Sup Holla Forums?

Sup Holla Forums?
Apparently I have to wear glasses otherwise my vision will deteriorate even further. Fortunately glasses aren't associated with being a nerd/loser anymore.
Basically I'll be wearing prescription hipster glasses unironically.

I ain't even mad tbh.

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Congratulations you'll fit right in when you order your venti soy caramel lattes you fucking faggot

don't care




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You're still a loser.

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Welcome to the club.

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better than a furfag though.

I really liked the glasses corey feldman had in stand by me. Too bad I don't want to be associated with hipsters and sjews so I cannot wear those

Ironically (no pun intended) hipsters are usually right leaning, fashionable, assholes, with high test not to be confused with the pink haired, balding, lanky, soy-boys that can't grow a beard.

2 on the left - leftist soyboys
3 on the right - right leaning hipsters

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I tried to find the least hipsterish pair that didn't look retarded though. Oh well, such is life, especially with old age.

Depends on your definition of a hipster, is it pre 2007 hipster or post 2014 hipster?

holy fuck this is the combination of all the worst things into one. Then I would rather walk around like a pakistani goat herder

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Baseless, broad sweeping generalizations tbh. I can almost guarantee you if those "hipsters" are right leaning, they don't even "lean" as far as Trump. They might be RiNOs, at best, but they're very likely liberal cuckolds just like the rest of em.

What's a RiNO?

an african mammal

That happens? I thought that was just a meme cooked up to sell more glasses. Been walking around needing my eyes measured for about 6 years now.

Some people look good with glasses…

And then…

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Republican in name only

And all 5 look like giant douchebags.

You know, I honestly feel sorry for them.