How do i cry?

I didn't cry for more than 10 years.
Recently I was so sad that I almost throw up (don't know how to explain this )still no tears.

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You feel better when your cry
It's better than to feel your chest burning and to throw up.

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why are you sad

Eat hot peppers

What's your problem, OP? I have cried exactly 2 times in the last 20 years. While it was a nice release of emotions, it's not as if I'm missing the feeling now or want to replicate it in the future.

mdma tbh

Just fuck yourself in the ass with a cactus = tears will come naturally

A lot of things make me sad
Not trying to be edgy or anything but my life really sucks .

Not the kind of tears I want but I eat it all the time and it doesn't really hurt If you eat it a lot .

Yeah I am missing the feeling I want these "bad energies " to to away but they keep burning me

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why does life suck

or this yeah

Just listen to this. Might help triggering a catharsis.

Are you me?

Huh… something similar happened to me around 2 (or was it 1?) years ago?

==I didn't threw up back then; although like a week ago I did after ingesting 1/4 cup of Pea Protein TTTwTTT =

I need help finding file: 48e08c08b5257248a6f37675675eed2fdc6088c701105d2cc0b33d404e689aad

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What kind of question is that ?
For a lot of reasons because you can't be what you want to be.
Because you're stuck in a bad place
Because you're poor
Because a shitons of things can happen in a life.
Life sucks that's it , it just suck a lot more if you're not lucky enough .

Thanks for the music but it didn't work
I tried music and video games even if it's really sad I just want to throw up no tears .
Well I can feel the tears sometimes but they just aren't coming out .

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just b yourself

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I've never cried. I think the closest I came to crying was watching bridge to terabithia

You just gotta align your chakras and be more in tune with yourself, man. Disconnect all your electronics one day and just sit down and meditate. Smoke some weed, eat some shrooms. You gotta stop looking from the inside out, to looking at yourself from the outside-in. Drop your perceptions of yourself and just be who you are. You need to free yourself from these shackles you've made for your mind and spirit, and just cry. Not all tears are evil, man.

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I just got a shroom grow box but they never grew.
I read that excessive myc might be a contam.

do it yourself. you get better results than with a kit. it's not difficult.

I think you might be a robot, but try watching the shawshank redemption, the ending is really emotional.

I only cry when I'm having panic attacks. I don't think I've cried from sadness/despair since I was 11

I am literal giant baby. I cry to pretty much everything

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watch a sad anime, or some shit.

I am in the same boat Op.. Feeling anything but constant depression would be great at this point actually..

It's probably just the depression sinking in. It will all be over soon OP. You will either become an unfeeling husk or gracelessly take your own life.

But as a bonus, Husks get stat buffs in almost every field.

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if I listen to this and think of Christmas, I usually cry. You should listen to all Rimsky Korsakov's orchestral suites. Absolutely a good use of your time

drink lots
feel insecure
hug someone for more than 10 minutes

I usually don't try to reply on this board hoping it would die soon but you make an exception. From the image you've posted I strongly presume you're a porn addict. Read this book if you haven't already. It might be of help to you. May God watch over you.

Cut your finger. Rly makes cry