Check it guies

Check it guies

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doesnt work im just staring at space

fuk, what browser and OS?


wangblows 7 in waterfox

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kek ok thanks for letting me know



pretty good game
I like it.

Thanks :D

For noobs; Orbiting is key lol

What are coins and xp for?

There is a shop you can buy trails and shit if you sign in.

0/10 doesn't work on iphone

Shieeet I haven't tried it on there

Also safari fuckin blows so that might be why lol

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your loss bish

Game is laggy as fuck

Hard pass, don't play it

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that sucks, where are you located?


da fuq

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no no no lol

I think I may have fixed it for iphone now but I'm not sure.

Really shitty game.


Ok you bitches I finally minified the code and put it on a CDN.

it works on waterfox now thanks

It worked on waterfox yesterday, too

Quite possibly the shittiest interface ever.