Has anyone here smoked PCP before? what's it feel like?

has anyone here smoked PCP before? what's it feel like?

asking for a friend..

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For what purpose do you wish to do this drung?

Yes, it feels kinda like Ketamine or MXE, but more stimulating. So instead of sitting in your bed in dissociative space, you want to get up and move around.

You can try to order 3-MeO-PCP online (gray area reasearch chemical). It will give you a good idea of what it feels like.

The drugs brings on an unmatched euphoria and calmness of the mind. I'd recommend smoking salvia on the come up, it enhances the high and enables powerful visuals you wouldn't experience otherwise. Movies are also good, IT is a personal favorite of mine.

I think you've been doing baby drugs then.

wait nvm this post is a troll
you're going to make OP end up in a straightjacket. lmao

Why, what are you thinking.

my friend told me he bought weed off some nigger and as he was handing him the weed he said "i didn't know you liked to get wet".
he called me and asked wtf did he mean. i told him he probably got sold PCP.

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It's prob Sherm then. Weed dyed with PCP.

I haven't, but I was at a party once where this guy I'm pretty sure was on PCP swore he could pick up this pickup truck. He went outside and tried to pick it up, but he had only gotten it a few inches off the ground when both his forearms snapped. Didn't seem to bother him too much but the truck slammed down pretty heavy. Dunno what happened to him after that.

May not have been PCP, but he said it was.


It was a pretty big, modern pickup truck but he was picking it up from the back end, which is probably easier than the front end with the engine and all. Still though, it was pretty impressive until that loud pop.

My friend did acid and had a bad trip. Now he thinks he's a glass of orange juice and his biggest fear is that someone will drink him. Permanently hospitalized.

Nice digits Satan but I'm not bullshitting. This isn't some secondhand urban legend bullshit, I witnessed the event first hand. Like I said, maybe it wasn't PCP actually, but the dude in question sure thought it was. I was just drinking, smoking weed, and snorting some adderal, myself.


some fake shit?
I've taken LSD numerous times and what he took was probably not real LSD, although, it is possible to have a 'bad trip' such as this, it would most likely wear off. Real 'bad trips' are usually insightful to the tripper after the fact.

is your friends name Bryan Miscaviege by any chance??

One time my friend did too many shrooms and said he felt like a pair of curtains. I said to him - pull yourself together!

Which area are you from, they refer to it the same in the DC metro. Eg "water". There are buckets of it.

When you're only 45 mins into the NBOMe weekender and your lil homie with the undiagnosed minor heart condition is already dead

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get some 1P