Attention whores on b through the years

I stopped collecting these a few years ago so most of them are old, if you've got some newer ones feel free to upload them.
Most of these are from halfchan and almost all of those were camwhores who were shilling their shows from other sites, so not so much attention whores rather than litteral whores.

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as long as beta orbiters exist so will attention whores.

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The replies on those threads were so damn pathetic.

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wew cuckqueen.

They are fat.

Aaaaand that's all of them. I only did this for a year or so before I stopped, so there aren't that many of them. Anyway I'll end with the ones from here.

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None are timestamped but I have a few Sharpie in the pooper ones.

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about half of these are trannies

More poop holes

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Not really, most of them were just camwhores from chaturbate or other such sites, so it was pretty obvious if they were traps or not.
But I just went back to halfchan and holy shit it's bad. I though it couldn't get any worse with the non stop camwhores, but now there are actual traps attention whoring and the ammount of cancer is insane.

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It's been like that for years.


This user has the right idea

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I knew that was coming. Go away, Goatse

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traps are gay