Write your last shitpost

Write your last shitpost

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They will unban you. This happened to me 3 times and they unbanned me every time

is this guy a radical centrist



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Part of the reason I ended up here.

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How does one do this "shitposting" I keep hearing so much about?

Hopebiscuit is a fucking jew and must die

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because jews liked that post

I cant post on 4chan for only one reason and that is my whole fucking country is IP range banned. I have wrote to mods IRC channel and they told me i have to wait until the ban is gone. I has been 5 years……

IRC is useless as always

Yet you still live in said shithole country.
What more can be done on our end to help you?

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Where the hell do you even live?

I like Reddit

In Zimbabwe

while your mother died tonight when you din't replied to this post