Do you support Hogg?

Do you support Hogg?

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I really wanna punch that commie cuckold in the mouth.

Couldn't care less. Im not Amerimutt

This is all just a prequel to Dukes of Hazzard.
The Duke boys couldn't even use guns, they had to use bows and arrows.

Fuck Hogg.

I do, but he never seemed to be able to catch Luke or Duke

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He manages to look both 12 and 35 at the same time

An american politician with common sense? What is this shit? Gimme my clown fiesta back. I enjoy watching these sub-humans kill each other.

he must have some kind of progeria.

No. He's a communist faggot

Eh tosees up pubefist and doesn't afraid of nogunz.


Firing squad?

I support gas chambers for all of them

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fuck you. He's not a commie, he's a filthy liberal. We like our gun rights. How else are we suppose to murder the 1% and Holla Forums

The closed fist in the air thing is the commie equivalent of the Roman salute. Murdering the 1% sounds based but most of you so called "commies" are bourgeoisie twats living on Daddy's money and student loan grants tbqh

Now kindly go back to your containment board. No one likes your kind anymore than Holla Forums

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Yeah, but only for the "correft" people. And only so long as they serve you.

Drop dead, bootlicker.

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Tbh it would be hilarious to watch Holla Forums go up against some richfag's PMC group, the military, or a right-wing militia. I'll take bets on how long it will take after contact for Holla Forums to be squealing for mercy and begging for help/attention whoring on social media.

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seems like he's hogging all the press about this school shotting

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So brave and courageous pushing mainstream corporate propaganda on gun control. Commie faggot who protests the government to take away more of our freedoms. No I don’t support this piece of shit.

user, I am praying for you that you find the love and salvation in our Lord Jesus Christ before you burn in eternal damnation.

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More power to him. The NRA used to be about gun owners' rights but they've gone full retard. Wayne LaPierre now sounds like Alex Jones on crack, ranting about Muh Freedoms as if he is something other than a whore for firearms manufacturers. After at least a decade of staking out extremist positions that even most gun owners don't agree with, and a decade of Congress dropping to their knees and sucking NRA cock on demand, they shouldn't be surprised that somebody is fighting back. I'm in favor of gun rights, but the NRA has gone so far around the bend that they're hurting the cause more than they're helping it.

Satan is jesus alt account

Do you 'member? I 'member.

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why do they parade this scrawny nerd everywhere on tv

this one looks salvageable, I'm sure the communism can get dicked out of her

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…then again…

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Even from the photo it's clear she's already fully rotten on the inside.

Only the most cucked leftjst would ever think that the Negotiating Rights Away has "extremist" positions. This is the same faggot organization that supported the 1986 gun legislation and the bump stock ban.

Anyone who truly cares about gun rights abandoned the Negotiating Rights Away long ago in favor of GOA.

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basically doing a Nazi salute

1. Murder is against the law.
2. It is against the law to bring a gun into a school zone.
3. It is against the law for a mentally ill person to possess a firearm.
4. It is against the law to obtain a firearm under false pretenses.

Kids think more laws will make them safer.

This is why you should have to be 21 to vote, and why we should return to teaching basic logic in public schools. These kids are full-on retards.

And yet somehow all of these things happen with a depressing regularity only in the States.
Really makes you think.

To be fair this thing guessed I was a 14 year old boy

Yeah!!! More rejects from other countries is the answer!!!!

Högge > Hogg, to be quite honest with you :^)

A dying society accumulates laws like a dying man accumulates medicines.




This man was drawn by children.

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Guy who owns the tech shop below my apartment has this on this car. Somehow I feel he's some type of channer….? How should I approach?


This asshole is loving the attention. I hope his 15 minutes of fame ends soon.


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Call him a newfriend. If he blinks twice he wants you to rape his asshole


do many white europeans there

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I hope his 15 minutes of fame end with a knife in the neck. That would be quite nice.

This looks like a Holla Forums meetup.


Man what a punchable face he has

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I would in a heartbeat tbh fam