Lets see how racist Holla Forums is

lets see how racist Holla Forums is.


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neither; I'm a centrist

If those are the only choices I'm given I just wont play the game lol

the left one because she is more attractive

Kill both.

Kill OP for making a stupid thread

I'd choose the left but I'd never race mix and it'd only be for sex.


You cannot tell me what to do.

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this tbh



Big baboolones n shieet nigga.

you really don't have to go for any of them.

Her body is very fertile and atractive, but She is ugly and 100% very low mental Potential.
She probably has more than 1 kid to.

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i hope you die an extremely slow death at a young age

Too late, sonny.

Yep have fun, but no race mixing indeed.

I choose neither.

The true centrist position is both you principled scumbag.


American black and white woman have become irredeemable I'll be it they've been corrupted by our degenerate media that has turned them into selfish and entitled pricks, Arab and Asian woman are clearly the superior choice in terms of a good hearted people who actually want to stick with you for selfless reasons and raise children with you.

Radical Centralist Master Race!

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Downvoted XD

I chose right

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Too old etc etc

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