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Holla Forums is kill so i went to 4chan since first day of january. never was on 4chan before except of maybe 10 years ago but that doesnt really count.
have posted mostly on /int/ and they banned me approximately only 12+ times over the nearly 4 months i was there

here my experience so far: same shit as Holla Forums just faster and more creative.

-the positive about 4chan: no stinky dysonigger
-the negative: boring normalfags and reddit level

the positive outweighs the negative 6000000:2
do not regret going to 4chan and should have left Holla Forums late 2015. get fucked mutt(GOOD; GET THE FUCK OUT)

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I just get sick of the trannies. I mean, I hate the loli shit here too, but at least I won't accidently catch 'The Gay'.

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8/v/ is the most worst gay shit i have ever seen and thats the first board on Holla Forums.
also you cant "catch homosexuality" - if you get aroused by boys you are gay in denial.

there is actually very little tranny porn on 4chan compared to Holla Forums due to leftypol has manifested over here. i have barely encountered any

Double dubs check'd

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didnt read lol

Is that so?
I remember tranny porn all but overtaking /gif/ and Holla Forums before I left.
Meanwhile here it's relatively confined to two minor boards.
I won't defend 8/b/ or dysnigger, but I absolutely refuse to go back to cuckchan after moot's betrayal and after hearing about how hiroshima is further sodomizing the site.
I will probably quit the internet entirely soon anyway.
Fuck it.

LMAO you duck. who the hell wants to visit 4b or gif? thats literally reddit tier and you exposed yourself to be a normalfag. 4chan refugees like you are one of the reasons Holla Forums went garbage

nobody cares about moots and retarded asi*Tics. same as moot sold out 4chan, so has HW done with Holla Forums and his supporter base. if you take away v and pol - Holla Forums has nothing else to present. b is always dead and most other top boards here are combined slower than an average popular thread on 4chan

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Way to not actually address anything I said.

Is this thread like the other 'ban me' thread, or will you get banned permanently for posting in this one?

Your safe. I WONT BAN YOU.

t. carrier

cuckchan is literally nothing but third rate porn, rekt threads and ylyl…. they have like the same shitty threads every day, again and again ad infinitium. At least 8ch has a bit of variety between the porn and less edgy little bitches trying to troll by posting dead kids and shit.

Says the dogfucker. I hope you get bitten by a doge with rabbis. Nigger dogfucker cunt

Woah, why are you angry?

Also a dog with rabbis would be scary, I fucking hate jews tbh fam :)

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saving them all



i was too slow for the good 1s at the end… :(

That's not the real mailman, his trip is public


Someone needs to tell "the mailman" to fuck off and not spam boards where half the people aren't pedoscum.

mailman is a Holla Forums mod.

rip missed a cp dump

What's his endgame….

are you saying a Holla Forums vol is posting cp? isn't that illegal?


What the fuck

can any1 reupload from after the girls under blue lighting?

You're an asshole I clicked that shit.

Holla Forums mod gone rogue?

Yeah check the logs lmfao


You're a goddamn faggot man

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that's mailman's trip. anyone can impersonate him.

Wtf man so is he the one currently moderating the board?

Hi mailman.

Yes. A global had took him out.

Those girls belong in FOSTA care. Haha, FOSTA care, get it?

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I honestly don't get it.

i'm a giant faggot tbh

Kill yourself mailman

Everything is going fine then you retards ban a pedo for legal content and who would've guessed that he'd get angry and spam cheese pizza. It's like you want fbiniggers here.

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How old is the girl in the video? She doesn't look 18?

Ffs. Why would you spoiler that you asshole.


FOSTA instead of foster.

The adj foster has 1 sense (no senses from tagged texts)
1. foster, surrogate – (providing or receiving nurture or parental care though not related by blood or legal ties; "foster parent"; "foster child"; "foster home"; "surrogate father")

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18 like the video said.

Ah I thought it was something deeper but wtf is FOSTA?


Shouldn't we report mailman? Like surely he'll be punished for this right?

it wont bring back the cp…

Nothing will happen. Dysnomia will protect his actions and act as if it's normal and cp is a laughing matter.

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I guess it was just too obscure.

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I'm not always out of the loop with news. In future you should just assume everyone's retarded.

I don't want the cp.

yeah, u do

I'm always out of the loop with news*

I like teens since I am one.

Can't we all just go back to masturbating about airplane crashes and botched freestyle tricks on halfpipes at skate parks?

Gonna go fap to some Little Caprice so I'll decline your request.

is she doing anything new?

You really are one despicable cunt.

I don't like her new content, I usually watch her really early stuff so I wouldn't know.

I didn't make you click it. You clicked it.


great i'm getting vanned.


What was it? I almost clicked but didn't want to risk it. It said 18yo..

i clicked and looks 18 to me? im confused.

Just click it, you won't get v&. This nigger is just paranoid.

How do you know it was 18 if you didn't click it? Is there a way to see the link without clicking it?

You can just hover your cursor over the spoiler. Do you know how spoilers work?

Hover over spoilered text will show it, whether or not it's a link.

Well fucking shit I already clicked that shit, she looked 18 but I'm not sure

isn't going to hold up in court. Prepare your anus.

I was phone posting and there was no way to hover over the spoiler.

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op btfo

You pick it up, I'll beat your ass bubba.

Fags don't know how2vpn

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he's right tho

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based hotpockets

Pls post moar

just found it on >>>/caos/

both boards need to die tbh


worse, jews won

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