would never imagine that one day there will be something better at everything than any human being can do. at that time everyone thought that a computer is a machine for writing and doing math, not a magical box that transports you to virtual reality where you can be a female elf running in bikini and slaying dragons with her magical bow for items and xp

Attached: 1454590472882.gif (540x422, 131.15K)

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Attached: 1454704142750-3.gif (699x800, 66.17K)

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/a/ is where this buffer over flow of fag shit belongs

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Stark girls look healthy and well prepaired for winter

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its spring
why are they overplanning?

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Next one

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did you ever listen to that Porter Robinson album about the computer program? Isn't it basically just stealing ideas from Serial Experiments Lain? Or am I just making things up in my head?

Attached: 1400406853.gif (500x338, 497.42K)

Never heard of him but i wouldn't be surprised if he did

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sometimes i feel like i'm the only person who exists
and that im just ignoring this fact by indulging in concepts like happiness, but its all a mirage, and even people who think that they're real are just extensions of me, and that i can do things like imprison myself in a psyche ward and never let myself out, i hate being confined to this singular body and this singular life, i can jut turn on myself at any moment and make my life hell.

Attached: 1390194409.gif (500x357, 237.27K)

i don't care about dying, i just care about being kept alive against my will, and to live a horrible life.

Attached: 1399010473.gif (136x180, 50.81K)

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Attached: 1391779489.gif (500x357, 1020.02K)

i need a way to kill myself in case someone tries to make my life hell. I'm anticipating that someone will come and hurt me. I used to have some medication, but I lost it, so i need a new thing, like a cyanide capsule, i cant get a gun, so it will have to be a painful way to die unfortunately.

Attached: 1391658721.gif (393x295, 153.14K)

Attached: 1391636077.gif (256x144, 3.76K)


Attached: download-1.jpg (259x194, 7.22K)

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Im hokage ya samuri ninja sauske

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Marx live after Sir Newton and all founders of modern industry.
Sir Newton published his studies in 1690.
The mass process started in 1760 and the first industrial steam machine is from 1712 (Thomas Newcomen).


Babbage and all modern industrial logic founders were contemporary of Marx in 1820 ~ 1900 .
And Marx never read one line of this topics.
Never read Math, never read Material Mechanic, never read Electricity, never read Analytical Theory, never read Administration, never read any basis of modern industry.
His "hypothesis" are a "hypothesis about a subject he's never read".

Marx imagined all, Marx is pure fiction.
Communist believe in a fable taled by a boaster.

Attached: 798546546.png (1024x1563, 1.26M)

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Attached: 1391281321.gif (300x300, 435.13K)

Attached: 1391258677.gif (400x307, 736.52K)

Attached: 1391228485.gif (500x363, 553.14K)

Attached: 1391213389.gif (400x208, 587.47K)

Attached: 1391092621.gif (500x384, 846.25K)

Attached: 1391115265.gif (500x357, 722K)

Attached: 1391145457.gif (500x357, 1021.75K)

Attached: 1391160553.gif (500x357, 1023.33K)

Roblox shinobi

Attached: images-112.jpg (443x332, 18.56K)

Attached: 1391190745.gif (500x323, 794.96K)

Attached: 1391062429.gif (400x286, 746.55K)

Attached: 1391047333.gif (300x300, 5.28K)

Attached: 1391017141.gif (500x328, 484.87K)

sometimes i think i should just give up and get a weapon, and hurt people , so that they will be scared of me, and that they wont come to hurt me, because im weak, i just want to live far away from everyone, and to just shitpost on Holla Forums,. , the real world is not inviting to me, my whole life, i already told my mother that things wont get better, and that i am ready to die, but i think she may betray me, so i need to be weary, i suppose, of everyone.

Attached: 1390971853.gif (370x280, 990.93K)

How old is lain?

Attached: 1390851085.gif (400x225, 359.19K)

Attached: 1390873729.gif (500x357, 647.78K)

Attached: 1390896373.gif (500x333, 984.27K)

Attached: 1390919017.gif (500x312, 952.05K)

Attached: 1390949209.gif (500x464, 469.21K)

Narutoposting cannot compete with lain

Attached: 1390828441.gif (500x356, 459.23K)

Attached: 1390805797.gif (400x286, 473.61K)

Attached: 1390783153.gif (500x357, 493.51K)

Attached: 1390752961.gif (500x373, 194.74K)

Attached: 1390737865.gif (500x357, 998.76K)

Attached: 1390602001.gif (500x351, 913.04K)

Attached: 1390632193.gif (499x356, 504.37K)

like 12

Attached: 1390647289.gif (250x176, 952.25K)

Attached: 1390677481.gif (500x362, 228.35K)

Attached: 1390700125.gif (150x150, 20.22K)

Attached: 1390571809.gif (500x300, 979.23K)

Attached: 1390556713.gif (500x310, 977.98K)

Attached: 1390481233.gif (500x357, 1018.9K)

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Attached: 1390435945.gif (500x357, 1M)

Attached: 1390398205.gif (500x357, 1.65M)

Attached: 1390360465.gif (500x357, 320.4K)

Attached: 1390345369.gif (500x375, 956.31K)

Attached: 1390315177.gif (500x354, 461.01K)

Attached: 1390156669.gif (500x357, 114.75K)

Attached: 1390194409.gif (500x357, 237.27K)

Attached: 1390232149.gif (500x362, 878.07K)

Attached: 1390277437.gif (500x330, 943.09K)

Attached: 1390134025.gif (475x363, 78.58K)

Attached: 1390111381.gif (500x292, 497.47K)

Attached: 1390073641.gif (500x383, 468.37K)

Attached: 1390043449.gif (500x375, 499.53K)

Attached: 1389983065.gif (500x382, 183.53K)

Attached: 1389771721.gif (499x386, 492.29K)

Attached: 1389817009.gif (499x386, 331.23K)

Attached: 1389884941.gif (500x333, 475.27K)

Attached: 1389937777.gif (499x386, 305.98K)

if theres no hope
theres no reason to be satisfied
god has made it clear
sinking into what i hate
and what has been granted to me
that's what cowards do
and im a coward

Attached: 1389650953.gif (500x370, 375.76K)

Attached: 1389598117.gif (500x325, 494.23K)

Attached: 1390518973.gif (500x357, 548.59K)

Attached: 1389545281.gif (500x360, 467.62K)

Attached: 1389492445.gif (500x375, 153.12K)

Attached: 1389424513.gif (500x375, 277.89K)

Attached: 1389152785.gif (359x443, 33.79K)

Attached: 1389198073.gif (283x425, 50.21K)

Attached: 1389258457.gif (256x240, 225.71K)

Attached: 1389318841.gif (255x180, 85.38K)

Attached: 1389364129.gif (352x288, 1.09M)

Attached: 1388843317.gif (288x223, 2.74M)

Attached: 1388918797.gif (320x240, 1.86M)

Attached: 1388971633.gif (125x196, 44.32K)

the wired has consumed me
i am waiting to die

Attached: 1389047113.gif (283x425, 704.57K)

Attached: 1389107497.gif (500x375, 447.1K)

Attached: 659478789.gif (500x298, 976.8K)

Attached: 564351347.gif (500x200, 981.52K)

Attached: 879453123.gif (500x382, 984.12K)

Attached: 897123465.gif (1214x863, 6.56M)

Attached: 897654123.gif (250x188, 1.98M)

Attached: 1376706133.gif (500x344, 330.16K)

Attached: 645645678.gif (500x354, 1.93M)

Attached: 591561516.gif (500x382, 491.92K)

Attached: 489561260.gif (300x229, 462.6K)

Attached: 486532197.gif (500x530, 849.77K)

Attached: 456789123.gif (500x355, 914.92K)

Attached: 156156156.gif (500x375, 1000.94K)

Attached: 323456789.gif (250x169, 940.94K)

Attached: 159895400.gif (500x355, 1016.92K)