I feel like we are just livestock

I feel like we are just livestock.

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We are.

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Varg too?

Terry wasn't rig-

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He is shabbest goy.

Still in the farm, isn't he? His perception doesn't change reality, just makes it easier to swallow.

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learn to use a toilet

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i wonder what's up with eurocucks bashing muricans so much. they literally arrest and imprison dudes for teaching their dog to wave, make new temporary laws so they dont have to arrest immigrants for non-violent crimes and cover up rape gangs. Here in murica me beat and kill niggers for doing that shit. If the law doesn't the mob will. And when niggers here go to prison, they get anally raped on repeat.

eurocucks really are cucks.

Feels good to work at a white engineering company.

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Just cause you clean toilets at an important company doesnt mean you're successful

I am an engineer not a janitor.

Just cause you engineer toilets at an important company doesnt mean you're successful

I don't build toilets and my 63000 salary a year is a pretty objective measure of success tbh

Why are you whipping out your baby meat at a dick measuring contest? I make 117k as a fucking coal miner. Eat shit.

Hey go easy on me it's my first job. I'm probably making nothing compared to an engineer with multiple years of experience.


this why i dont like immigration. all my family are immigrants post 1900. they're all crazy. trying to break the cycle. ironically i want to leave america and go to poland.

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That's one ballsy priest. A dying breed.

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