Show me the truth about women

Show me the truth about women.

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Give me your wallet

That wasn't me though.

The power of Chad.

Women are less intelligent and prone to degradation /thread

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funny all the respondents to this thread are pathetic virgins, myself excluded.

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this dirty slut loves nigger dick

is she a single mother yet? or when?

This thread is so

this dirty slut loves nigger dick

is she a single mother yet? or when?

I think she's alone.

"Women are men that have yet to be cured"

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She didn't get a kid by herself, did she?

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There is a reason why semen is WHITE!

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His wife's name is Allison Rapp. It's quite a fun horror story if you do an Internet search. Better look at her nudes first that don't have her face though.

It's what a great majority of us go through, though. You have to admit that hardly any girls have to put up with that shit.

they love this kind of shit

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Would've been grate if the baby was human.

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reminds me of this

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Sure, OP.

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Thanks for your cuck shit…

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nuf said

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I need sauce on this first image.

it does look like Little Caprice

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Women are meat puppets, just like everyone else. Nobody is anybody.

Did you get new scripts?

I'm sorry, your request couldn't be processed. Please try again later.

orphaned statistics :/

We wuz reptilians.

simps never learn

That woman is cumming so hard it's making me jealous.

Why the mosaic on her face? I have that exploitable pic without the mosaic somewhere on my HDD.


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she's faking it

Women don't like sex.

they also don't like men.

3DPD can't feel romantic love, the only love they able to feel is utility love, like the love you feel for your car
they are mercenaries, and have the loyalty of one, remember that before you trust them
their voting rights are a big part of why the west is dying.
3DPD as a group control over the zeitgeist and economy due to their impulsive spending and collective

the human species at this point of development would be better off without them

This, women are not even physically attracted to men.

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I disagree with you, mercenaries have more standards than females.
If mercenary will fuck his contract, or screw those who hired him, he either won't get paid, or if they paid him upfront, he won't get anymore contracts from them, and his reputation will get fucked. Nobody want's to hire people that have opinion of a cheating or double crossing their clients.
In case of a woman, if you happen to be married(Less fair type of deal/ in some countries you don't even need to be married to get fucked by them like Australia) she will take half of your shit, or/and you could be even sued for alimony for her.
She will also be more than capable to find another cuck that will fall victim to her.

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I was equating a 3DPD's loyalty to money, to a mercenary's loyalty to money.

I see your point, still I think that comparing women to mercenaries' insulting to mercenaries.
Mercenary is less likely to go against what you pay him to do.
Women tends to fuck you up, even if you provide for them.

Women don't see nuances, for theme there are hot guy and everyone else.

roasties itt

and apparently no real man is deserving of the description of 'attractive'


please fall over and crush it

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Let's be honest… doesn't she have a face that says out loud to you, "I deserve to be punched in the face"?

her and most of her ancestors. they deserved to get punched in the face in lieu of reproducing.