How do we kill anime and put that horrible """"artsyle"""" out of its misery?

How do we kill anime and put that horrible """"artsyle"""" out of its misery?

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encourage homosexuality so all the weebs die of aids


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How well do you think the Simpsons would be remembered if they ended right before 2000? I think the only reason they're remembered so well is that they've been shoved in our face for so long that they've become the norm. Otherwise, they're not so special, and would easily become a cartoon nobody else knows, like Hey Arnold, or any other cartoon from the 90s besides maybe Scooby Doo

Netflix: I'm on it brah

I mean, scooby doo is the same way.

Has there ever been a character ever that anyone in society can easily remember and latch on to without having it shoved down our throats? Same with Spongebob aswell, that show would be forgotten if they stopped shoving it down our throats. Nothing is special, or was special, ever. We suck as a species.

Cartoons don't last from generation to generation unless they're completely juiced just one of the aforementioned characters.


Hello (((newfag))), cuckchan's calling.

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t. non-white animefag

He-Man is easily forgotten, and with good reason. Except for that one good goofy song someone ELSE made, and that skeletor prick is almost a little memorable. But it doesn't stand out. Nothing does. I wish the human species could create something good enough for everyone to latch onto, something that doesn't need to be a product for people to buy, like Spongebob toys. Is no creation good enough? Spongebob is retarded. It is not based off good or intelligent writing. I think Monty Python is easily remembering without having to be shoved down your throat all the time. Just clever revolutionary writing. But no CHARACTER will ever live on from generation to generation. No creation is good enough. Fuck the human species, end of story.

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Which part? and dont say all of that, which part

That part

I really can't help but be Holla Forums for a moment here and say that jews are responsible for making what amounts to 24 minute toy advertisements disguised as cartoons. The business boom of the 80's meant that both parents were mostly working while kids watched the electric jew, then got psyched on buying all the shit they saw via whining to mommy and daddy to buy this and that, and since mommy and daddy actually had a bit of disposable income, fell for it. Also I never heard of Monty Python until well after it was popular. You know what character lives on through generation after generation? unironically Jesus.

I fucking knew it. That was the part I kept re-reading over and over in anticipation of your terrible reply. Fuck the human species

Whiter than average burger and average europoor.

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No, the Cool S. The Cool S is the character that lives from generation to generation, not this Jesus shit. the beetles are bigger than Jesus for Christ's sake.

And the Cool S is popular without having to be shoved down our throats. And nobody claimed to have created it. Because why bother? Why fucking bother? It will live on. This is the fucking character. I'm serious. The Cool motherfucking S.

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I know for sure, you aren't from latin america so kys animefag

Christ, I fucking hate the retarded piece of shit.

Dude, I forgot that even existed until you just posted it, try again. And seriously, that shit faded out in highschool, and that was about 15 years ago for me.

Western Slav, actually.

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weebs on suicide watch


Do you really hate the Cool S. I guess theres nothing really important about it.

I guess a species, the humans won't remember any intelligent character or idea like the cool S unless it made them feel good. Like, if the Cool S was marijuana. Otherwise, nothing is special. Except marijuana. Only stuff that makes us feel good is the generational thing. FUCK THE HUMAN SPECIES WE WILL GET IT RIGHT WITH MENTALLY ENGINEERED ALIENS

lel, that's like saying Pogs and Popples also lived on.

haha man, lay off the joint for a bit.

Porn aswell is forever a generational thing. And it's the most unintelligent savage thing ever. We will never be a clever species. And fuck joints. No joint there in this household, officer. Just the truth and newspapers taped to my wall.

officer? listen here pal, fuck the police too while we're at it, and searching for the truth is all fine and admirable, but don't become too redpilled, because eventually that's ALL you'll be able to see, and it gets pretty fucking depressing when you "OD" on redpills.

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lol stfu, you're the equivalent of a pedo talking shit about fags, also go back >>>/cuckchan/

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sugar how you get so fly. Remember that song? Now imagine that song implanted in every human mind from now on. That is the only way for an idea to be generational. But no, us humans depend on savage "drives" and good mental health. Maybe in the future we will become a clever species. And I'm not redpilled. I do not talk about 911 or fake moon landings, or Hitler, and I definitely don't draw shitty cats and said shitty cats looking at those phrases. Maybe shitty artist was the redpilled one. Trying to be clever. But really too far up own red-pilled red ass.>>7846787

holy shit, this is why evangelion is bad
it's effectively the same as western schlock since it's been pushed for so long

claro reddit

Hitler gets more air time.

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That meme from 1998? Because the history channel isn't about hitler all the time anymore like when i was a kid
Nowdays it's truckers on ice, ancient aliens with that aliens guy, pawn shop and the curse of some island shit

lol go back

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This is correct my japanese bitch


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Speed Racer
god dang monkey and shit


I don't think about it daily tho