Conspiracy theories

ITT: we list some of the craziest conspiracy theories we've ever heard of!
I'll start.
Feel free to expand my list guys! Remember to only post crazy and fake theories!

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I have one!

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The craziest conspiracy theory i have ever heard is
God some people are just plain nuts.



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How insane do you have to be?



Here's one;
Which is, of course, bogus.



Fuck off CIA


I remember hearing this one years back but have had a hard time trying to learn more about it:
Basically the dark ages never happened and this is actually the year 1700-something.

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This thread isn't meant for making fun of conspiracy theories, this thread is meant for making fun of bluepilled normies.

i get that, but i was hoping someone more knowledgeable could show me where this shit comes from. This is the best thread for that.

Flowing off of this I'd say ADHD isn't a disease at all but a different way of viewing the world. Of course nobody normal knows how to deal with anything not normal so they make them feel shit in all aspects and make them much drugs to conform


Huh? Do you know what aliens are? An alien is any living organism that's origin is not planet earth, thus even bacteria on (choose a planet you think is likely to contain bacteria) is considered so.
Yup. You're retarded. Liberal means leftist as much as conservative means nazi… Holy fuck, where did your history teacher go?
Are51 exists and prohibits entrance for non-authorized. Where's the conspiracy there?

I'm bored so I'm gonna go through all of them.
Just the general umbrella term for jews/masons/Jesuits/templars/zog/bilderberg group/ect. All of the celebrities think it is cool to join now.
Watch this and tell me it isn't satanic, this is where your tax dollars are going to
CIA tactic to confuse. A Communist China Propaganda book mentioned how easy it was to shape someones mind by making them doubt how the earth really is.
Maybe it is fake but I doubt Kubrick would be a part of it, he was a good man and tried to expose the truth
ayy lmao?
This was true
No shit
Look up Fermi Paradox
Useless trash
That isn't even a conspiracy, the Federal Express isn't federal
Yep, Big Oil kills anyone who tries to find any reliable alternative means of power
pick related
They are
And give them to the cops they claim are evil
Oy Vey
That is just a term for the rich, which is correct
Who cares
Blacks aren't human to begin with
Wouldn't suprise me
Holy shit, can this meme die already?
The CIA believed so
Still going on
The actually sites where they test secret projects aren't so widely known
Who cares
It's 2018, you still don't believe?

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Area 51 is resl you ip boi its an air base, the people looking for aliens are scientists like nasa and so forth not the military, also eu is pussy shit

I have a conspiracy theory about 9/11 and the Twin Towers and sky scrapers in general.

Those things didn't just collapse, they were demolished. After a while has passed they were simply exploded by built in demo charges. My conspiracy theory is that all sky scrapers have these demo packs for self destruction just in case of an emergency. Otherwise can you imagine the tall buildings falling on one another like dominos? That'd be so stupid.

This motherfucker gets it. OP on the other hand, it's either his first day on the job, or he's just stumbled in from reddit.

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I know the genders of the other shooter on the Grassy Knoll in Dallas in Nov. 1963.

Tell us user

Buttsex gives birth to demons.



probably true tbh

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Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars
Governmental bureaucrats have turned mass manipulation into a cold, clinical science. The methods of steering the population are the weapons; the quiet war is the one they wage on us for total control. Every aspect of social and political life is seen as a matter of energy and control. War is just one method of using or consuming surplus energy to keep the system of control running smoothly.

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don't give her a fucking vibrator

That's crazy. Why would a government manipulate its citizens???

dick cheney was in control of the bush jr administrationhe is part of the people who still control the government since at least bush sr to obama and they're the ones always trying to destabilize america. dick cheney is in league with a rothschild who runs a oil pipeline that operates in israel and syria.
follow the pieces

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I know that this shit is datamining, but i am bored.

Exterminated by la inquisición.
Ask Shillary what a chicken to moloch means.
It was a fedora joke, but fedoras took it seriously, you know, autists cant get jokes.
Check the first video then the others, they are different.
It was so real than the president was expelled for that reason, are you living inside a cave?
Thats tricky and ver complex, but if you say that both globalism and people wanting power arent real then you are retarded.
It was a peyorative name for evil people, again, autists taking things literally.
Dead Space 3 explain Fermi´s Paradox.
Autism again.
Its not a conspiracy theory, its the name of a phenomenon, before you say something stupid mental issues are a possible explanation.
Are you stupid? did you know what sovereignty is?
I remember a South Park episode about this.
Yeah, try mining on a 1080ti.
Define Israel, define United States.
Hegel was so fucking right, people is retarded.
In my country Trump wouldnt be a president.
I dont have weapons and i dont give a fuck, but this is what liberals want, take guns from people and put all power into the state, it isnt a 'conspiracy theory' its a fact, fun fact, it already happened in other countries, you are just a delusional american.
They dont, but they are near, best Korea already offered them a nuke.
Communists are useful idiots, i gave you that point.
Who cares? call me when a Sioux is elected.
Who cares? the problem is that Obama is so gay that his wife looks like the man of the relationship.
Few years ago a lot of were mercs hired from my country, that shit is the reality of the world.
Well, they have submarine rape caves and we just a killed woman in a sub.
I cant answer that without risking my life, also ask Dynomia, she is from Mexico.
A lot of people escaped from Germany to Argentina and Chile, fun fact, a chilean politician called Kast in Chile is the son of a Nazi soldier and that becoming public gave him more votes and our president wasnt capable of winning untill Kast gave him his support, i am the grandson of germans, nobody is giving a single fuck and you dont know a bit of the world.
Then Usa is lying, its another conspiracy theory.
A test ground for planes and nuke bombers.
Are you saying that religion is a conspiracy theory?
You have to define a lot of definitions before tipping your hat

Worst dataminer ever.

Didnt read this
before posting this Sorry, i was mad.

Apparently there's a whole bunch of people who think the Chancellor of Germany killed 6 million jews out of the 5 million that existed at the time.


I don't know what all the whinings about- at least you know your never gonna get mugged.

Feels good man

"Semen can make women fat"

You ball earthers are a sad bunch. Bet you faggots don't even have steam rockets.

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Here's one:
lol those fucking drumpftards always crack me up


Dude went 1875 feet up.

… does he not know we have airplanes?

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That's 1875 feet more than ball earthers.

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how the fuck is the federal reserve being privately owned a "conspiracy theory"? Is it also a conspiracy that the eiffel tower is in france? christ.

omg fuckinng drumpftards just shut up already

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ummm yeah sure sweetie, it's all the joos fault that you still can't get a job 😉

Who says i don't have a job?

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This zrumftard is probably feeling really btfod right now.


The fuck is was the stuff about a frozen bullet with poison? That would still leave an entry wound. The CIA uses a device that affects the electronegativity in your heart, that's how they kill you

You must be new here. Playing the "projecting" card really shows it

feeling insecure, sholmo?


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