Random computer

found a priest's computer

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Enable hidden folders, snoop through My Documents, My Pictures.etc

found this in the history

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check if it has CP and dump them all here

I don't believe you user. This is too obvious

im not sure if this will help you believe me

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not a lot when i look up chruch

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Upload an image backup of the HDD somewhere if possible

videos i found

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you faggot.

install templeOS

There's evidence he lookup up CP so OP is probably just trying to cover his ass because you never know


i can't find any actual CP on the drive but there is history for it, there's multiple porn clips that are non CP that are about 30 seconds long each

(random file)

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are even priests stupid enough to just lay their degerate filth-ridden computers out in the open?

i say dox this guy, or report him to the authorities.

also, how did you come across this shit? pawn shop? church?

letter i found is the only mention of his name so i'm just assuming it's probably this person, also it was found at a thrift store

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yeah i was actually surprised about how out in the open it was too, everything is mostly in the downloads folder while i found church stuff in the doucments one

Clearly a reptilian.

pr*t false flag

it could just as well be a setup?

sounds a little too convenient.and cliche.

can someone telll me what i should do to report him? or something i don't know, i just really feel it's him, there's some history showing that he's in american fork which is where that article on him was made also

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call the cops. youre blameless in all of this

Don't call the cops you absolute fucking autist. 9/11 is for immediate emergencies only

Just drop the fucking computer off at the police department and they'll take it to evidence

Post some of the vids here so we can determine if it's CP or not, obviously.

Don't report him, blackmail him. Much more profitable.
Also use Recuva to see if he deleted any CP.

i can't find any CP just regular pornography, the only thing i have to go on that he was looking at CP is the history

You really want to ruin an innocent man's life just because he has a fetish that you find yucky?

depends on your local police but i dont think thats enough for them to start a full scale investigation

i found this, but the computer just says it doesn't have anything to open it

also can someone tell me how to mention people? like with the >>>> thing

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its an application so im guessing its a white knight virus that doesnt work

How the fuck did you find this site

i've heard a lot about how there aren't a lot of rules here and i was afraid if i posted this somewhere else it would get removed since it has peoples names in it

i think i'm just going to get rid of it,
i dont know, i mean i feel like if i dont report it
how do i know he's not doing something edgy right now but what if the police think it was me?

if anything you should blackmail why gain nothing

The metadata clearly states that the files were from 2013, you have nothing to worry about.

yeah you live in the US so the cops are likely to suspect you also

if you walk with this thing into a police station and they find cp on it you're going to jail for possession, retard.

But on the other had, lets suppose the pries is already being investigated. If the polie finds out you had proves but didn't turn them over to them, thats obstructiob of justice, and you'll be a cumplicit. Better save than sorry, user. Besides, what are anonymous tips, right?

Get a hard drive of equal or greater size and have photorec dump everything onto it.

so he's fucked either way

Not really, if he tells the police about this, they will make some questions, suck as "How did you come across this?" And unless user is doing something illegal, he is the good guy in the story

i think i'm going to throw this computer in the trash, i dont know what's goning happen if i get involved :\

wait post the videos here first



i couldn't find any CP it's just regular pornography, mostly lesbians

And yeah destroying the harddrive is a good idea

Try microwaving it, I want to see if that would be a good emergency plan for if cops come to my door.

or if its in good condition just format it twice and use it for storage yourself


send it to police in a parcel, imagine he diddles kids.

just remove your fingerprints and write a fake sender adress on it

He ain't innocent.

googling "hot underage porn" doesn't make you a bad person.

a priest that likes pizza and hooks up shemales fuck that creep into the gas it goes.

You aren't fooling anyone except those here from reddit or halfchan. G T F O with this weak bullshit. Not only is it improbable to think this user had ONLY 1-2 saved word docs EACH YEAR, its highly probable you have tried to convince some of the gullible faggots here you didn't simply change the date/time on the PC and then save files accordingly. A hopeless attempt, schlomo. Go back to leftypol or wherever the fuck shareblue sent you from, it's not gonna work.


you moron, if you want to use this pc just remove and destroy the hd and install a new one, a 1Tb disk is 40 bux, ffs

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no way

any cp?

ah, there it is

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Any (2D) shota?

look man i get it. you went to the DI got a computer and now you have some pretty strong evidence of a complete scumbag priest. I've already screen capped the thread and grabbed all the information, so do the right thing here. don't listen to the faggot pedo defenders. either call slpd or afpd and tell them the truth. You bought a used PC from the DI, you turned it on and looked around at what was there, and you found a lot of things that you feel a person in a position of power like a priest shouldn't be involved in and offer to surrender the PC to them.

That guy is obviously a retard

call the feds, faggot
hammer another nail into the ethos of ibs
be a stooge for government
suck cop cock
just don't pretend 8ch is an ethical platform
don't try and convince yourself that snitching is ok
don't try and recruit me to your normie bandwagon
you simply don't belong here at all