Licking out another man's cum is not gay/cuckoldry

Licking out another man's cum is not gay/cuckoldry.

What you are doing when you "clean up" is that you are cleaning up all the undisired sperm from another man that just tried to procreate. You are in effect lowering the chances of taking in another man's child. In conclusion, it is anti-cuckoldry.

Debate me faggots.

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Your cock is already designed to shovel sperm out of a pussy (just look at the shape of the head).
The more anti-cuckholdry option is just to fuck the creampie, not eat it. Then, in confidence, raise the child as your own, because you know your superior cock and sperm was the one that inseminated the egg.

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The tongue is way more efficient at getting rid of and killing as it can breaks it down due to the saliva.

If your tip aint coming out, you have phimosis, my friend.

If your tongue is longer than your dick, you have more problems than this thread can resolve. Unless your tongue is long enough to penetrate past the cervix of course, in which case we would have read about you in the Guinness Book by now.
And saliva does not break down the viability of sperm cells, that is a myth.
So your entire hypothesis is based on nothing but ignorance of basic biology and anatomy.
You lose.
Good day, sir.

My dubs say that you are a faggot as well.

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you agree with this video then?

Licking out cum is more than just relying on the tongue. It's also sucking out cum which is more effective than a penis.

Are you dumb?

There is a webm of that fat red guy patented by coca cola doing that with a dog with horns.


gay cucks in denial

More effective at what?
Sperm can not fertilize an egg unless it gets into the uterus. What you are sucking out is not just another guy's sperm, it is another guy's sperm that wasn't good enough to get past the cervix and into the uterus. You are eating his retarded leftover sperm, and you are not doing a goddamn thing to prevent him from impregnating that woman by doing it.
You are a retard AND a faggot, OP.


ever heard of a straw? it has many practical purposes you know.

You have never even seen a real pussy, admit it.


Where the hell did the straw come from???
OP said tongue, not straw!
And how many women are going to let you use their uterus as a parfait to just stick a straw into?
And are you going to seriously make those slurping straw noises at the end to make sure you get every single microscopic sperm cell out of there?
OP is confirmed faggot and trolling as well.

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Most men are Virgins in todays world
Only normies are non.

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I guess you're right, but prevention is always preferable to treatment

I am laughing my ass off right now at the mental image of a guy sticking a straw into a girl's vagina and sucking cum out of it.

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You can embed these porn videos, retard.