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I feel like these people are so fucking elitist that they will scoff at damn near anything

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Holla Forums is as gay as Holla Forums and Holla Forums

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those feet are repulsive she doesn't even have arches and it looks like she just stepped in a puddle of dog's piss

everyone here is a russian bot so we use yandex

The correct suggestion was Start Page

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astalavista is the kino search engine

I use Yahoo.


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Damn, that'd be comfy.

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Brainlets don't have conscious sentience, so they don't exist.

go on, user


Startpage feeds search queries into jewgle.
Ixquick has useless results.
What do?

..., or any of it's mirrors

>he cares this much what these people think of his choice of internet search engines
top kek

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How to add my site on the chan webring?

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This is why they hate those soyboy memes so much