Neet Van

lets say i buy van in pic related
what would it take to convert the area in the back into a fully functional living space, with a generator to power pc, mini fridge, and water pump?

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gaffer tape

ask dys

what type? or large water tanks plastic ones and use a filter jug when u drink

if u live somewhere where it is/get cold u will have to insulate it with carpet, you will have to cover it from top to bottom in carpet

bedding, mattress, pillows a few stools, heat plate, kettle plates cutlery both disposable and nondisp storage places
separate section for seating/sleeping and storage

i was thinking have separate water supplies
a filtered supply for cooking and drinking and a "doesnt really matter" supply for showering and washing **shower water doesnt need to be filtered unless it literally has dirt in it"

u can shower at a gym

your main problem, the walls being uninsulated steel it will become either very hot or very cold. condensation becomes a big problem too.

so you line it with high r value foam insulation, possibly leaving an air gap to the steel then line in plywood.
will probably want to put some extra vents in it also.

build a platform at the level of the wheel arches so you have the full width for living and use the space underneath for storage.

You will need an outside power source. Put solar panels on the roof.

people who live out of their vans

spend most of their time out of it
only use the van for sleeping and travelling

where will you park the van and are you going to be moving often?

in saying that op, why that type of van exactly?

have you considered a small box body truck? if it's a refrigerated one then you're halfway there. put in a skylight and a bunch of vents and you got yourself a cozy little room

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Do you realize how loud a generator is?

well i dont think solar panels on the roof would be able to provide continous 600-1000W of power

It can be done, because class-B RVs are a thing, but it'll take tons of work to make it comfy. You'll get an idea here:

usually solar panels are combined with Lead–acid batteries. So it can be done. Just not for 24 hours.

it will get stolen

Could you buy one that's already converted, or a campervan?

This one looks similar to the van in your pic:

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just get a guard dog then

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i just checked a generator ad on amazon
it can do 1400W, 9 hours on 1.5 gallons of gas
9/1.5 = 6 hours per gallon
which means 4 gallons can last you 24 hours
28 for a week
112 a month
gas is about $2.5 per gallon right now
112 * 2.5 = 280
~$280 a month for heat and electricity
and thats if i run it 24/7/365
id say thats pretty gud

im pretty sure i can isolate it somehow to dampen the noise

ded thred

Living on the road fucks your head up eventually. Don't do it and think you're going to 'escape'. It'll compound any psychological issues you might of already had, or create a couple new ones. I did it myself for almost two years and reading your post gave me a minor anxiety attack.

You're doing it wrong if you need that much power. You don't just slap any old fridge and PC into an RV. They make fridges that use propane and very little electricity. There's also 12V Engel fridges often used in expedition vehicles, but these cost a lot.
Your PC should be something like an ARM SBC that uses almost no power, and a small LCD (smaller = less power).
If you need A/C, you're fucked and it will only work with a generator. Better live somewhere it's not both hot and humid. Heating is easier because they make catalytic heaters that only need a propane tank. But good insulation is a must, either way.

You did it wrong then and you also sound like a bitch.
also countersage

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I was looking into this for a while myself. If I come into more money in the future I may still, but what talked me out of it was:

-Those vans are serious gas hogs. I was having to refill the one I was driving after like an hour of driving.
-There are no solar panels that exist that can provide enough power to move the van, you'd only be powering whatever electronics you put inside and not very well.

I decided to instead get a car that's easy on gas and focus on upgrading my living space. However, there's tons of videos of people doing it on youtube. Here's one of my favorites. The channel has other videos going through the process step by step.

it would take a generator, a mini fridge and water pump

High wind resistance, extra weight, and big motor = more gas, but you should be able to do a lot better than driving an hour before filling up the tank. Assuming 40-gal tank and driving at 60 mph, you're looking at 3 mpg assuming you stop to fill up when the tank is still half full. Even the biggest diesel pusher RVs can do better than that.
Cars do a lot better of course, but they kinda suck for living in. A minivan would be a better choice.

How the fuck are you going to take a shower in a van?


Well he said shower.
shove something like this in a corner of the van

Fucking kek if he's going to have a window it has to be tinted. I can just imagine a family or a cop strolling past and seeing some guy showering in the back of his van.

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with a tub big enough - no1. put mattress an sheets in there

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You know what would be kool.
Put a balcony on top of the van and have a staircase go up to it.

I agree 100%

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I've seen a bus conversion like that. But it was a full-size bus. They had a sundeck on the roof with lawn chairs and shit.

what is the that on the top?

That's crazy

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Just move into a shitty cheap apartment.

I guess it's for light and during the night, for fresh air

you really want to look at a Ford Transit Connect. they make versions with passenger chairs, others with nothing but a solid partition between the back and front cabin, and (iirc) others with no seats and passthrough access from the front.

You can't run a generator without ventillation or else your project wont last very long (be dead). if you want a cheap place to stay, get a cheap place to stay. like a double-wide. if you want to live in a lot of places and be mobile, fell get a class A RV, if you want a place to stay, but dowt want your investment to be locked into the city you currently reside, get a park model RV.

also, if you are dead set on a passenger van, they used to have some back in the day that were made for overnight / lengthy durations — usually called Conversion Vans, they would be “Customized.”

It also gives you some room to stand up. Some class-B RVs and truck campers are setup this way, because it gives better fuel efficiency since the top must be collapsed down for driving (less wind resistance than a raised hardtop). I think it was also common in some old vW vans like Westfalia.
The other thing is that it makes the vehicle a bit less top-heavy, which translates into better handling on the road.
Some setups even have some kind of tent that pops up there instead of just a raised roof. That way you can sleep with lots of fresh air.

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