I was curious how it was to date a trap.I went on Grindr and found the cutest traps I could find. We talked. I set up up a date with one not planning to have sex because I am scared of STDs. At the date I got really drunk he didn't drink at all. Pretty sure he took advantage of me and we had sex.(with protection) Grosses me out thinking about it now. I regret everything traps are definitely gay. Just a quick message to trap lovers. It's alot different then masturbating to traps

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op is quite literally a faggot


seek and ye shall find, motherfucker

Yes, but were you pitching or were you catching?

Did you enjoy the smell of his putrid swamp ass?



Will op's butthole ever recover?


I am a homosexual man, and I am proud of it. I enjoy the whole fun involved with the going-out/dating thing, and the ensuing sexual intercourse with an attractive long-haired-blonde blue-eyed trap - it's their eyes that make my knees weak. I prefer being on the bottom tbh. My favourite thing is when [she] cums all over my back, and then licks it up, and feeds it to me. I also enjoy the taste of my own seed tbh… but then, the sensation of being stretched open wide as your lover unloads inside you is also an inspiration. Being 'gay' is such a feeling of freedom, plus it's such a fantastic lifestyle - it's not all about sex. Happy Rainbow Bubbles to you all!

I want to be a trap but on the other hand I really really want to become a Chad Nationalist, ehh… help me choose Holla Forums, whats better?


i get the impression you'd likely be shit at both, tbh fam

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Important question to OP:
What did the trap smell like?
Because I wonder if it's true what they say about traps emanating male pheromones making them smell repulsive (not stinky: turn-off) as opposed to women who emanate the "correct" chemicals.
Oh fuck off this was your chance to do some science.

well, but at least I could tryhard

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Probably better to fail at trying to be a Chad. Nobody wants a failed tranny.

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Hang out together or just fuck him in the ass?

I've seen a few guys that have fucked traps say that the smell was off. I'm doubtful that even HRT at a young age would be able to change the pheromones enough.

Thanks goodness we can all finally agree that TRAPS are NOT gay!

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another one bites the dust

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There's a reason they're called TRAPS, you dumb fuck.

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That's 100% correct.
Congratulations user. Here's a gift just fo you.

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So, you fell for the trap.
How does it feel now?

Why would someone go out with 3D instead of just fapping? I just don't get it.

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What? Are you saying that we now have a CHOICE?!?
When the fuck did this happen?!?

Because diseases!

Just be both and be NAZBOL.

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Nips are truly the most degenerate and subversive race

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If you're beyond puberty and you dont already have a girlish frame/jaw it's too late to be a trap. You can do all the trap exercise routines to get a shapely ass and legs but it will be ruined by your amgular jaw. You either gotta be born with a girl space or have started hormones young. If you already look girly go for trap because that body is a rare gift, otherwise go for the chad look.

How do we get rid of them from internet?

Ehh… I dont know, I am a fat fuck.

God I want a trap to take advantage of me.

I feel for the trap meme and can vouch for OP.


Ayo, Hol up. Lemme get this straight… You fucked him. He didn't fuck you. And yet you are the one who was taken advantage of? OP confirmed faggot

I am trap. We are biologically males. What are you tho OP? A leftist cuck? A man who dresses in women's clothing took advantage of you? Really? Come on. You shouldn't have gotten shitfaced, and stayed somewhat coherent especially for a first date. Also, if you ever think about dating a trap you have to realize that we are biologically male. We have hair everywhere. You have to be somewhat gay to actually like a trap.

I know right. I'd kill to even go on a date with a trap.

screenshot or it didnt happen fag

Juss do it mang, I have a chubby trap friend, BIG ass

Shitty cuckchan pasta >>>/getout/

Fuck you OP you should be more appreciative. Wish I could find some BP, then again I never looked. But I have self harm scars everywhere so they'd probably turn me down.

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Sage advice

Jokes on you, i'm gay to begin with

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Wow her Dick is huge

Like a tranny's meaty butthole.

There is always FFS, and hormones muh dude