Why is Dysnomia so BASED???

Why is Dysnomia so BASED???

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t. fat person

t. skinnynigger/skinnigger

t. fatty

t. slendernigger

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It's called coffee
no milk tho
120lb, 18BMI
got me there…

Sounds like you have a really large brain, bro

dumb cuck

I asked for that shop days ago, thanks user.


NGE is the rick & morty of japan.
t. intelliweeb

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fukken saved

No, it's just very dense.

Pic related.

hetero, celibate, high test
you're projecting your hurt feelings, too much estrogen stored in your fat belly.

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I am glad you said that.
If I had said it your flunkies would have b& me.

Dysnomia isn't based, OP.
He is in fact the most irrelevant person on Holla Forums.
You know why?
Because that is how Jim set this whole site up.
This "create your own board" bullshit is designed to do one thing and one thing only: to create a buffer between the users and Jim. BO's are that buffer.
Anything bad that happens, Jim can place the blame on the BO's. Anything good that happens he can credit himself with.
Dysnomia isn't based, he is a loser whose sole source of self-esteem is derived from being used as a shield by a coal-burning tax criminal.
What does Dysnomia contribute to this board?
He can't do shit other than delete posts and fuck with the board settings.
Big deal. We have seen the full extent of those powers many times now, and they are completely irrelevant to board content and quality. He knows this, and has said as much many, many times.
If Dysnomia was based, he would tell Jim to fuck off and give all anons full mod access.

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Anything can be technically dost or bannable nowadays, because as dysnomia said:
"I think it's (Holla Forums) quite balanced right now. Anons do what they want whatever they feel like it, and mods do as well" (03/11/18).
So, if mod feels like something is dost or bannable, it just is.
Because there are no rules for mods, what the rules are for anons varies from mod to mod and from moment to moment. They aren't written down because to do so would imply that there are rules for mods, and there aren't. There are only rules for anons, and they are arbitrary and ever-changing… In other words… there are rules, but there aren't rules, but sometimes there are, but they aren't written.


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only problem i have is that one of my threads got nuked because someone posted a picture of an underage girl that wasnt even a nude/erotic.

overall it's working pretty well though

Gotta smash that sorta filthy stuff straight away tbh

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Here it is without the filter.
ju wan some testostyronge, mang?

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You're a fucking liar.

i saw dysnomia livestream, he's not that dude people usually post of him, he's a soyboy. still no face though

Terrible argument because I could say the same thing about pedos.
Pic related.

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THIS is what based looks like.
Pay attention, OP.

I believe that’s called involuntary celibate, or incel

I am one of the few who has seen the true face of Dysnomia, AMA.

is it true dysnomia once held his breath for 87 seconds with a mouth full of semen?

87 seconds? Likely. Semen, unlikely.

Dysnomia, ages past, was athletic. When it wasn't too cold. Kek.

Pretty sure everyone on Holla Forums has kid.

Can confirm, these are Dysnomia.

True face. As in. Not through a screen.