He's dead

This is Lieutenant Colonel Arnaud Beltrame, a French police officer who swapped himself for a hostage today and is now fighting for his life

A gendarme hailed as a national hero after he volunteered to take the place of a female hostage being held by a terrorist gunman has been named as Lieutenant-Colonel Arnaud Beltrame.

The 44-year-old officer is fighting for his life in hospital after he was shot several times by the suspected Islamist extremist who killed three people and injured 16 others before being killed by French special forces.

Beltrame, described by French president Emmanuel Macron as a “credit to our country” and a hero who had “saved lives”, played a vital role in the four-hour hostage drama.

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He is french who cares


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They should have just gone in there shooting every mutha in the room.

including the hostages.

let's just hope no one gets angry with our muslim friends, they are the true victims of this shootings

This. Some dumbass roastie whore gets to slut around now while a family is waiting for their husband\father to never come home again

What a shame…


Yep. I don't even have to know who the woman was to know that it was a bad trade.


An real hero and real human bean



R.i.p you hero

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Ahh look, a fat faggot not knowing the difference between video game hostage and real life hostage.

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medal band heavi rock muusic :DDDD spudro bora birjo bööbötin :DDDDD

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wow real smart lololol
i've 100%'d swat 4

This guy has high moral values, that's for sure. Offering yourself in order to safe someone else is heroic for sure, tho, despite great respect, I doubt his decision was clever.

A police officer is much more worth than a
regular civilian, and, contrary to all those retards in this thread, I don't agree on the gender being the cause.
Men and women are roughly the same. The difference is that men are physical workers while women are thinkers.

Anyway… yup that guy's a hero but not the most clever one, OP.

It's simple. You kill the muslim.

Don't put him in prison, you're not gonna help him un-radicalize and you're certainly not gonna help the general population when he gets released. So how about kill?

Oh no user we can't do that we're civilized weak pussies who'd rather suffer and live in fear than destroy our enemies who threaten us, both as individuals and as civilization. It's OK I don't judge. I also didn't breed so I have no stake in the future. Back to video games and porn, see you when the sirens howl!

Stopped reading there.
Woman poster detected.

You fucks are terrible.
The guy died doing his duty, to protect people.
unlike Amerimutt police.

pls explain why a great preponderance of inventions and discoveries were by males
pls explain why the male IQ is 5-10 points higher than the female IQ
please explain why youre retarded, bint

double kek

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He swapped himself for a hostage, yes? Did he have a firearm? That's one thing hostages don't usually have. What's next? One GIGN operative swapping himself for 5 hostages?

I know this is the internet and I really don't intend to sound tough, knowing I couldn't even kill a chicken, but I definitely would not have swapped myself for the hostage. Having the training and the gun I would have tried killing the fucker or die trying. Doesn't that make more sense than this romantic bullshit?

I want to see the woman's face now. She's probably a feminist.

Being this deluded
All the greatest thinkers in history were men

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was probably a libshit who thinks it's great to flood your country with mudslimes savages

So, the only guy who coulve prevented more killings, gives himself up as a hostage. Lmfao.


The shitposting in the news comment sections is fucking gold. Every time mudskins chimp out, we get closer to Reich them out. The main "neutral" newspaper had also just released a giant study saying how the poor muslims are the most discriminated against, they're in full damage control but since they're understaffed, quite a few sensible comments go through. I kind of feel bad for being happy with the consequences of his death though.

Race war and ethnic cleansing confirmed in 10 years or so ! I'm only worried about the cancerous and cucked internet culture we have to put up with.

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What comments section.

Keeping women from proper education for centuries, you can't expect anything else.
When Harvard University was founded, the founder prohibited females from "wasting the precious resources", thus studying there.
Now they are achieving better results than male students and graduate more frequently.

Same goes for niggers; they live in slums cuz of oppression and inequality that kept them from development and made them settle down in the poorest areas. Now things are getting better but you can't sit there and expect the majority of blacks becoming intellectual elites within a few years.

Intersectional feminist detected: tries derailing a thread about a white man's sacrifice to talk about women and niggers and how they had it rough.

Look at Sweden.

Look at Africa.

Yeah because men choose not to go to universities anymore because:

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Not really m8.
the people who shit post on news articles are the same who shit post on chans.
thats something i noticed a while ago o half Holla Forums
regular people with social lives don't have time for that shit and don't care

Can you get anymore deluded than this guy

the gendarme was an idiot who offered himself in exchange for a random hostage, while making sure his phone was connected to hq. he had little or no anti-terrorist training and no on-site backup. he did this to delay a massacre until the heavy brigade arrived.
now, we have to portray this idiot as an hero so as to deny the enemy a confirmed kill. he more or less invited the sandnigger to slice his own throat instead of some cowering roastie's fat neck.
how is this heroic? he made a bad decision because he was under-trained and unprepared. he's dead. let's not pretend it was anheroic
this is all spin. the hero is as dead as the nigger. concentre-toi sur les underage fesses, ton point fort (nudge, nudge)

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Men invented universities you spineless cretin

You don't negociate with terrorists, you just shoot them. This isn't the 80's anymore. That ship sailed long ago.

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To all anosn saying women aren't smart, i ask "Who is Marie Curie? Irene Joliot-Curie? Barbara McClintock? Vera Rubin?". These are just some examples of smart women.
But, who am i kidding, you are all a bunch of beta-virgins manlets, that are very affraid of women.
t. a proud man

I can name four smart men and you'll know who they are without Google. I dont even need their full names. Just their surnames will do. Einstein, Tesla, Franklin, Edison.

The only one of those smart men's wives that anyone's ever heard of is Marie Curie.

In a whole hisotry of earth you can call Smart Women only 4 from them ALL, even when half from this Smart-ones was assistant for their husbands helping with cleaning vials.
Also this is firts for names when you tipe in google Smart Womens

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And how is that bad? How many mass shooting has any of those 2 countries had, in the last 0 years?


last big one I remember was paris 2 years ago. and also that other one with the mohomod drawings magazine

I said mass shootings, not terrorist attaks.

whats the difference

A mass shooting is when someone kills a bunch of people at the same time. For example, Columbine.
A terrorist attack, is the use of intentionally indiscriminate violence as a means to create terror among masses of people; or fear to achieve a financial, political, religious or ideological aim.

a terrorist attack with guns is also a mass shooting

Like Waco?

Yes, but a mass shooting doesn't necessarily has to have a religious, political or fianancial reason behind it, to be called a mass shooting. A terrorist attack has to be motivated by any of the reasons previously stated, in orer to be a terrorist attack

does not matter, you pretended I was wrong but I was not

yes you were

baguettes are fucking retarded if they parade a guy as hero who failed at his job


silly westerners

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in what defines a "mas shootings" and "terrorist attack". They are not the same thing

You say do you have animals I say yes I have a dog and you say but dogs are not animals.

more like.
Whats so hard to understand?

see me
Yes (but blah its a special kind of mass shooting)

its not the same thing, faggot.

its like dogs and animals you massive retard. dogs are animals, but animals are not dogs.

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I said new years, not 1000 young women raped in the capital of your own cities.

jesus Christ you dumbass frogs… one man is worth at LEAST 5 women. smh…

for real. name 1 woman "thinker" I can literally name 100 men that are better

sacrificing yourself for a libtard refugee welcome woman is the stupidest thing i have ever seen in my life
Then again it is France who let that hoard of terrorists in in the first place so intelligence isnt their strong point

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lol who cares

You cared enough to reply, hotshot.


Not according to this he wasn't:

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sauce? il n'y a rien de pareil sur jewgle

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j'ai pas twitter, mais ça a l'air vachement plus long que 140 lettres, et ça ne resemble pas à des screens de twits

Does having your throat cut make you bulletproof? Is there some reason he couldn't have been shot and had his throat cut.

Searching for Entrevoixnues brings up a twitter account by that name, but when I click on it, it appears to have been removed.

>twitter.com/entrevoixnues?lang=en Proxy Highlight

yep, just got the cache, without the problematic tweet
it got shoahd quickly

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roastie will go out to the club tonight, probably suck some nigger/arab cock and forget this guy ever existed in a week

that looks fake
the formatting is all wrong and the @place-beauvau doesn't exist


What else she gonna do? The strongest two men in her life got themselves killed.

Dude. There are 0 fucking women in philosophy or STEM. Women are only good for raising children. They are horrible at thinking.

Education does not make anyone more intelligent. Actually getting a degree today is proof of STUPIDITY.

I don't know of any female philosophers besides Ayn Rand and I don't give a shit about anything females have done.

Could we stop talking about women and start talking about the Muslim invasion of Europe? The important stuff.

What's happening in Europe is the fault of women's suffrage

OK, so you want to talk about women some more.

Women's suffrage will go away once sharia law is installed. Actually everybody's right to vote will go away once dictatorship is installed. So you have any ideas how to take back women's right to vote without destroying western civilization, lol? So many beta men will take to the street to set fire to random cars if their home roasties cannot vote roastie politicians in anymore, are you going to put them all in prison?

Anyway for what it's worth: the only suitable leadership position for a woman is that of a Queen. Like, old style "you betray the people and you get your head chopped off" medieval kind of thing. A strong queen who would have some sort of maternal instinct towards her "children". Basically an insane woman with a stronger-than-a-man's sense of duty towards own nation. That's the perfect queen. And mind you she has to be alone. Put more women together and you end up with a pack of hyenas.


AW het took bullets for a cunt, how noble of you, hope that feeling was worth it hero. I9f you survive you might get a 50 second dry fuck with her. Mission accomplished. We need to teach these shitstains a lesson in violence. Next time just seal off the building and fill it with poison (and vapourized pig blood, that would be a wonderful touch). Just tell the idiot masses that they sacrificed as heros or some other equally contrived pap sentiment, give em a state funeral and move on. If those shitskids find out there was pig blood in the air they will diarreah their collective undergarments, like pulling a pershing. They would probably think long and hard about it as the pig blood would render them to hell thus negating them, just like what pershing did in the phillipines. It took 90 years for the muzzies to work up the courage there to start again. For those who dont know, General pershing was a millitary general who presided over the capture and death of 49 insurgents in the phillipines. He tied them to stakes, made them watch as he cut open 50 pigs, threw the skins and guts into the pit where the 49 would be burried, and he personally dipped every bullet he used in pigs blood, right in front of them so they couldnt doubt thyan shot 19 of them with said bullets. He untied the last guy and told him to go back and relay EXACTLY what had been done. There want another terrorist attack there until the fucking 90's. Terrorists are entirely about martyring themselves for the virgins, but they wont even attempt it if they know you could negate the whole thing with a little pigs blood.



I doubt she's gunna suck of the dick of a guy from the same background as her husband's murderer

You know in the United States you don't have to swap officers for women.

The hostage taker is just blown to bits and maybe even the hostage too and it's put on liveleak as an example about why it doesn't work here.

Cuck isn't the word I would use, but, yeah.

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Most of the time it's a sniper from 1000+ yards out that snipes the hostage taker's head off, and then it's put on liveleak

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Most of the time it's a cop with a handgun or rifle walks up and caps him.
Using a sniper is a whole lot riskier actually, the phrase"THere is no replacement for displacement" can kind of translate to firearms. It's always better to be closer.


Death to all jews then.

the cop walked into this without orders or back-up. he defied training and commonsense. he was shot and then his throat was sawed open by a retard. you might say he's a hero, but ….

It's a good thing nothing of value was lost since french police are cucks.

Any real country has armed police. It only makes sense.

This looks like FTM transvestite! Eyes are close together, slope shoulders, small ears and bald head from the T. Stop taking lies for truth!

french cops are armed, imbecile
the point is that you don't do a cop/hostage exchange unless it can resolve the stand-off. this cop just complicated operations and worsened the outcome. he paid for his foolhardiness.

Are they?

Because I watched two derkastanis ventilate a few and they just bled on them.