How explain this?

Cuckchan dead

Holla Forums dead

Wizchan dead

7chan dead

420chan dead

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fuck the internet tbh fam

Death dead

yep sure is 'dead'.

if you died, /b could live again

if Holla Forums died I could live again.

Imageboards are dead, what else is new. Le leddit and gaybook and instantgrams and snapchad is what it’s all about. Normies have taken over and ruined the internet.

So what is the solution for people like us, if normies ruin everything.

instagram is full of lolis doe


I'm doing a fine job, lad.

You fucking losers.

why delete the loli doe ;-;

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They were never true losers like the fellas over at endchan. They dicsord right now and they don't know we are laughing at them.

i think he meant he's doing a good job at doing a bad jog.


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pizza got universally banned which ostracized 99% of the userbase.

Browse and 'enjoy' the last shitty remnants of imageboards and then rope

Nah. They'll just turn into the hip, new, edgy kid thing to do. Tumblr, then twitter, then gaming, soon imageboards.

Halfchan is more alive than it ever was, with tons of induvidual IPs posting there every day. What's fucking it up are retards considering themselves too cool for Reddit and trying to act like a total faggot in order to blend in.

Holla Forums is… well, yeah, it's kinda dead because it isn't all that well-known, but I don't think that's a bad thing; there some decent boards which mostly are held alive by 3 to 10 individuals but offer good entertainment and feel pretty relaxed at all, no matter if the main theme is something intellectual or random shitposting.
(((ad incoming)))

Ponychan is not dead
Go visit.

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quads get

at least its not mewch

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nice get my fellow user, you are of great person

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aaaand turned it off.

t. Retard from reddit that ruined this place.

people here even know about 420chan?

420chan blows tbh and OP mentioned it you brainlet

binland chan is better than all tbh

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it used to be that meme came from chans to fagbook/twiter/instagay, nowadays chans are filled with fagbook/twinker/instagay memes, truly sad days

What do you guys think of endchan once this place goes tits up?

Nah rozelli knows about it

I think we should make a new chan


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Ok dys lay off the drugs fam


when did this hppen?

This is a good thing though.


1969, shit that was the moon landing nvm

It happened in 2001 on September 11th.

Never forget.

The day the wheels came off…

El Creaturo

Wherever we end up it needs to be somewhere without controlled moderation so the fag/nigger/tranny spam used to destroy it doesn't go unchecked. I think the best idea would be to let OP of threads moderate their own.

Doesn't work.

That's a terrible idea unless we have actual moderation for backup in case someone posts questionable content.

It's impossible and it's the reason why all imageboards eventually fail, similarly to representative democracies. Eventually faggot mods/representatives come into power and fuck it up. Unmoderated imageboards are even worse.

Two or three trusted mods per board would be good.


Anything can be technically dost or bannable nowadays, because as dysnomia said:
"I think it's (Holla Forums) quite balanced right now. Anons do what they want whatever they feel like it, and mods do as well" (03/11/18).
So, if mod feels like something is dost or bannable, it just is.
Because there are no rules for mods, what the rules are for anons varies from mod to mod and from moment to moment. They aren't written down because to do so would imply that there are rules for mods, and there aren't. There are only rules for anons, and they are arbitrary and ever-changing… In other words… there are rules, but there aren't rules, but sometimes there are, but they aren't written.


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Holla Forums is not dead, it has been mentioned many dozens of times in headlining mainstream media over the past four years at the very least.
Holla Forums is simply concise, for the lack of beginner shitposters, who are scared of the association with pedophiles and neonazis, commies, hackers, furries, bank robbers and worst of all, filipinos.

Imageboards are more popular now than they ever should have been.


lolifox lives

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You should stay there, nigger.

u gay tbqh

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hope this helps

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The whole fucking net is dead if you haven't noticed. Save/acquire what you want because it is all about to be walled up. If you have any online friends secure contact with them now. Learn how to use PGP to ensure you're really speaking to each other. Learn to encrypt and secure your communications the best you can. Assume you're already compromised anyway via your hardware/software.

Lool, where have you been user? 4chan is literally in the news every other day and is being talked about in schools. Half of the chans that are still accessible are basically just glorified social media at this point

That hair…