Being fit is all it takes

If you have trouble with women, have an average or below average face, have an average or above average height.
You can still bang chicks on industrial level just by being fit.

What's stopping you from being fit ?

You'll never be able to get your dick inside

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rip zyzz. gone but not forgotten

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You understand that to have a body like that means you spend 5 days a week (at least) lifting and living with a highly controlled diet. It's both a hobby and a lifestyle, right? It's expensive and tedious too

No it isn't.
Zyzz's body is achievable on natty.
You can get his gains within couple years without roids or expensive supplements

As long as you're constant, an hour a day isn't that much.

Pic related are natty gainz

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Didn't Zyzz die from all the roids he took?

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Getting fit is 80% diet and 20% routine. I'm currently focusing on keto with intermittent fasting.

My goal is to drop from some ~20% body fat to ~12-15%.

Wish me luck Bros.

Just for y'all, I'm posting my favorite keto side dish I made on an experiment.

Cheesy Keto Side
1 cup chopped cauliflower
1 cup finely sliced spinach
1/2 cup baby Bella mushroom
1/2 cup cheese of choice
2 tbs sour cream
1 tbs oil
2 tsp anchovy paste

You're gonna want to boil the cauliflower til tender
After straining, put that shit on the skillet with oil
Salt to taste, not a lot
Now when the cauliflower gets nice and seared add some finely sliced baby Bella mushrooms and reduce heat.
When those get soft, add the thin strips of spinach and reduce heat again.
Wait til everything gets all wilted and tender, stir often then squeeze in the anchovy paste.
Add the sour cream when the spinach gets nice and supple.
Later add some melting cheese of your choice, I used mozzarella make sure you got a low flame or that shit'll burn. Use butter if you need, but it should melt into the sour cream.
I like to season with tarragon.
When it's all melted and gooey you're done. Pairs well with seared pork, steak, and chicken.

R8 my recipe m8

Worth noting that probably 90% of dudes on juice are precious as fuck about it, and will swear blue they're 'natty'.
t. use steroids openly, am honest with my doctor & family

Keto is the way brother. Pro tip: Use chromium supplement early in the morning and in the afternoon to keep blood sugar levels stable.

how? i'm fit yet still a kv, lifting doesn't cure autism

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if you want to be fit, good for you, but you should want to be fit for yourself, not so 3DPD will see you as a greater utility

Partly, yes.

I have no idea wtf you're talking about but good luck.

Roids are bad.

Post pic

Getting fit is like getting a luxury car, it does get you chick but it also feel awesome.
Don't try to rationalize your laziness

Yes, but once you get swole enough you really don't have to watch you diet much (so long as you eat like a human) unless you want to get shredded.

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Too lazy to take a pic, i'm fairly built (enough for people to comment on it rather often), bulking at the moment though

itt: fat children on meds fantasize about what will never happen.

back to jerking each other off on >>>/fit/

trips of truth

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We're all gonna make it, bruh.

Keto is good but a little bit of carbs are needed. If you eat a ton of vegetables you should be fine.
Vegetables sauteed in clarified butter. Depending on how much oil you use, 600 calories per meal is beyond easy.

I'm 6'1'', I have at least a normal looking face, and I am fit enough that it's noticeable. Doesn't work, because I stay in my apartment all day long, I am never placed in a situation where it is even remotely possible to come into contact with women my age.

You shouldn't use anything as a crux to 'get girls'
If you're into fitness, great
If you're into dirtbikes, cool
If you're a surfer guy, good for you
You be you, and you'll attract girls that share similar interests

If you're just in it to be a poser you're doing it wrong, and you'll probably only attract poser gf's.


uhuh.. depends what you take.


Like some barbaric cave man, disgusting

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the fact that I said that getting fit for yourself intimately a good thing proves that I am not lazy
that fact that you willing misconstrue this proves that you are gynocentirc cuck
I am shit faced and even I am able to follow this simple line of logic
getting your fucking head out of the ass 3DPD. I am not saying 3DPD < 2D
but cucks such as yourself are a problem, you too mach value on 3DPD and their opinions, especially their opinions
stop blindly following your instincts, and use logic for once in your sad fucking life


Seems like i hit the nerve there.
Its ok user, i know you're not mad at me but mad at yourself, i'm showing you an ugly truth and that makes you uncomfortable, i understand that.

i learned couple of things in my day.

1) life isn't worth living unless you're in the top 10%.

drive the best cars, wear the best clothes, eat the best food…and fuck the best pussies.

Is that geocentric?.
Its your biological purpose as a MAN to fuck as many high quality pussy as you can, and you're failing it.
your body hates you for it because you're denying it what it was meant for.
Like a fucking bird living in a cage, unable to fly.

2) life is fucking unfair.
Some guys were born with a large advantage, wealth, physical attractiveness, good parents that helped building their confidence…

thats how it is, you can ether spend the rest of your life whining about it, give up and spend the rest of your life miserable jerking off to shitty porn or do fucking something about it !.

Life will give advantages to some but in the end its up to you to decide if you want to live like a loser or not.

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The training isn't that bad, 40-60 mins of your day x5 a week. The diet on the other hand requires discipline and autism.


No. Having an attractive face is all it takes. I'm a skinny literal cracked with a nice face and that's all it takes.

also a lot of money helps

Faggy-fag fag.

nope. I've been a neet without money for almost 3 years now. my sisters 5/10 friends buy me alcohol and drugs to party with them. I ask people for spare change because I think its funny, and BC they give it me anyway. Ure all cucking yourself if you live differently. I'm free from everything, and everything is for free to me.

no. i am just saying that money help if you're a none-sociopathic mega sperg.

have fun living on the street in 10 years faggot. i roll my windows up when driving by bums like you begging on the street to avoid your smell.

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helps with what exactly? money helps is what all nerdy fags tell themselves when fantasizing abt getting back at all the people who wronged them with the future job they're planning to have. money won't stop your wife from fucking Chad, it'll help you settle down yes but that's nothing.

don't beg on the street, just from people I know tbh.


still don't know what money helps u with. letting on common whores who fucked guys like me and signaling to them that you're willing to pay for a beat up pussy?


well…? What does money help you with exactly? always having a back up for alcohol to get drunk so that u can forget the fact?

for other people you brainlet
im poor as fuck

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you fucking think that 3DPD thinking you are of use is whats make you free?
really cuck
what makes you free is doing what what is best best for yourself, not even not even factoring in what is best for 3DPD
I am shitfaced, i can't get mad at anything in this state, I am too passive when drunk to get mad at anything. You don't get anything but my pure opinion, completely dis-attached from anything you might think applies to me.

Cn't tell if you're retard who can't read of if you're just strawmaning.

Where the fuck did i say that you should seek woman's approval?
You don't fuck them because you're looking for their approval, you fuck them because you want to, thats what you're meant to do.

Nobody said that you should put up with their crap, marry them or pay for their bastards.

You don't go to work because it pleases your boss, you do it because you're getting payed

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You haven't learned anything. You are filling a void, in denial.
Life is perfectly fine for me without any of those things, I live humbly as a hermit and I am at peace with myself and the world.

Although I do agree with
Being a man at his peak for the sake of no being but him self is one of the greatest things. When you strip everything else out of the equation, you are the only thing you truly have.

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so you are telling me I should dedicate my entire life to becoming fit. Spending 5 days a week in a gym, doing stuff I hate and that will destroy my joints and eat stuff I detest just so I can maybe maybe stick my wiener in a wet hole?

Do you really believe a lazy fuck like me would go through all those hassles even if there would be a ton of gold as reward?

sex is 3DPD's approval thus putting emphasis on sex is seeking 3DPD's approval, it is how they award behavior they see useful
I get it, males are disposable biologically speaking, thus males would develop instincts to over value 3DPD from an individual point of view, but that doesn't mean you get to hold views without criticism.

not from speaking marriage and commitment, but the fact that you are willing to give advice to put that much effort behind something, simply for purpose of appealing to 3DPD proves you are not someone worth listening to

I agree.

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Meet Roberto, the Man With Longest Manhood in the World as Doctors Give Insight into His Massive P*nis

My Sex Addiction Almost Killed Me, caused by father.