Here's some pics I rook of graffiti I saw...

Here's some pics I rook of graffiti I saw. Some of it is going to be shitty (both the content and picture quality) because I'm going through a lot of it for the first time as I'm posting it.

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only niggers make and or are interested in graffiti.

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I wish I had a picture of this in more consistent light.

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OP you take shitty pictures of bad art. please stop

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make panos my dude

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Sure looks like him.

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Shoot grafitti niggers on sight with drones

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Here's a couple of pics I didn't know I had saved.

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I would find some of this impressive if it wasn't sprayed by punk kids with no respect for private property who should be lashed Singapore style and made to clean this up with their tongues

These are some other pics I found that please my autism.

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Yeah I know what you mean. I disapprove of it going on private property without permission.
A lot of the earlier stuff I posted that's murals were just on plywood that they put up around construction sites in Brooklyn so it's temporary and no-one is ever going have to clean it off. The fact that a lot of them leave an instagram or twitter tag lead me to believe that they might have permission.

This bunch of stuff is in downtown Oslo and I'm pretty sure was government-sponsored or at least allowed (hence the overbearing social justice themes).